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AGGIES Stories

Discussion in 'MyVapeJuice' started by Yeah_its_me, Aug 19, 2013.

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  1. Yeah_its_me

    Yeah_its_me ECF Guru ECF Veteran

    Nov 17, 2011
    OK here are all Aggies stories on one page...enjoy and save the link for future reference LOL

    Stories By Aggie!
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  2. AG51

    AG51 ECF Guru ECF Veteran

    Jan 23, 2011
    Dat Way →
    Oh My Werds [​IMG] I betta makes sum more and fill dis thread up
  3. tiburonfirst

    tiburonfirst They call me 'Tibs" Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    Feb 23, 2010
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  4. AG51

    AG51 ECF Guru ECF Veteran

    Jan 23, 2011
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  5. VapingTurtle

    VapingTurtle ECF Guru Verified Member ECF Veteran

    I was about to copy and paste one of my all-timey favorite stories by Aniter, but almost all of the pics are goned. :(
  6. AG51

    AG51 ECF Guru ECF Veteran

    Jan 23, 2011
    Dat Way →
    :)blush: Here ya go Turt, I fixed that story pics for you. This was an old story and my photobuckets got ruined since then )

    ~ Da Scandals Postage Stamp ~

    Readys fer a storys ? [​IMG]

    Okay den, I'll go inta my libraries n find the correct journal fer dis tonites [​IMG]

    Ahhh, here we go [​IMG] How da Scandals Postage Stamp Happened [​IMG] dis is a story of when da monkeymomma went ta visit her friend Turtles n dis happened [​IMG]

    mind you neither da monkey or da turt gained profits frum dis :glare: the gubmint tooks it ALL :glare: but they were okay bouts it cuz it kept the post office running so everyones could get their vaping supplies still [​IMG] day AG was just a hangin rounds n gots tired of bein by herself [​IMG]

    so she decided to go to da beach n visit Vapin Turtle. She gots all dolled up in her bikinis [​IMG]

    n sun shades den off she wents. she stopped fer a minutes fer a quickie tan [​IMG] so she look prettys fer her visit

    and den jumped in [​IMG]

    da cold oceans where Turt lives. [​IMG]

    it was bery bootifuls down dere an she met a fish right off. He didn't know da directions ta Turts house so AG swam round to find its [​IMG]

    makin friends with a lotsa underwater creatures as she went. [​IMG]

    Thinkin she better take a few snapshots of da terrain so she'd know her ways back her crabs started sayin..."Oooooo Ooooooo Take Mine Take Mines !" [​IMG]

    so she did [​IMG] can ya belieb dat ? [​IMG]

    Oh...Sorrys dere [​IMG] So anyways, Ag swam some more and found a sheeps [​IMG]

    da sheeps didn't know where Turt lived either cuz he said he dunno why he was in da ocean anyways n thought it was cuz he ate sum of them mushrooms :unsure: he said go ask dat guy and pointed his head ova dere → so AG swams more dat way [​IMG] then da cow didn't know cuz he was messed up [​IMG]

    pretty badly on sum laced algae kinda stuff so da clam told her to go da other ways [​IMG]

    amongst all dis commotions Turtle heard thru the seaweed vine that AG had come to visit. So he swam to find her [​IMG]

    Ohhh what a Bootifull sight it was fer AG to be saved by Turtle ! The little clamgirl had given Ag some magic Mermaid dust she had left over from dat Ariel Mermaid Movie and AG sprinkled some on [​IMG]

    Turtle swam wiff his new Merminated Friend Ag and they had a wunderfuls time [​IMG] when all of a sudden flash bulbs blew every wheres and they see da Octopuss takin pictures of them !! [​IMG]

