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Review of The Turbo Ez Tank System

Discussion in 'CigEasy' started by SSV2, Jul 29, 2012.

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  1. SSV2

    SSV2 Supplier Associate ECF Veteran

    Dec 6, 2010
    Pleasantville, USA
    The (All New) Turbo Ez Tank System

    Turbo Ez B&W Kit 3.jpg

    "This is not your Grandfather's E-cigarette"

    Ok, first try and forget about the standard cookie cutter analog styled E-cig shape with the bright orange LED or even anything even remotely resembling a commercial looking cigarette. In fact forget that a electronic cigarette even has to look like a cigarette at all....
    E-cigs have evolved more than ever in the last few years with all innovative designs in colors, shapes and sizes that now provide the new or old vaper enthusiast with more style options.

    Introducing The Turbo Ez
    B&W Turbo Ez A.jpg

    Flashback to early June

    I began beta testing what was to be this current model nearly 6 1/2 weeks ago along with a few other unreleased prototypes at the same time. This was the only proprietary unit I tested and at the time and I was less than thrilled to say the least what first appeared to be just another tank system only it did not have an option for using cartomizers!

    I have always preferred cartomizers, particularly anything of lower resistance and of course dual coils were always a plus!
    What no adapter? "How can I use other types of 510/808 tanks and carts on this thing if it is proprietary"?
    "I will get bored with it in day for sure", I thought.

    Having lots of options really seemed to naturally appease me in the past. After all, what is the point if you can't switch off parts from your other gear on a unit that only utilizes a rectangular shaped tank? I tried to keep an open mind thinking to myself, I am only beta testing something new and if I don't like it than I am not stuck with it. "I have plenty of other PV's in my vaping arsenal that I know can get the job done"!
    If I discover after a relatively short amount of time that I am not getting much satisfaction out of this device I can just tell Frank it sucks and to not bother having them put into production and ordering a boat load of them to sell.

    Frank has always relied on testing out a demo before mass ordering anything he has ever carried at CigEasy. It just is too risky for the vendor to buy everything being produced when these overseas manufacturers are cranking out brand new products seemingly every other day to stay in competition with the other companies and we the consumers become the guinea pigs.

    As a result we are seeing new revisions constantly on the same product often times while vendors are still selling the original edition.

    In the case with the Turbo Ez Frank was reluctant to order in quanity since it was proprietary and not even available yet anywhere on the market.There was nothing really to compare it too. I was to be the guinea pig...the vape monkey..Mr.Beta tester!

    I had nothing to lose.

    I remember when I first opened the box and looked at the unit itself that it kind of reminded me of the Innokin itaste only without the fancy gimmicky LCD screen and extra buttons to push in order to dial in a voltage level.

    Instead there was a sleek smooth recessed button that did not really even make an audible click when I pressed on it. Examining the rectangular shaped tank for the first time I noticed that the bottom threading was encased in a clear hard plastic..."that’s odd,"I thought to myself. Upon further examination I noticed that the connection on the battery threading was also encased in this hard clear plastic..."Hmmm, this is different". It made for a smooth connection without having to overtighten the tank to battery as it required only a 1 and 1/4 turn twist to fasten on battery.

    I would later discover that evening that the clear coating enabled the LED light to illuminate the entire tank when the button is pushed down thus, I could now see how much e-liquid was in my tank in the dark….cool, special effects!

    Filling the Turbo Ez Tank

    I have always preferred to fill my other tanks using a syringe for accuracy and to gauge exactly how much e-liquid it would take to fill. Since this was the first time I was using this particular tank I wanted to confirm that the tank could in fact hold the 2ml level of e-liquid that was marked on the grid.

    This would be the last time I would ever have to use my syringe to fill this thing! It is much easier and less time consuming just to tilt the bottle of e-liquid and squeeze the bottle filling instantly just slightly below marker.

    It has always been from my own experience when filling a tank for the very first time that there is a break in period where the wick and coil requires being saturated enough to achieve a desirable vape. In some cases up to a half hour or more with many of the super large capacity tanks I have used in the past. Even the Go-go Tank required a bit of a break in period but not as much. Not the case with the Turbo Ez tank!

