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Discussion in 'Unregistered Suppliers Forum' started by mdonohue, Mar 6, 2011.

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  1. mdonohue

    mdonohue Unregistered Supplier


    I've been an unregistered supplier for close to a year now. I filled out all of the forms, ect and at the time I was told the waiting lists can be long and that pestering the staff was a good way to get yourself in trouble, so I've been just patiently waiting.

    However, I'd really like to start participating in this forum as a supplier, and I can only assume at this point that my application was lost or denied?

    Can someone let me know what our status is? Or if there is some action pending that I've missed?

    I've carefully swept through my emails and the last thing I have is the application from Misty that I returned way back in May of 2010.

    Can someone help me out? :confused:
  2. Misty

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    Your application request was rec'd 2010-05-19 and you were sent the application package on same day.

    We never received the mandatory completed Supplier Form back in order to process your application.
    - ie. review site for compliance to ECF Site Criteria .

    I have resent the original email to your email address !

    Once I receive the Form - your site will be reviewed within a few days and you will be informed if any revisions are required prior to acceptance as RS.
  3. mdonohue

    mdonohue Unregistered Supplier

    I got your email Misty. Thanks for your help and I'll get the requested information over to you right away.

    Thanks again!
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