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Tatroe T-Top "Bring your Igo-l /Igo-w back to life in a BIG way

Discussion in 'Accessory Reviews' started by BeardedVapr, Jan 13, 2014.

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  1. BeardedVapr

    BeardedVapr Full Member Verified Member

    Dec 6, 2012
    tatroe t-top 011resize.jpg tatroe t-top 001resize2.jpg tatroe t-top 012resize.jpg tatroe t-top 003resize.jpg tatroe t-top 005resize.jpg

    Name: Tatroe T-Top
    Seller: Welcome to Cigtechs - Quality electronic cigarettes
    made from: 304 Stainless Steel / made in U.S.A
    fits: Igo-l / Igo-w
    Air hole size: 2 1/16th size air holes
    Price as purchased: $25.00
    Extras: Machined Heatsink Slots to improve heat displacement. Slotted bottom edge to give a better and easier fit onto your RBA.(from

    My Impressions: I ordered the Tatroe T-top from mainly for a new aesthetic look for my Igo-l and Igo-w. When I recieved it,as soon as I took it out of the package I could tell it was a quality made piece. It has good weight but not to heavy. The machining was beautiful. All the edges were sharp, the air holes had no burrs, and the surface of the Stainless had a machined look and feel to it. Inside the cap was a chamfered edge around the drip tip and also around the bottom edge of the cap itself. The chamfer at the bottom allows the cap to sit down and around the rda base. Creating a great seal and super flush look. Everything was done to high quality and So far I was impressed.

    I first grabbed my Igo-l which has a single coil stainless mesh build. It meters at .6 ohms. The draw was really airy, something I am not use to . I normally vape factory set holes of no bigger than 3/64. The 2 1/16th air holes made the pull of the draw effortless. I tend to like a little resistance. However this is all personal preference and to my surprise changed as I continued to use the top. I decided to try the top on my Igo-w which has a dual micro coil build, cotton wicking and meters at .4 ohms. The top I must say is a much better choice for a dual coil set up and I assumed this from the start however wanted to see how it preformed on a single coil build. The draw was still airy but I am assuming because of more vapor being produced the draw had a little more resistance. I was blown back by the amount of vapor this top produced. I'm talking plumes of it. The major thing I noticed with the performance aside from the vapor production was the amount of flavor still left in my vape. My experience has always left me to believe more vapor = less taste. Not true here with this Tatroe T-top. I was curious about the design supposedly dissipating heat. I was surprised how well it worked. Despite me vaping at more than a normal rate for me, the top cap never got hot. I have had some caps get so hot they are very hot to touch. I assume this is credited to the machined heatsink slots in the cap.

    My closing thoughts on the Tatroe T-Top. Well worth the $25.00 spent to purchase it. I was overly impressed with the quality and the vape it provided. It won me over after vaping it for 3 days. It is a nice alternative to the stock Igo-l and Igo-w caps and in my opinion is alot more stylish. It may take a few days for smaller air hole vapers a get 100% comfortable with it but for $25.00 and a fresh look to your atty it may be worth it. This was my first order with The shipping was timely and the merchandise was what they said it would be. I was under the impression that first time buyers received a 10% discount, however I could not figure out how to access it. also has a interesting line up of Tatroe Stainless Steel tanks made to replace protank factory tanks. Tatroe mods and carto tanks are also on the site.
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