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  1. tomtheinstigator

    tomtheinstigator Full Member


    I recently started Vapn' a month ago and haven't looked back.. Can't believe I used to smoke 1+ packs of Newports a day. Seems crazy to me now. Anyway, I'm a bit of a socialite and wanted to invite the guys out to my weekly event in Orlando, FL tonight. Would be great to meet some new people tonight, especially some that are as passionate about vaping as I am. So, if you're are interested in a guys night out, here are the details.

    This week we are checking out the “Oblivion Taproom” in Orlando. Come join us for some fun and libations..

    Oblivion Taproom
    5101 E. Colonial Drive
    Orlando, FL 32803

    [FONT=lucida grande, tahoma, verdana, arial, sans-serif]RSVP @ [/FONT]

    Anyway, would be great to see some new faces.. My favorite place to vap is anywhere, but especially with a cocktail in hand.

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  2. Brotha_lou

    Brotha_lou New Member

    What did you change to for vaping newport
  3. tomtheinstigator

    tomtheinstigator Full Member

    I started with one that my vap shop said was close to Newport (has no name on it). Then I moved to menthol mint blast, then to arctic menthol, then to gummy blood, and now I'm on purple reign..which is now my favorite.

    Picked up a Newport after 2 weeks of menthol mint blast and about barfed at the awful taste of the Newport. Never would have guessed after 20 years of it that I would dislike it so much, but here we are...

  4. Sundowner750

    Sundowner750 Full Member

    Welcome to the site from another FL newbie!! Lots of good peeps and lots of good info here.
  5. Maggie3199

    Maggie3199 Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    Welcome to ECF from Ohio! Your Thursday night gatherings sound like a blast. I'm a former menthol smoker too, always said I was more addicted to the menthol than I was the stinky! I'm STILL, after 4 months, searching for the "perfect" menthol juice that I'd like to stick with, in the meantime, I'm adding menthol to all of the juices that I've tried. Can you tell me who makes the "Purple Reign" you're vaping? :vapor:
  6. Nekocatt

    Nekocatt Full Member

    Welcome to EFC from San Antonio Texas I am sorta new to this thing I left camel for this stuff now the taste of any camel cig makes me sick to my stomach
  7. Sknawt

    Sknawt Full Member

    Welcome to EFC, glad to hear you've found this website and vaping! I've been vaping for about a year now and I don't miss smoking one bit. Looks like you have an ego style battery mod, which is a nice step-up from those disposable cig-alikes. I started off with a pretty :censored: cig-alike bought in Chinatown and I absolutely hated it; especially the analog mimicking sticker wrapping that had a yellow butt and white body. I kinda gave up on ecigs right then and there and went to analogs. Websites like this pretty much helped me find good products that make vaping enjoyable (hell, even better than the real thing).
  8. tomtheinstigator

    tomtheinstigator Full Member

    Manufactured by vapor Associates LLC Las Vegas 89130


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  9. suspectK

    suspectK Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Welcome! I've been supporting Fuzion for several months now..
  10. Thierry

    Thierry Full Member

    Hi there
    I've been vaping for 3 months today and I don't smoke anymore.I live in the South east of France.A lot of people vape here and quit smoking.
  11. DorsaiMaster

    DorsaiMaster Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    Welcome to ECF! Glad to see your enthusiasm for vaping and your willingness to promote it. Keep up the good work!
  12. dusty123

    dusty123 Full Member

  13. Thierry

    Thierry Full Member

    Thanks.I do promote the E.cig.I do my best to turn smokers into vapers and it works not so bad.Vaping is a real revolution.
  14. tomtheinstigator

    tomtheinstigator Full Member


    Got a new tank yesterday that looks just like the iClear but is a bit more sturdy. Would love to tell you what the brand name is, but there isn't one listed on it. It was only $17 which is even less expensive than the iClear 16 which I paid $24 for it.




    So far it's awesome. Has a great draw just like a cigarette. The iClear still has the best draw of anyone I've tried. It's a shame there isn't a bottom feeder that has the same draw to it. I like that heavy resistance like a real cig.

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  15. OlDogNewTricks

    OlDogNewTricks Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    Welcome! Nice to meet another Floridian vaper. I am too far away to make it, but will be there in spirit. There is a Floridians sub-forum when you get 5 posts in. Good luck and have fun! Florida Vapors Club
  16. tomtheinstigator

    tomtheinstigator Full Member

    Sweet! I'll have to check that out.. Next thursday will be at "The Avenue" and then "Ember" downtown.. Should be a blast!

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  17. tomtheinstigator

    tomtheinstigator Full Member

    So now I'm going to have to retract my earlier post about the new tank. It started to move around inside where the wick is. If it's not perfectly straight, it will dump juice in your mouth. Guess all the top feed tanks have a similar issue. But, I like the resistance you get when drawing vapor in. Guess I need to start the journey to find a bottom feeder that has more resistance... Open for suggestions. I have a couple now and both were over $20 but have little to no resistance at all. So for the top feed, iClear 16 is still the winner.
  18. tomtheinstigator

    tomtheinstigator Full Member

    The best quality tank I've bought so far is definately the KangerTech T3S. This one is solid as a rock, large enough to hold 3.0mL, and is clear with easy to read levels. The only down side to this bottom feeder for me is the resistance. It's too easy to pull on so it doesn't have that real cig feel that I just can't get over. I would image that if I get a different ohm rated wick that maybe that would do the trick, but who knows. I'm on 2.2ohm now, but have no idea if I should go up or down the scale to achieve that true cig feel. Need to be more difficult to take a drag than it is by about double.


  19. Thierry

    Thierry Full Member

    I well know Florida(my sister-in-law lives in Orlando)I've been 4 times in this state and I love it.
  20. tomtheinstigator

    tomtheinstigator Full Member

    So I caved and bought another iClear 16 that doesn't have stripped out threats for $8.95 this one is the best I can come up with. I've got a serious collection now. Tehe..

    This weeks event if you want to come out and play
: revolution, halo
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