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Discussion in 'Virgin Vapor' started by LimeFox, Feb 10, 2014.

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  1. LimeFox

    LimeFox Senior Member

    I just de-lurked today and I had to pop by and offer a thank you. When I started vaping (about a month ago), I was very much bothered by a mildly unpleasant (but quite long-lasting) aftertaste to the different flavors I tried. I came online and started researching possible causes and thought it might be the PG base in the juices I had.

    I ordered two sample packs from VV and I'm absolutely convinced the the PG was the issue. I've vaping Death by Chocolate now and just ordered another two sample packs to see what other treats I can find.

    As a smoker trying to quit, I'm just so thankful to have the 100% VG option (and from the first two sample packs I ordered, I'm even more thankful for the Absolute line!).


  2. kittypie

    kittypie Vaping Master

    Welcome, LimeFox! I'm so happy you found us! A lot of pg-sensitive vapers make their way to us, and they stay because Annette has such a way with flavoring VG, and organic flavor is the extra icing on the cake. Have fun trying out your flavors, and let us know what you think. :)
  3. LimeFox

    LimeFox Senior Member

    I will definitely let you know how the flavors go.

    Although, it was a VV flavor that made me realize just how very very hard it must be to make flavors that please a majority of people.

    My husband and I have both just started vaping (he's converting from lookalikes, me from analogs). While he's a tobacco person (not bothered by PG) and I'm a dessert person, we still both taste everything that comes in the house.

    As I experimented with my first sample pack, we were discussing the Orange Creamsicle. I wasn't a fan and commented that it was just so strongly orange, tasted like PEZ candy (blech), and I didn't get any "cream" at all.

    At which point, Mr. Limefox guffawed. He wasn't a fan of the Creamsicle, either, but his comment was, "way too creamy and not enough orange."

    So there ya have it, lol.
  4. kittypie

    kittypie Vaping Master

    Sounds a lot like "taste is subjective", right? :) Two of my sisters vape and our tastes are completely different. :blink:
  5. CallMeMav

    CallMeMav Full Member

    I will also extend my gratitude to Annette, Kitty, and VV staff for making vaping awesome. <3
  6. LimeFox

    LimeFox Senior Member

    I made a newbie mistake and it's been a rough couple of days: I waited too late to re-order and ended up running out of juice before the new shipment got here. Totally my fault, the production/shipping time was fine -- it arrived five days from the time I placed a Saturday order (and I live all the way across the country in Florida).

    When I was selecting flavors for my two sample packs, there were only five that I really really wanted to try. So the sixth was kind of a throwaway and yep, that's the one I'm currently loving: Peanut Butter Banana Sandwich. It's so smooth and mellow, but still so flavorful.

    I'll have to vape everything a bit more before a "real" review, but this was such a surprise, I just had to report in. :wub:
  7. kittypie

    kittypie Vaping Master

    Yes, yes, yes! I agree, Peanut Butter Banana Sandwich is AWESOME! So sweet, smooth and creamy. I would like a Peanut Butter + Marshmallow + Banana sandwich. YUM! Good choice, LimeLight...I am chuckling how it is that the "throwaway" turned out to be a winner. :vapor:
  8. LimeFox

    LimeFox Senior Member

    Yep, and I just placed an order for a big bottle.

    Mr. Limefox asked to taste the tobacco, so I added another sample pack to my order -- see if I get any other happy surprises, lol.
  9. Jay-dub

    Jay-dub Moved On

    I've like the tobacco selections from HHV. I've found a lot of sites that offer some blends in 100% VG but finding one that offers them all is pretty nice. :)
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