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Discussion in 'Australia - New Zealand Forum' started by MrDismal, Jan 28, 2010.

  1. MrDismal

    MrDismal Moderator ECF Veteran

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    Ask questions here and we'll do our best to answer them for you :cool:
  2. Duvessa

    Duvessa Full Member

    Ok here's a question for you :)

    Has anyone else ordered from heavenly-gifts and had their tracking thingy only tell you that the parcel left China customs?

    It said on the 22 Jan it left China and then today I get a call saying its already at the post office, nothing else on their site about it getting to Aus or anything.

    Also which are the best Queens essences for flavouring?
  3. tonic

    tonic Full Member

    I am not touching the HG question, I put in an order and 4 or 5 days later I receive it and I never try to track it.

    As for queens essences I make a really nice mix with 2 orange 2 lemon 2 vg and 1 lemon with the alcohol instead of pg keeps my attys in good condition has plenty of vapor and a really nice bite. (my sister in law hates it).

    The chocolate is quite good but thick so you need pg to thin it and if you add some mint each to there own here a chocolate mint for after dinner.

    The rum added to a coffee or tobacco goes quite well.

    There are quite a few I have never tried like rosewater, almond etc and the cherry brandy although that one does sound interesting.

    Looking forward to see which ones other people vape.
  4. yetilive

    yetilive New Member

    I'm changing to a new e-cig. How do I need to store my used atomizer so it will still be okay when I want to use it again ?
  5. Timtam

    Timtam Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Most international shipping tracking numbers will only work in the destination country, so the second it leaves there, it's flying blind.
    You could try to put your tracking number into Here, and see if any results come up.
  6. Duvessa

    Duvessa Full Member

    Thanks for the replies guys :)
    In regards to flavour I guess it's a matter of personal preference then :)
    With the tracking its all good was just curious if anyone else had had it happen :)
  7. MrDismal

    MrDismal Moderator ECF Veteran

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    Mine are fine just sitting in a case I got with my first kit. But you would have got little rubber plugs either end of your atty (on each atty) so if you feel you need extra protection, use those.
  8. yetilive

    yetilive New Member

    Ok, Thank You. I wasn't sure if I needed to do anything extra, I'm new and there is so much to learn ! I'm lovin it though. :thumbs:
  9. gizmo

    gizmo Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Yep..once...some have a lazy scanner hand.
  10. Duvessa

    Duvessa Full Member

    Okies next question.

    Can you use Faulding Remedies Glycerine to cut the e liquid? Its says on the label glycerol bp.
  11. falconsforge

    falconsforge Full Member

    My reading says yes. Im buying some in the morning along with some Queens flavourings.
  12. Duvessa

    Duvessa Full Member

    Thanks Falcon :)
    Can I ask where you found the info cause I can't find squat lol
  13. pamcakes

    pamcakes New Member

    ok i just got the m402 about a week ago... im just wondering how long do/ should 1 cartridge last 1 cig 5 cigs all day???... and also how long should the battery last 1 day- 1hour-???...... also... atomizer what's the lifespan
  14. tonic

    tonic Full Member

    Can't give you a link but in Australia BP means pharmaceutical grade actually it means British Pharmacopia. But that means pharmaceutical grade we don't get anything higher. The fauldings Glisterine is what you hear other people in other Countries classing as vegetable glisterine although in australia it may not be vegetable could be synthetic instead but it is the same as vegetable glisterine. Pg is different and is not classed necessarily as glisterine in Australia. But it can be ordered in by your local pharmacy Propylene Glycerol is its pharma name and what you get will be a BP product.

    Hope that helps:)
  15. MrDismal

    MrDismal Moderator ECF Veteran

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    You'll noticed you'll be refilling the cartridges a lot more than what they're advertised to do. The more you use your e-cig the more you'll get to know how long it lasts ect. I usually drop as soon as it starts tasting a little burnt.

    Depending on how much you vape, on average I go through about 2 batteries a day. I'm nearly going through 3, because I've had my batteries for about 6 months and they're starting to get a little worn out.

    As long as you keep good care of your atomizers they'll last for a fairly long time. I clean my atty's about every couple weeks by soaking them in vodka and they've been going for 6 months. From what I've read, if you do not take care of your atty's they have a lifespan of about 3 - 4 months until they burn out.
    You can read more about cleaning your atty's here:

    If that's not enough info there's hundreds more threads about cleaning on this forum
  16. Duvessa

    Duvessa Full Member

    Ok another question for you experienced peoples!

    Besides eastmall (which only has 1 thing atm o_O) and Heavenly Gifts, who else ships to Aus?

    I'm after a really good menthol to try and cut back on the menthol analogs
  17. Perpuk

    Perpuk Full Member

    Some places in UK ship to Australia.

    I got some Ecopure Fresh e-liquid from The

    Ecopure is expensive, but supposed to be very pure. I really like the Fresh as it is very smooth with a slight menthol flavour and not sweet like a lot of the juices. I have just ordered some Mild & Rich and I noticed they also do a menthol.

    Their service was pretty good too. I got a bottle of EcoPure Krystal with a useby date of Jan 2010 and when I queried the date they sent me a new bottle for nothing.
  18. KiteStyle

    KiteStyle Full Member ECF Veteran

    Healthcabin also ships from China, but they only do the same dekang juice as the others. They have good specials though if you like the flavours/strengths on offer.

    Quite of few of the us & uk juice suppliers will ship to australia, just send them an email if you like the look of the range.

    Use the search function to find good menthols suggestions... it's a popular topic. Don't use the forum one (it's useless) but the google one down the very bottom of the page on the left. (easy to miss if you don't know about it)
  19. KiteStyle

    KiteStyle Full Member ECF Veteran

    I've found that they start tasting bad after 2-4 weeks I haven't been successful cleaning them. They make good vapour but still have a sour taste. Now I just switch to a new one and hoard the old ones in case I start modding or something. Also I go for a new cart or two every week.

    To get maximum flavour I like to top off my carts after say 5 good drags. Probly too often but until I find a cart mod that works for me I like to keep it fresh and juicy.

    $7 each 3 weeks (average) for an atty is much much less than ciggies! Nothing beats the first few hours on a new atty & cart. Wish they would stay tasting that good forever!
  20. reece86

    reece86 Full Member

    Hi guys, I have got to say what a great forum, ok here's the go, I heard about e-ciggs las month and was wonder of honest selling is Australia and an international site to get the tobacco filter as I know you cant buy them over here, also would someone please do the maths for me? I smoke a pack a day of Choice blue (12mg's) with 25 in each pack at around $70 a week, how much would it cost me a week with e-ciggs? thanks :)

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