Why ban e-cigarettes?

Discussion in 'New Members Forum' started by Danny, Jan 7, 2009.

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  1. Danny

    Danny Full Member

    I have noticed that some countries are starting to ban e-cigarettes. I don't get it. Is it because of the nicotine content? If so, are nicotine gums and patches banned as well? Also, can you e-smoke with zero nicotine cartridges or juice? Or is it some other reason they are getting banned?
  2. jacknthemonkeys

    jacknthemonkeys Full Member

  3. bluewolf

    bluewolf Senior Member

    Probably big tobacco company's lobbying the governments.
  4. TropicalBob

    TropicalBob Vaping Master

  5. Tallulah

    Tallulah Senior Member

    TropicalBob, I do hope it's made safer for all the youngin's, but couldn't they just wait till I finally kick the bucket? I've been smoking tobacco for 30 years, I'm an addicat, and I don't want to quit nicotine, dammit! Vaping is like having my cake and eating it, too! (probably another reason they'll eventually be banned)

    SMILIN Supplier Associate

    Tadaaaa, Big Tobacco to the rescue, if enough people want these(and we all know they will)both big corps., and govt. will have to profit. They will regulate, tax, and make us safe:oops:they also will use their existing resources for all the testing, Phillip Morris, and Kraft, are 2 company's I understand that have already started. No conspiracy, jus da facts, jack....deep pockets will make the most, off the masses.:(
  7. MasonM

    MasonM Senior Member

    The simple truth is that the PC asshats just have to have their way and force their values upon everyone else regardless of whether it actually makes sense or not.
  8. cucurucho

    cucurucho Senior Member

    In Australia, yes.

    No, they are registered therapeutic goods for nicotine replacement therapy, personal vapourisers have not yet passed the requirements for this, though it is rumoured that one brand has applied for registration in Australia.

    Yes, zero nicotine cartridges and liquids are perfectly legal.

    Actually the state governments are the ones that regulate nicotine. They do not tax tobacco sales, only the federal government does.
  9. riddle80

    riddle80 Super Member

    Yes, TB has a great list of reasons in that thread he linked to.

    Off topic: Bob, I think you need a new nic. I saw someone call you "buzzkill" and cracked up. It's so easy to get caught up in all the wonderful aspects of these, but you are great at keeping it real. Like the voice we all have in our heads but don't want to listen to... well, me at least. I surely appreciate all the wisdom you've shared. I always read your posts and learn something new every time. You're a jewel on this forum that's for sure! You at least deserve a one of those little descriptions under your nic like "the informer" or "reality police" or something along those lines. Just a thought ;)
  10. cucurucho

    cucurucho Senior Member

    I second that sentiment.
  11. jacknthemonkeys

    jacknthemonkeys Full Member

    I'm just so sick of not being able to hurt myself without being a criminal. Masochism is how we feel our mortality and fight the fear of death by showing a little control over it. Forced morality and safety breeds dangerous psychological tendencies in society. Without suffering there is no contrast with pleasure. Blah blah:-x
  12. Taelon

    Taelon Senior Member

    The chinese manufacturers were better of doing more indepemdant scientfic studies and operating within the WHO regulatory framework.

    Thanks for the bans go to idiot $$$ marketers who lied about e-cigarettes being declared "Healthy" by the WHO, but never declared "Healthy" by the WHO. That's the main reason for many countries to crack down on it because of unserious practice of such sellers violating medical laws of most countries.

    A pity for us and the serious sellers and suppliers :mad:

    Well, the problem on the other hand in my country is that we've got a mid-age like pharmacists shops monopoly here with large legislator lobby which has lead to highest medical prices worldwide, so "within the DE regulatory framework" would >4x the prices of e-cigarettes and liquid distributed here if it is forced under their exclusive distribution :mad:
    So hard decision. But authorities will make it sooner or later...

    Only lawsuite help we could use against authorities to block e-cigarette imports here could be that German Judges already sentenced against the liability of cigarette manufacturers in the case of Reemtsma, "Everyone who smokes cannot hold the cigarette industry responsible for health damage", U.S. Judges sentenced otherwise as anyone knows.

    It will go Shenzen v.s. Western Pharmacy Corporation Trusts like Nicorette's, they will not leave it at "Nicorette Inhaler" TV-commercials, their guys are working hand-in-hand with the Federal Health Ministry here so it is just a matter of time until they crack down if the chinese do not provide good health scientfic material for their products and start contributing to the minimum requirements of western health frameworks.
  13. dc2k08

    dc2k08 Ultra Member

    Smilin, can you tell us the source for this fact?
  14. TropicalBob

    TropicalBob Vaping Master

    I, too, would like "just the facts" on involvement by Philip Morris and Kraft. Can you give us a reliable source to read?
  15. Myk

    Myk Ultra Member

    Can someone supply one of those manufactures who say they are declared healthy by the WHO?
    All I saw was one touting it as NRT and that WHO backs NRT. They did not say WHO backs their e-cig NRT.
  16. Taelon

    Taelon Senior Member

    See WHO press release (google).
  17. Myk

    Myk Ultra Member

    Ahh, but that's from WHO. I want to see it from the manufacturer.
    I think WHO is mad that someone claims e-cig is NRT and WHO supports NRT which implies WHO supports e-cig.
    So WHO is twisting back saying that manufacturer claimed who backs e-cigs, which I have not found.
    I saw what WHO said. I did not see a link or a manufacturer named in their statement.
  18. Kate

    Kate Moved On

    The DSE901 manuals have reference to WHO which implies endorsement. At least they used to, I don't know if they've been updated.
  19. Taelon

    Taelon Senior Member

    That maybe the reason why I got my DSE901's without manual ;)
  20. Myk

    Myk Ultra Member

    So does the RN4072 and RoyalSmokers.
    But like I said, it says that WHO recommends NRT, not that WHO recommends e-cig.
    It says the e-cig was made according to NRT.
    I'm sure it was intentionally worded like that to "imply". But implying, especially in the written word requires the reader to make the jump.
    Yes it's lawyer ball, but it still makes WHO wrong unless they can provide the quote that actually says what they claim.
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