    I was impatient. :oops:I know it is always a good practice to allow it to sit for a few minutes at least after filling for best results though, I took my first draw almost immediately afterI filled and replaced the whistle tip.

    "Omg…My E-liquid is tasting awesome"!

    I was actually surprised that my first draw produced so much rich flavor and vapor production considering I expected less being that I have become somewhat now more acclimated to vaping with very low resistance and/or dual coil cartomizers to hit my sweet spot.
    The flavor delivery alone was outstanding! This has always been a deal breaker for me. Whether it be a tank, atomizer or cartomizer...flavor delivery is crucial for me above vapor production. It was all there except the throat hit was different. I could not exactly pin point it at first. It was there not at all weak yet it wasn't that scratchy tickle in the back of my throat feeling. Really smooth pure tasting vape.

    I later realized that what I had tasted for so long and had become accustomed to be the faint taste of the filler material while vaping cartomizers for so long. That is what was missing! Oddly enough when I went back to vaping on some of the new cartomizers I was testing for other upcoming 808/510 gear I really noticed that I now preferred the vape quality from the Turbo tanks over everything else.

    These tanks should have been called "Turbo Flavor Flavs"!:p

    I really attribute overall design to the pure clean flavorful vape these tanks are producing. I really was amazed in the fact that even if I set it down for a while standing straight up that I did not have to tilt the tank as much to produce these same results. It hit consistently every time. This has been my experience now since using this unit for over six weeks. I have experienced no leaking what so ever. I think the overall design of these tanks is far superior to any that I have used in the past. After several refills coupled with chronic vaping I would eventually reach a point where I would get that funky taste whereas with the case with a cartomizer it has reached its limit for flavor regardless of how saturated the filler is at the time. I would then simply unscrew the heating coil, dump out any remaining juice from tank chamber, rinse out tank with tap water and replace with a new heating coil.

    When I had the demo prototype there were only 3 extra heating coils in the kit aside from the two that came already inserted in the tanks so ,I really did not as many that I would have liked for testing purposes; however, I made the best out of the situation and soon learned that the heating coils can be resurrected once used and put back into rotation after a good rinse.

    Keep in mind this may not always be the case especially if you’re using really heavy thick E-liquids that may not rinse out as well off the wicks and coil after a good hot bath soaking for a few hours. For the most part I would soak a coil for only a few minutes in a cup of hot water. Allow the wicks to dry off and then put back into rotation with great results. The second,third and even in some cases the fourth time in rotation they still produced the vape quality as if they were almost new. As with any disposable tanks,atomizers and cartomizers mileage may vary though I was content with what I had a limited supply of for the time period of just about 6 weeks.

    Now that CigEasy has the finished product and plenty of extra heating coils and tanks in stock to use with my gear I can really appreciate the flavor delivery, vapor and throat hit I am getting now when using a brand new coil for the first time and not worrying that I will not have backups in the event I want to change out flavors more frequently.

    I have picked up two more additional Turbo Ez kits to compare to the demo kit I received in early June. All the revisions are have been made in advance so now, I am even more satisfied with this final product. I had kept notes early on in the testing process and thus, relayed information to Frank to have engineer's hopefully implement changes before full production began. Some of the modifications where minor yet significant enough to where I felt a few things needed some tweaks before they produced them in numbers forCigEasy. The original demo black battery had a coating that felt rubberized though could be scratched off. This final product has smoother non scratch glossier finish. The USB charger also has been improved from the demo I initially received.

    The other changes made were mostly cosmetic as with the tanks themselves and some detailed specifics in the presentation. (Packaging)

    The Turbo EzTank System comes complete with two batteries. (Both650mAh) The demo version batteries I originally received were reported to be 750mAh from the manufacturer though, I have not noticed that they last any longer than the 650mAh batts included in this final version. I usually get a good solid 6 to 8 hours use out of one battery before switching off to another and do not notice any significant decrease in power supply to tank towards the point of depletion.

    A very noticeable visual observation of the proprietary connection heads on the battery and tank is significant enough to note that this may very well add to the overall vape quality and performance of this particular unit. The center post connector is much wider in diameter than any other type of connection I have seen on an e-cigarette to date. The increased surface area is even much greater than the surface area on the Go-go which could increase the amperage. I have not been able to test the voltage output under load yet though based on vape quality and the draw I feel no desire to use any of my higher voltage devices to achieve the same effect or greater.