    Yeah ! [​IMG] It was right dere on his video undercuber suba cam !! [​IMG] So Turts said SWIM NITA SWIM LIKE A BANCHIES !! GET BACK TO YA TREE MOMMA !! [​IMG]

    so Ag swam like da dickens was comin outta her right past dat Jock Quisto guy [​IMG]

    filmin fer National Geographics ! [​IMG]

    she found anutter scuba diber and swam wiff him fer a bits den this big shark came outta no place and snatched da guy up !! like dis [​IMG]

    so Ag was so skeered she thought she'd have ta escapes and stuck herself inta a bottle [​IMG]

    n floats ashore like a love message. she floated [​IMG] n floated til she gots to da islands [​IMG] when she finallys broke free [​IMG]

    she could see dis wuzn't goods n made a sos [​IMG]

    den a man on a sailboats seen it n picked her up [​IMG]

    den Ag couldn't helps it and had gas so da guy threw her outs in da water wiff a cement shoes [​IMG]

    little did the guy know AG had a Crab n he bit da rope off [​IMG]
    with his fingers n AG floated to da top [​IMG]
    Help Help she said cuz she was tired a swimmin by then n da life guard seen her [​IMG]

    Catch Dat he said n hurry it up cuz deres a shark comin fer you a** [​IMG]

    so AG caughts it [​IMG]
    n when she finallys made it to shore she was bushed [​IMG]
    n too tired ta fights it when the bratty small peoples covered her up in sand [​IMG]
    like a human-monkey castles :blink: so she went home and the Turt called her n told her to watch da news [​IMG] Their picture was on its [​IMG]
    and it said da gubmints was sellin them [​IMG] it shocked AG so much she went n mowed da lawn [​IMG]

    yup, it happened like dat [​IMG] I guess, I dunno I had just ate some mushrooms myself [​IMG]

    The End
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  7. Yeah_its_me

    Yeah_its_me ECF Guru ECF Veteran

    Nov 17, 2011


    I will add the story below to your page when I get a chance so it will never be lost again HUGS
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  8. bully mom

    bully mom Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Jul 17, 2011
    I am so happy happy to have found Aggie's stories. I have missed them so much. Now I can buy lots o popcorn and spend the weekend here at the story page.

    Looks like business is good for you Yimmie and I'm not surprised in the least!!!

    Love and hugs to all my old friends.

    Just doing a drive through.[​IMG]
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  9. AG51

    AG51 ECF Guru ECF Veteran

    Jan 23, 2011
    Dat Way →
    Hi Miss Prada !!!!!!!!! [​IMG]
    My dear friend ! How have you been ??? I'm werking on a new story right now as a matter of fact. It's a long difficult one so I'm not sure when it'll be up. But please come back when it is here to laugh with me [​IMG]
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  10. bully mom

    bully mom Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Jul 17, 2011
    Oh sweetie, how I have missed you!!!!! Haven't been posting much but I will be sure to come and see you!!!

    So glad you kept our picture. Wubs you little monkey woman!!!! You to Yimmie!!!!!
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  11. AG51

