New member from the great white north.

Discussion in 'New Members Forum' started by varitablevoltage, Nov 29, 2012.

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  1. varitablevoltage

    varitablevoltage Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Started vaping almost 2 weeks ago and haven't had an analog cigarette since. Surprised I actually found something that actually works (meaning I quite smoking and I don't feel the urge to kill someone). Already getting stares in public places but I show them, it's just vapor. I laugh at the poor peeps who gotta stand out in the cold to smoke. Using a Redd e-cigarette, I'm going to upgrade soon.
  2. kdw5150

    kdw5150 Full Member Verified Member

  3. phadebsk

    phadebsk Full Member

    Congrats and welcome
  4. MorphiusFaydal

    MorphiusFaydal Full Member Verified Member

    Welcome to the wonderful world of vaping! Hope you enjoy to stay off the nasty old cigarettes!
  5. varitablevoltage

    varitablevoltage Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Hey thanks! Still find it amazing that it's enabled me to quit cigarettes without feeling any withdrawal symptoms. I just straight up switched and I feel great. Did take awhile to get the nic level right (got some flushes initially on medium nic juice) as well learn to vape proper (long, slow draws). Now I tell all my friends and try and get them to switch.
  6. RoseB

    RoseB Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    Good job on making the switch and welcome. You made it two weeks without killing anyone. Or even have and urge to kill? You should pat your self on the back IMO the first two weeks were the hardest.
  7. KerryK

    KerryK Super Member ECF Veteran

    Congrats on quitting!
  8. varitablevoltage

    varitablevoltage Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Hey thanks. Third day I was vaping like mad but I'm cool now. I actually like vaping more than I did smoking. Not to mention the flavor varieties. Here's hoping Big Tobacco doesn't maneuver to have e-cigs banned cause I can see e-cigs being the future.
  9. bassplyr4001

    bassplyr4001 Full Member

    Congrats on giving up the analogs!!!!!

    Vape on and live longer
  10. gorn

    gorn Full Member

    I am also from the north, I just got my kit on Tuesday, and I also ordered some /nic tobacco. I'm using a no nic tobacco liquid and it tastes absolutely wonderful. I have a nic formulation on the way.

    Nice to have another Canuck!
  11. Fah-Fah-Fooey

    Fah-Fah-Fooey Full Member

    Always good to see some fellow Canadians, just how far "down south" are you guys, i'm currently working up in Tuktoyaktuk, you guys should pop over for a vape lol
  12. gavind4

    gavind4 Super Member ECF Veteran

    Welcome to all. Congrats.& best wishes.
  13. varitablevoltage

    varitablevoltage Senior Member ECF Veteran

    I came out of school for audio engineering and couldn't find a job in the industry so I went back to DJing in a strip club and it was there one of the gals showed me how much e-cigs had improved since the cheapo corner store garbage. I bought a kit and quit regular cigarettes. Both I and a number of the gals vape in the club. Though I didn't really want to go back to DJing in a strip club I have to say that it inadvertently improved my health.
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