XXL Dual Cartomizers Are In and Ready For Sale!!!

Discussion in 'Tasty Vapor' started by Mr. Tasty Vapor, Nov 9, 2011.

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  1. Mr. Tasty Vapor

    Mr. Tasty Vapor Unregistered Supplier ECF Veteran

    [h=6]SmokTech XXL Cartomizers Are Here!!! (2.5 ohm Black are still en route). These are serious performers and the perfect compliment to our liquids. Please read descriptions before purchasing, so that the voltage of your equipment is properly matches the recommended resistance (ohms).[/h]
    Welcome to Tasty Vapor
  2. Scottinboca

    Scottinboca Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    This is just a suggestion for you Tasty Vapor, but I think it would be awesome if you also had a bulk pack. In the bulk pack could be like 5 or 6 of them. I many people like myself don't really order singles to often. I think these look great. I hope to place an order soon!
  3. chainvapor

    chainvapor Moved On ECF Veteran

    What happened to the price?? They were $2.20 each now they are $3.25 each? That is quite a jump. I mean if they went from $2.20 to say $2.75 I probably would not really have even noticed.

    That being said I ordered 4 of these and received them today. So far they are performing very well! But I am waiting to see how long they last to give a final verdict. If they last more than a few weeks they are definately worth the $3.25 all day long. They vape nicely at 6V (at least the 2.5Ohm do).


    P.S. I am not trying to be SUPER critical of the price. It was just a large jump and caught me off guard.
  4. Mr. Tasty Vapor

    Mr. Tasty Vapor Unregistered Supplier ECF Veteran

    Well, we DID state on the ad with the cartomizers that this was an INTRODUCTORY price only and that we had a very limited amount of them. They were priced to sell quick.

    While this may seem like an unreasonable price for a cartomizer, it may have also been missed that they are XXL Dual Coil cartomizers and hold up to 2.5 ml of liquid. I've pulled 2 weeks of use easy using AC in one of these until the performance started tapering off a little. The 2.0 and 2.5 ohm cartos that I'd been using from them, also champion performers. I highly doubt that what we're asking, is an unreasonable price for the size and the performance.

    We're starting out with this. We will increase our stocks over the next couple of months to include regular sized, XL and the usual XXL size cartomizers. However, they will ALL be dual coil cartomizers.

    The OTHER way to put this is...I have been impressed enough with this company's product that Tasty Vapor has decided to return to selling basic electronics. This alone should say enough.
  5. guava

    guava Senior Member ECF Veteran

    I still use an eGo, and would love to try these but my question is if the lowest ohm cartomizers would work on eGos?

    Not good with ohms, etc, lol, but love TV and if these are something I could enjoy I'd like to know. :)

    And I hear ya, Geoff, if you went back into electronics then these do sound like something highly worthy of consideration...thus my interest.
  6. Mr. Tasty Vapor

    Mr. Tasty Vapor Unregistered Supplier ECF Veteran

    Ego batteries usually operate at 3.7 volts. The 1.5 ohm cartomizers are perfect for that range.
  7. Houdini

    Houdini Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    I think you have the description a little jumbled up on the web site. It says "These dual coil cartomizers will hold up to 2.5ml of liquid, come with a whistle tip, operate with a resistance of 1.5ohm...."
    Should it be it holds 2.5ml of liquid and is 2.5ohm?
    Well, whatever it is I got 2 coming to my mailbox today and will give them a try and report back. :thumb:
  8. guava

    guava Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Awesome, thanks for the response!
  9. chainvapor

    chainvapor Moved On ECF Veteran

    Yes, you are right Geoff. I am loving the 2.5OHM ones that I received yesterday and they are still a good deal. Thank you for making them available to us. It will be nice to be able to pick up a few of these when ordering your awesome juice!


    P.S. the 2nd poster here did say something about a bulk pack. That might be something to think about. Maybe a small discount for ordering say........10 at a time??
  10. Poeia

    Poeia Bird Brain Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    Geoff, I'm getting broken pictures for the cartos. I tried three different browsers so I'm pretty sure the problem is at the site.
  11. Mr. Tasty Vapor

    Mr. Tasty Vapor Unregistered Supplier ECF Veteran

    No, we have 1.5 ohm, 2.0 ohm and 2.5 ohm XXL cartomizers which all hold up to 2.5ml of liquid.
  12. Mr. Tasty Vapor

    Mr. Tasty Vapor Unregistered Supplier ECF Veteran

    Eek, thanks. I'll check into that ASAP
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