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Discussion in 'MadVapes' started by JimmyJet, Sep 7, 2011.

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  1. JimmyJet

    JimmyJet Super Member Verified Member

    As several of us have recently bought RoughStacks, I thought it would be nice to have a specific thread for sharing tips & suggestions. We have some veteran RoughStack users here and I hope they'll chime in.

    We all know the RoughStack is a great mod. The purpose is not to compare this mod to that mod. The purpose is to share RoughStack experience.

    Example - I have been vaping eGo style batts with Boge's and similar type cartos. I always use a cone because the cone warms & mellows the vape. The Boge on the RoughStack is a bit airy for my taste. Obviously an eGo cone will not work on a RS.

    How can I tighten up the draw a little?

    Thanks, JJ
  2. dale1962

    dale1962 Ultra Member

    well i use dcc's on my maxirs all the time at 6v and get a perfect draw everytime;)
  3. Jason_in_nc

    Jason_in_nc Super Member

    I've used the 510 shorty extension on the RS, then put the 510 to eGo extension on top of that. Then you'll be able to use the cone and tighten up the draw and have the gone just above and out of the way of the button.
  4. JimmyJet

    JimmyJet Super Member Verified Member

    Thanks guys. I think I just answered my own question. Screw the carto in a little tighter.

    Lately I've been really careful about not tightening the carto too much because it pushes the center post up. Then when I go to use a different battery it doesn't make contact. Since raising the center post has become the standard ritual these days, I'll just get used to it. Much better draw now.

    I sure do love the look of machined aircraft aluminum. :)
  5. oplholik

    oplholik Vaping Master Verified Member

    Supporting member
    Good idea on this thread. This will be a good thread to subscribe to. I got my RSv2 last Saturday and really like it. I think this is one mod that can take a beating, and keep on ticking. One thing I did right off was to wire brush the threads, then took some fine emery paper and went around the tops of the threads, then blew them out real good, then applied a dab of noalox. Smooth as butter. Just be sure to clean out the threads and re-apply the noalox every week or so.
  6. JimmyJet

    JimmyJet Super Member Verified Member

    Good suggestion. The RS has fine aluminum threads. This means it's easy to cross-thread and damage the threads. Go slow & easy when removing/replacing the cap.
  7. blue8091

    blue8091 Super Member

    Hi Everybody....I've had a tix in with support and waiting on a reply - but since the thread I posted to doesnt seem to be getting any activity - thought I'd try to get some feedback from other user's here. We love the RS - having some major atty probs. Here's the issue:

    Not sure if you could tell from his review if some obvious issue we could easily address...really so grateful for any feedback :D

    DiamondVape's Channel - YouTube
  8. bubbamonk

    bubbamonk Senior Member

    I'm not sure if everyone is already doing this or not. What I do with threading anything, attys, or RS body, I always do a half turn backwards until I hear a little click in the threads. I had a couple of attys I couldn't get to fire and I did this half turn back on accident. Once I heard the click I turned the atty forward and it threaded like "normal" but when I went to hit the batt this time it fired up. I do the same with the RS body but it is a little harder with the snug fit of the batt. Just a tip.
  9. oplholik

    oplholik Vaping Master Verified Member

    Supporting member
    I use that method also, didn't think to mention it tho, it's a good way to get a good start.
  10. 440BB

    440BB Vaping Master Verified Member

    Supporting member
    I've found that with this and some other mods that it's necessary to gently pry the center pin of the atty or carto out with your fingernail or a small screwdriver. Only pry it a tiny bit at a time and try it - normally if it's sticking out by just a hair it'll do the trick. If the post is slotted, don't turn it! That's not a screw head, just an air channel and enough rotation will break a wire and kill your atty/carto! Good luck!
  11. bubbamonk

    bubbamonk Senior Member

    Is anyone using the 18350 Trustfires? They say they are 1200 mAh but I'm only getting about 6 hours out of them. I was wondering how much time others were getting. I was using a 650 ego before these and it was lasting longer. Just curious if anyone else is experiencing the same time. Thanks in advance for any insight.
  12. blue8091

    blue8091 Super Member

    Thanks for the tip! :)
  13. mopar

    mopar Forum Supplier

    I can't help on that, but with my 18650 I get an entire day and throw it on the charger at night. Sounds like yours should be lasting longer. But my 650 ego would only last me about 4.5 hours so it's all relative.
  14. jbmcdan

    jbmcdan Ultra Member Verified Member

    thanks for starting this thread -- just got my roughstack maxi today. didn't know the stuff mentioned earlier about the threads so I'll try that.
    also, when they were out of the regular 510 roughstacks for awhile I ordered the 901 version since it was in stock. But it's just a 901/808 adapter screwed into the native 510 don't be afraid to get the 901/808 version :)
  15. dragit

    dragit Senior Member

    I haven't had a single problem with mine and it is used and straight abused. :vapor:
  16. clankfu

    clankfu Super Member Verified Member

    Have any of you guys used both the Trustfire and Ultrafire 18350 batteries? If so, which one did you like better?
  17. emus

    emus Vaping Master

    I cut the stiff spring shorter so it is much easier to screw cap on.
  18. JimmyJet

    JimmyJet Super Member Verified Member

    Some of our battery experts will hopefully chime in here. In the meantime, I know this much. The guys who really know batteries like the AW IMR High-Drain batteries. (solid red in color) They are well suited for the kind of workload vaping requires. And they are reasonably priced.
  19. emus

    emus Vaping Master

    I use both UF and TR; they seem to perform identical. Trustfire is prettier.

    I've also use IMR 18350 which I prefer when stacking.
    I feel IMR is safer if external fuse is incorporated.
    My IMR has no nipple so must take that into consideration.

    All three perform well in single batt PV w/ proper carto/atty.

    All drop from roughly 4v to roughly 3.7v in mechanical PV.

    I feel IMR less likely to vent quickly; I like to use a fuse w/ IMR in case of short.
    Protected Li Ion has built in current limiter but it could malfunction.
  20. bubbamonk

    bubbamonk Senior Member

    I guess my problem is I'm getting about the same time frame from my 18350 1200mAh batt as I was my 650mAh ego batt.
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