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What Is Difference Between Atomizers and Cartomizers?(FAQ)

Discussion in 'HealthCabin' started by newsunshine, Sep 18, 2011.

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  1. newsunshine

    newsunshine Forum Supplier ECF Veteran

    Apr 7, 2009
    Many people may not know much about cartomizers or difference between atomizers and cartomizers. Here we make a comparative analysis between Atomizers and Cartomizers.

    Atomizer, as the earliest product in e-cig industry, is a classic, while cartomizer is a revolution customized for lazy smokers. Both atomizer and cartomizer have pros and cons so they have their own fanciers and detractors.
    Anyone who wants to find one’s favorite will experience trials and errors. This article mainly lists out the major differences between them for your reference.

    What’s the difference in structure?
    Atomizer is a two part device in which a cartridge is needed to hold the e-juice. And cartomizer is a two-in-one device, inside which e-juice is held.
    Simply speaking, a cartomizer is a cartridge that usually contains a disposable atomizer while an atomizer is reusable and is attached to a cartridge which is usually refillable.

    What’s the difference in usage?
    For atomizer, you can fill e-juice inside a cartridge and then insert it into the atomizer, or you can also use a driptip to drop several drops of e-juice directly into the atomizer.
    For cartomizer, you only need to drop or inject e-juice inside the tube, then vape.

    What’s the difference in life span?
    Atomizer usually has a long life span. If it is good in quality, well-protected and properly used, it will works for months. One regular Joye atomizer usually can work for 3 months.
    However, cartomizer life spans vary from one to one. Some only can be used for once, some only last for days, while some could work for 40 days.

    What’s the difference in price?
    Atomizer is always more expensive in price while cartomizer is much cheaper than.

    What’s the difference in types?
    Cartomizers have various kinds, such as bottom coil and top coil system, transparent and non-transparent tube. The capacity range is from 0.9 to 5ml and resistance range from 1.5-3.1 ohm. However, atomizers are limited in choice, usually regular and LR.

    If you want to know reviews and picture of cartomizers, please visit here Which cartomizers do you want to try? ( Reviews of 18 kinds of Cartomizers).
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