    AG51 ECF Guru ECF Veteran

    Jan 23, 2011
    Dat Way →
    Da Vapin' Meets Rallys

    [​IMG] Once upom a day or two not longs ago in a timelys fashium Aggie went outs to her mailbox to see iffin any mails had come her ways.[​IMG] Whem to her surprize dere was a recent issues ub da Vapin News Gazzettes dere in her box ! [​IMG] Aggie was very exciteds ! [​IMG] She ran insides to read all da new news ! Whem she turned da pages she could nots beliebs what she was readings ! OMGAWDS dis was so wundarfulls ! [​IMG] I habe to tell eberyones ! Dere was a Vapin Rallys fer all da Vapin Bikers comings up and it would be bootifuls iffin Some ub Aggies friemds would go wiff her. Aggie decided afta reading da details she would call eberyones she could. So she wents to her computers and started dialings.....Ringy-Dingy ! Ringy-Dingys ! [​IMG] Ringy-Dingys ! Ringy-Dingys !...Da skypes Comfernince calling was speedilys dialing some vapin friemds for Aggie. When all ub a suddens her puter screem lights up wiff her friends faces ! [​IMG] "Hello Eberyones !", said Aggie,"I'm glads you alls got to comfernince wiff me via Skypes todays ! I habe excitings news here dats I gots in da mails !" "Hi Aggies ! What is its?", the group asked one by ones. "Well, I gots da lastest editiums ub DA Vapin News todays and dere's a rallys Meet we all needs at go to wiff our motorcycle bikes ! It says it's out ub da ways at a theme parks rented outs just fer us so we cam let our juices flow by gawds ! So get your bikes fueled up and you p.e.n.i.s.'s ready. Let's RIDE !! Whoo-Hoo !", Aggie spurted out spittin on her skype screens, " I will email da gps fer you where we'll meets at da airports. Dey is gomma help us get dere to da place cuz it's kimda out in da boom docks I be thinkings. Are ya'll in and wantin at go wiff me?" "YES !", screamed da skypers, " We'll go !" "Okays den, Ober n Outs Let's Hit da Roads Babys ! Emails are on dere ways to you alls now.", Aggie said as she turmed off da puter and gots ready to fuel up her Nana bikes fer da trip. The excited Vapers all ran to dere garages and gots dere bikes ready to go to da Rallys. They rode from the North East [​IMG] and dey rode from da South East [​IMG] Fast as dey could to meets up wiff da riders frum da North and South [​IMG] and frum da West [​IMG] 12 Riders in alls in a hurrys to make da airports fer da Rallys Meet in time ! One by ones dey arribed at da airports. [​IMG] Aggie yelled outs da roll call counts to make sures eberyones was dere. Aggie on her Nana Bike √, Matts© on his Bomber Bike √, Maxi on his Gater Bike √, CJ on her Western Shootin Bike √, Keelala on her Green Bikes√, Tinker on her 55 Cheby Bike√, Threns on her Cougar Bike √, SunRays on his LawnMower Bike √, StoneFace on his Firemans Bike√, Psyche on her BBQ Bike√, Vapin Turtle on his Mermaid Bike√, and Yimmeys on her PrayinMantis Bike √. They all checked in on times and da helicopter was waiting for them. Aggie went ober to the pilot and asked what to do next. The pilot ub da helicopter said he had a famcy double Decker trailer lift and for all DA bikers to ride up onto DA trailers. So Aggie told DA group," We gotta rides our bikes up into da trailers double decka styles and den he will take us to da Middle ub Nowheres and let us off." So dey all rode dere bikes onto the trailer and da helicopter takes off.[​IMG] " Hang On Eberybodys !! We Habe a Long Ways to Go !", yelled da pilot frum his cockpits. "Oh my Werds Aggie !... What habe you got us into ?!?.... I'm Skeered !.... I gotta Poop Aggie !.... I'm gonna puke Aggie !", all da vapin bikers was yellin at Aggies. "SHUT-UPS ! Dis is gomma be FUN I tellin Yous !", Aggie shouted back. [​IMG] The group flew past da Laba Fields [​IMG] which mades Aggies Hot Flashes interact like a armpits sweatin to da oldies commercials. Den they flew by da waters [​IMG] "Where in da hell is dis man takin us Aggie ??", asked Maxi. "He gomma takes you where I gomma push you offa heres iffin you don't quits complainin Maxi Damm its !", replied Aggie. Dey came to a Hot Air Balloom Festibals and flew rite thru it [​IMG] It was such a bootifuls site ! Berry romamtics. Butts dey kept flyin on and on. They eben flew ober Love Island [​IMG] and den all ub a suddens Turts starts out in song,..."