Weird vaping habits. Do you have any?

Discussion in 'General Vaping Discussion' started by Silent Scream, Dec 16, 2013.

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  1. Silent Scream

    Silent Scream Super Member

    I currently have two mini protank 2's on the go and a protank 2. I use the mini's to try liquids out and in the protank 2 I usually have my tobacco type flavour of choice for the day.

    Towards the end of the day I take what's left in the mini's and pour it into the protank 2 along with what's left of my current tobacco flavour. I call it my Magic Mixing Pot and it nearly always produces something 'interesting'. Sometimes it's great, sometimes it's just unusual, I vape it all anyway just because it's there.

    I have had some great combinations but I have no clue how to reproduce them as I pay no attention to how much of what is left at any time. Am I weird? Does anyone else do this? What vaping habits do you have that I can call 'weird' so I won't feel so bad?
  2. Sthur

    Sthur Vaping Master Verified Member

    I mix fruit juices all the time, my left overs are in a 30ml hodgepodge bottle for when I want something different.
  3. Myrany

    Myrany Vaping Master Verified Member

    Mine probably isn't that unusual but it is a ritual if you will.

    After supper I get 20 minutes of no interruption time that is sacrosanct. During that time I vape a special dessert liquid that I reserve for that time.

    This started as my way to handle after supper cig cravings and has now become my peace and quiet me time.
  4. Silent Scream

    Silent Scream Super Member

    I never thought of accumulating them and trying them later. Another cunning plan, thanks :)

    That was the worst for me when I started vaping, the after dinner cig craving. Moreso than the 'first cig with coffee in the morning' craving which to me was weird.

    It's great that you no longer think of it like that and instead just consider it as quality private vaping time :) What liquids do you use? I tried a custard flavour (supposedly premium) as an after dinner vape and it nearly turned me off custard for life!
  5. Hypatia

    Hypatia Super Member Verified Member

    Yes, I love to mix! I've got a bottle I mix the "leftovers" of the "unvapeables". Some times, I go back and see if those nasties have melded into something better. No such luck so far. But, I figure, if it gets good eventually, then nothing's wasted. If it turns into something still awful, then nothing lost.

    Although, my favorite liquids get put into another bottle. I've gotten some really good results from that. I've mixed (I think, lol) some fruity stuff (NT's Betelguese), vanilla, creme brule, and a little ry4-like stuff. Tastes like chocolate covered maraschino cherries--yum. Go figure...And I'll never be able to recreate that again, sigh...
  6. Silent Scream

    Silent Scream Super Member

    I never do it with flavours I take an instant dislike to. Some of them are bland or nice but not great or interesting in some way but not 'there'. I had a butterscotch recently that was so vile I know I could have spent the rest of my life mixing it with stuff trying to make it vapeable and never got anywhere :laugh:
  7. Hypatia

    Hypatia Super Member Verified Member

    Oh, no. I don't work at trying to make that bottle vapeable at all. It's my stingy side that prevents me from dumping it out (like I rightly should, lol). I just fill it with the dredges, and every so often (maybe after I've had a few "adult beverages") I take a whiff. Never gets any better, but I keep adding to it, nonetheless.

    Now I feel dirty and ashamed of my "toxic bucket of filth" I'm saving up. :oops::laugh:
  8. Silent Scream

    Silent Scream Super Member

    No, don't... you may one day produce the vape of a lifetime. Only problem is when you're asked to reproduce it you'll have to say 'I'll get back to you on that' :laugh:
  9. Recycled Roadkill

    Recycled Roadkill Ultra Member

    I've got my MPV 2, SVD, VTR and an ego clone sitting on my desk and each tank is loaded with a different flavor. My wife thinks that's weird but I'm feeling pretty normal. :blink:
  10. Myrany

    Myrany Vaping Master Verified Member

    I hate to say it but I DIY 99% of my liquids. Right now my after supper vape is DIY banana cream pie.
  11. mare ze dotes

    mare ze dotes Ultra Member

    I have dumped my old last few drops of whatever together...I call it Garbage Goulash. To be honest I put fruit flaves with fruit and bakery with the like. Etc.
  12. Hypatia

    Hypatia Super Member Verified Member

    Ah, to make the "best juice in the world" and never be able to make it again. Reminds me of this (picture slightly tipsy, 37-year old women singing this):

    Sorry ya'll. It's exam week, I'm jacked up on nicotine and tossed back a couple tonight and needed a little distraction from the studying. I know, I'
  13. Slobalt7

    Slobalt7 Senior Member Verified Member

    I usually mix my fruits aside from peach, for some reason it is nasty whatever it is mixed with, usually it will take me a couple weeks to get enough to make a tank worth because I am constantly sticking to strawberry mixes. I will occasionally mix my chocolates, coffees, and cake flavors with great results.

    I also tip my vape at a weird angle no matter what tank, used to be just because of the Cobra and it's wick starving issues but now it is habbit.
  14. omyeyes

    omyeyes Ultra Member

    My personal Vaping habits:
    1. All tanks not in use have a condom on them.
    2. All tanks are P-Touch labeled with what's in them.
    3. Stop vaping 16mg @ 7pm and go to 6mg.
    4. PV stays under pillow while sleeping, just in case.
    5. I do not make "Garbage Goulash" of any kind.
  15. Worzel

    Worzel Super Member

    I vape 18mg nic when I am at work, than I keep my e pipe full of 6mg nic for when I am at home. Even though, I do vape the 18mg in the morning with my coffee.
  16. cassandraschild

    cassandraschild Senior Member Verified Member

    I also garbage goulash... i usually call it my groog.
  17. Worzel

    Worzel Super Member

    Hmmmmmm, Groog. Almost has a Nadsat ring to it :p
  18. cassandraschild

    cassandraschild Senior Member Verified Member

    Oops! One too many "o"s. I meant grog.
  19. PLANofMAN

    PLANofMAN Signature Guru Verified Member

    Groog was cooler.
  20. diggyb

    diggyb Super Member Verified Member

    I have a chum bucket, but I haven't tried it yet.
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