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Discussion in 'General Vaping Discussion' started by PeezyR OneR, Aug 4, 2008.

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  1. PeezyR OneR

    PeezyR OneR Full Member

    Hi, my name is peezy (as to what you can call me anyway lol)

    I don't know if anyone has ever posted about this, but, what is the best and most reliable E-cig seller?
    ive heard alot of bad things about e-cig.com and I dont think i would want to go through that hassle.
    Ive smoked an ecig before ive just not yet owned one.
    i started smoking at 12 (as my father did) and have been trying to quit I'm now 19 it is starting to get ridiculous im so out of it all the time and my lungs were already bad from second hand by my father smoking when i was young.

    so if anyone could help me that'd be much apreciated.

    I live in USA ,you know California, and cant seem to catch a break with finding a good reliable website that has a good rapsheet.

    btw this is my first post so yeah go easy on me. ive been browsing this forumn for quite some time now and have begun to memorize some of you members names already so you dont need to feel obliged to introducing yourself. hahaha:D
  2. nic

    nic Moved On

    I think loongtotem is a reliable E-cig offer,so my first order was from loongtotem in china two days ago.
  3. bishybob

    bishybob Senior Member

    Wow you sure are saying a lot of good things about LoongTotem. Have you used their product before? Or is this your first order with them... I've been wondering about getting one too.
  4. PeezyR OneR

    PeezyR OneR Full Member

    yeah i noticed that shortly before i joined nic. i'd never seen anything here about loongtotem and then i came across your posts saying you ordered them and theyre reliable.
    id heard of loongtotem but it didnt seem as sturdy a company foundation as even e-cig.com did, and that turned out to be one of the worsts sites.
  5. MNZ

    MNZ NZ Supplier

    Hi peezy and welcome to the forum.

    If you've been browsing around a bit, you may have noticed there are two styles we device we normally reccommend people buy.

    The first is a mini size unit called a DSE901. This is a smaller sized unit that is closer in size a tobacco cigarette. The slight drawback is the reduced cartridge and battery capacity, but the DSE901 is an overall excellent performer.

    The second is what is most often refered to as the pen style, this is because it resembles a pen in appearance. The pen style is an overall larger sized unit (longer & fatter) but with that comes longer cartridge and battery life.

    There are smaller units than the mini available as well, but they have even less cartridge life than the mini's.

    For a valued supplier in the USA, you can't go past one of our forum members, Meltrex. His website is MyEcig.com Your Online Shopping For Electronic Cigarettes I can recommend you contact him and ask him any questions you like. He's a top bloke and will definately look after you well.
  6. Mr.Darcy

    Mr.Darcy Ultra Member

    i dont think Nic has actually received the loongtotem yet...

    theres some info on loongtotem on this site if you do a search...2 members currently have them,with mixed reviews...

    the jury is out on this one for most people...

    i know i wouldnt buy one...
  7. nic

    nic Moved On

    I am only a client of loongtotem,not need to say any good thing about loongtotem,i really feel that loongtotem is a reliable E-cig offer,because i have learned much from my friend about loongtotem, as i believed it,my first order was from loongtotem.if you are interested,you can also check it out,good luck.
  8. PeezyR OneR

    PeezyR OneR Full Member

    thanks for the greeting MNZ i didnt expect senior member replies!

    yes the dse901 is the model my friend has , that i used and liked. and also ive been researching on these for a couple months now so ive become almost like an ecig fanboy because i havent gotten one yet but i just wanted to be sure i would get the right one for my first.
    i am looking for something small but, i also want something good performing and long lasting in battery life.

    oh and btw sorry i didnt include this in my first post but also how long are ecigs meant to last? (excluding the ryuan throw aways....because well by theyre name...id assume u throw them away lol)
  9. Mr.Darcy

    Mr.Darcy Ultra Member

    the DSE901 is as good a minicig as you can get mate.

    and ecigs last until the atomiser breaks or becomes unsmokable...which can be at any time-a week,a month,more...who knows?