    It really satisfies my vaping needs pure and simple without any need to experiment at a lower or higher level.

    Turbo Ez White Kit.jpg
    Turbo Ez B&W Kit 5.jpg

    The whole concept of the Turbo Ez Tank system is for complete ease of use. This is great for the new vapor that is looking for a device that performs well yet does not involve a mastery of vapeology!

    Right out of the box your vaping in a matter of seconds. Just fill theTurbo Ez tank with your favorite blend of e-liquid and vape! No special tools required to fill. You do not need a syringe to fill these tanks nor anything to modify in order to prepare tank for use.

    I would recommend this unit to anyone looking for a very easy to use and effective tank system that is not conserned so much about all the bells and whistles that you might have with a pricier variable volt e-cigarette that may involve more of a learning curve just to operate.

    There is no guess work involved playing with extra buttons or dials to select the right voltage , finding the right type of cartomizer resistance or trying to choose any variety of tank combinations out there to use on this system, as everything has been put together for you delivering a personal vaping unit that comes complete with all that you may ever need for total vaping satisfcation.

    I am really impressed at how well this unit performs. The tanks rival any cartomizer I have ever used that I really now prefer the vape quality of this tank system over others I have tested in the past.

    I have been using it exclusively by choice since I got in back in June and really haven't felt a need to go back to using any else. Of course I am still beta testing other PV's though at the end of the day I have the Turbo Ez in my hand!:)

    Check It Out!:thumb:

    Kits are available with 3 different color combo options and come complete with
    2 Tanks (heating coils already attached)
    5 pack bonus Heating coils
    AC Wall Adapter
    USB Turbo Charger
    and a 10ml bottle of E-liquid ( over
    40 different flavor options)

    *I am really loving the look of the White Turbo Ez batteries in this kit and almost now prefer them over the Black.
    Both are very classy. If you can't decide you can always select the White/Black combo Kit.:rolleyes:

    Feel free to post your comments and/or own personal reviews and thoughts of this new system when you get it. The only feedback Frank has received on this has been from me so far, as the first orders are just now being shipped!

  2. greyrat

    greyrat Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Nov 7, 2010
    Sounds great SSV2! I ordered a kit and can't wait for it to get here! I've been getting 3 days before recharging on the Go-batts. Will I get a full day out of the 650 mAh Turbo batts?
  3. Pocket Aces

    Pocket Aces Unregistered Supplier ECF Veteran

    Mar 22, 2009
    Southern CA
    Hi Greyrat!

    Based on the time your getting from the Gogo the EZ's will definitely get you through the day and more! I really think its a winner. Like the Gogo Tank things just keep getting better for us vapers!

    Happy Vaping!
  4. SSV2

    SSV2 Supplier Associate ECF Veteran

    Dec 6, 2010
    Pleasantville, USA

    Hey greyrat!

    I am getting a day's use out of these at least. Probably half the time in between charges as a 1300mAh Go-go battery. I have designated my white Turbo Ez battery for the day and I break out the black Turbo Ez battery for my evening vapes!

    I use to always carry around at least 3 different PV's on me all throughout day when I was at work and out and about though, I have been loving the rich vape quality from the Turbo tanks over everything else in my arsenal, so really just I have just been exclusively using this system now and have been totally satisfied!


  5. greyrat

    greyrat Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Nov 7, 2010
    Frank and SSV2, thanks for all the work you've done to improve the vaping experience! For me, this will be my first departure from the Go-go in a long time and I'm really looking forward to the TURBO!
  6. SSV2

    SSV2 Supplier Associate ECF Veteran

    Dec 6, 2010
    Pleasantville, USA
    A Few More Pics of the Turbo Ez!

    B&W Turbo Ez B.jpg
    B&W Turbo Ez C.jpg

    Turbo Ez Tank components
    5 EZ Pieces Turbo System 1.jpg
  7. Koman

    Koman Moved On ECF Veteran

    Jan 7, 2010
    Looks really nice :)

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