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Discussion in 'MyVaporStore' started by aasupplyny, Mar 28, 2009.

  1. aasupplyny

    aasupplyny Forum Supplier

    Hello everyone,

    Our website inventory does not reflect our actual inventory.
    We keep a certain amount of stock as backup.

    Email if you have any questions about stock.

    I will be editing this post from time to time if I notice anything is out of stock.

    Items added
    *4/1/2009 1:15 EST

    RY4 30ml Extra high- added!

    Out of Stock Items
  2. aasupplyny

    aasupplyny Forum Supplier

    We'll be adding new flavors VERY shortly... So stay tuned!:D

    Certain hardware will be back in stock very soon also!
  3. fatman

    fatman Full Member

    Any chance those new flavors will include 0 nic juice?
  4. aasupplyny

    aasupplyny Forum Supplier

    No 0 nic juice this time around, sorry.
  5. bri1270

    bri1270 Super Member

    any chance of a 555 flavor?
  6. LuckySevens4U

    LuckySevens4U Ultra Member

    Staying tuned Herman!!!! :D
  7. kaeo773

    kaeo773 Super Member

    your page is not loading up some reason, I really want to get my Mocha order in :)
  8. QueenInNC

    QueenInNC Ultra Member

    Email sent :)
  9. qdilla

    qdilla Senior Member

    I got the mocha, Virgina both petty good but my atomizer i got is not vamping good is it because it's new with factory prime on it?
  10. kaeo773

    kaeo773 Super Member

    I think it was Mozilla, so I switched to explorer, and I was able to get my purchase done :)
  11. puffdolly

    puffdolly Full Member

    I am on your site trying to purchase stuff. I need another DSE901 Starter kit. Says unavailable. Also the 901 atomisers say also unavailable. When can I expect to purchase them? Thanks for the help.
  12. puffdolly

    puffdolly Full Member

    Email sent to ya.
  13. aasupplyny

    aasupplyny Forum Supplier

    Just Added

    DSE801-Silver atomizers
    DSE801-Black atomizers

    DSE901-Empty Cartridges

    We will be adding more later today.
  14. djxt

    djxt Full Member

    Can you let us know when everything is available to buy online? Still wanting some atomizers! :)
  15. aasupplyny

    aasupplyny Forum Supplier

    The DSE801 Black, Metallic Blue and Silver atomizers are in stock.

    Also just added Metallic Blue DSE801 Kits!!!

    DSE901 Kits/Parts will be in stock soon.

  16. strayling

    strayling Ultra Member

    That's a nice colour there. Reminds me of a friend who got a new e-cig and when I remarked that it was a pen style he misheard it as "pimp style" and seemed quite happy with the notion.
  17. aasupplyny

    aasupplyny Forum Supplier

    Just added some DSE901 Metalic Blue Added!

    These come with Blue LEDS.

    Also added:

    DSE901 Black Kits w/BLUE LED
    DSE901 Silver Kits w/BLUE LED
    More cartridges
    Atomizers for 901/801

  18. bri1270

    bri1270 Super Member

    Those are really sharp. I wish I didn't have so many 801s and 901s already.
  19. Slimee

    Slimee New Member

    Will you be getting any of the classic white 901s in stock anytime soon?
  20. DJGoogone

    DJGoogone Senior Member

    Out of 901 Carts again?


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