    and batteries can go down the drain at any time too...the most important thing is this-keep spares,and lots of them...;)
  10. PeezyR OneR

    PeezyR OneR Full Member

    whoa thats news! ive been tryin to find some website to tell me, but no website would say anything like how long they last.
    if they only last that long is it not cheaper to just simply smoke 3 swishers during the day?
    theyre only about a dollar each.

    hmmm and you say to stock up on batteries, which i would but at the moment its just not in the budget sadly...

    well should i just order from ebay then instead?
    are ebays prices actualy farer? i never cross referenced, but think that might be cheapest.
  11. Kit

    Kit Ultra Member

    Sir darcys right ,go for the dse901 just as good as a kissbox but alot cheaper and is a good e-cig to start your e-cig experince :)
  12. Mr.Darcy

    Mr.Darcy Ultra Member

    they last as long as they last...its that simple...

    if esmoking is just a money saving exercise,youre gonna be disappointed initially...it will possibly save you cash in the long run...most people do it for the health benefits,not cash saving.

    its important to have a spare atomiser more than batteries at first-you get two batteries to start with,and chances are theyll be enough to see you through for a while.

    i advise you to buy from meltrex...he's a very good local supplier...or Jane at e-cig-sales who sells on ebay,if you want to go the cheap route...

    id go with the dse901 from meltrex personally.
  13. Mr.Darcy

    Mr.Darcy Ultra Member

    oh yeah,i forgot to say-if you get a good supplier,theyll usually offer you a free replacement if a part goes wrong within a certain time period...always read the suppliers terms and conditions.
  14. PeezyR OneR

    PeezyR OneR Full Member

    it is more of a health thing for me also.
    i just cant seem to imagine affording everything right now.
    but ill do it.
    i need it for my health.
    and im looking forward to quitting finnaly ive tried severl times during my adolessence.
    nothing worked ive still even been trying. cold turkey does not work.
    so from what i know about these they do.
    im going to buy one within the week! im pretty excited now for my first dse901.

    hey ive read that dse101(or103) was as good as dse901 only smaller, is that true?
  15. Mr.Darcy

    Mr.Darcy Ultra Member

    smaller ecig means smaller cartridges and batteries,which need changing too often for my liking...which means bigger hassle and expenditure.

    and dont believe the hype about cartridge life either...its much less than youve probably been led to believe...scan down the threads a bit,a few threads down youll see one called -one cartridge is equivalent to-... read that.
  16. Kit

    Kit Ultra Member

    Peezy go for the des901 you wont be dissapointed there not over priced and its as good as the more expensive brands imo !
  17. MNZ

    MNZ NZ Supplier

    I agree with all you've been told as well. The Dse 901 is a very good buy.

    Meltrex has a special on his pen style at the moment, a starter kit plus 2 extra atomizers. If you don't mind the larger form factor, that is a very good deal.
  18. Nazareth

    Nazareth Ultra Member

    The smaller the Ecig- the smaller the cartridge- the more frustratign it wil lbe refilling or changing them all the time in my opinion.

    The best E-cigg to get started on right now iws the oen htey've been recommending- the 901. I've also got a loongtotem coming this week hopefully, so if you want ot wait a couple of days, I should have a review up- it's a mini E-Cigg, a little bigger than a regular Cigg, but it's supposed to give a copious amount of vapor accordign ot two or 3 reviewers here, although I guess hte taste isn't hte greatest- but it's my belief that addign a few drops of commercial eliquid will improve hte taste- The cartridges are reported to last for more than a day, with one reviewer having gone 4 days on one cartridge last I checked the htread. The kit however is expensive- I paid $230 with hte hsipping- so again, if you can hold out a couple of days, I'll give my impression of the loongtotem to add to the other reviews.
  19. Kit

    Kit Ultra Member

    what day you expecting the totem NAZ ?
  20. RatInDaHat

    RatInDaHat Peace, I'm outta here Verified Member

    i can recommend the mini from MyECig.com as well. good product and a great seller.
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