♪♪ Somewhere's Obers Da Raimbows Turtles Fly ♪ ♪" [​IMG] Dat was bads enuff but when we gots to fly ober Turtle Islands [​IMG] it was a group thoughts to gag dat shell ! By da times dey had flew by da Motel 6 Forest dat left da lights on for dem [​IMG] The riders was getting wearys. It fer sure was a longs time up in DA airs. But den just when they least expects zit the helicopter slows dowm and drops da double decka trailer to da groumds. Eberyones drobe their bikes off and looked at da sign. [​IMG] Yep, dey were in da Middle ub NoWheres allrites. But where was da Freakin Theme Park dat was Promised ?? How were the group gonna fimd dere ways back home ?? Eberyones was angry at Aggie by nows. There dey sat wiff nothing all aroumds dem. When all ub a sudden a little bird comes flying by. He was singing, "Follow me Follow me, the Park you Want is Behind dat Tree !" Maxi said,"Aggie, you got us into dis so you go look !" Gingerly Aggie remoobed her butt offin her NanaBike and walked ober to da tree. As she peeked behimd it she screamed, " OMGAWDS !! [​IMG] Dere's a Dimosaur back dere Maxi !! It's got a road going inta his mouth wiff a sign dat says WELCOME on its ! Do ya wanna go in deres ?" The group discussed it and decided they would go into da belly ub da beast IF Aggie went first. So off behimd da tree dey wents and into the Dimosaurs mouth [​IMG] They all rode shakin in dere boots lemme tell ya. When dey got to the other side it was Magnificents ! They arribed and found da gate to da [​IMG] Middle ub NoWheres Park ! And it eben had a sign bannar Welcoming da Bikers ! They made it to da Vapin Meets Rallys Afteralls ! They all got dere now motorcycle shaped buttinskii's offin dere bikes and went inside. Oh it was Bootifuls dere ! The Vapers walked aroumds and seen rides to go on and games to play all wiff dere p.e.n.i.s.'s out in publics ! Maxi all ub a suddens satrted crying. He foumd da sign dat said he was too short to ride ANYTHINGS ! [​IMG] " Don't cry Babys, I'll helps you. I go roumd back and pull on you head til you reach DA propa length honeys den we can go and ride stuffs." Aggie got behimd da sign and used all her muscles grabbin Maxis mouth and PULLIN up as hard as she could to stretch da snake to be talk enuffs to be on any rides. [​IMG] When Aggie had da snake just long nuff perfect for riding she let him go and he was tall enough to do da jobs of amusements afta dats [​IMG] "I wanna do a zippa Aggies !", begged Maxi. "Okays, you lead da ways babes.", Aggie replied. When they all got to da Zippa, they piled on and da ride began to moob. Eberything Was fime until the wind blew as Aggie was readjustin her seatbelts and den OMGAWDS ! [​IMG] "HELP HELP !! MY ZIPPA OPENED AND ALL MY JUNKS FELL OUTS !!", Aggie screamed desperatelys fer somebodys to sabe her before she fell . But as it turns out it was a good thang dat Aggie used her Preparatiums H and kept her PoliGrips on dat rides car safety chain cuz she got dowm to the groumd safetlys when da ride spun aroumds and her feets could touch da groumds. "FHEWS !" Aggie said as she wiped da sweats off her brows, " Dat was a close one dere. Where we go next ?" "Oooooo Ooooo I wanna rides da Frogs Aggie !", SunRays couldn't helps himself. He lubbs at eats frog legs. So the group went ober deres and some got on it [​IMG] Den it was ober to da DragonSnake ride [​IMG] Oh My all da funs dey was habing at da Meets and using dere p.e.n.i.s.'s ! When dey was up in da air on the dragons back Matts© saw a house he just had to check out when they got off the ride. He didn't know how but was comvinced it had his shoe-lubbin Babe insides so he went to see [​IMG] When his wife didn't answer the door the gang all continued their way. Turts found a place to play in da Hot tub wiff all da little duckies [​IMG] It was called da Floatin Duck and was bery relaxing on his tired old shell. He stayed there while Aggie and CJ hopped a ride [​IMG] Afta dey was dun Turt waltzed ober to what was posta be a Happy Slide. He said,"Don't look like much but I'll put my dime in dere and makes a wish anyways." [​IMG] Turt started da Slide Turns out he was HAPPY after alls ! Mean whiles Yimmey took Maxi and Threns down DA mine shafts. [​IMG] Yimmey drobe dat ole bucket at top speeds she sure did by golleys. The group was getting pretty warm rite abouts den so they wents dowm da water slide to cool off.[​IMG] It was famtastic and rejubinated them all. Aggie conned some to go on da Banana Ride wiff her next [​IMG] while Turts played Cowboy [​IMG] before they went to da Bee Rides [​IMG] where Turt's sang agaims [​IMG] The group all took a short break at da tables and den decided one last ride before they played some games and won some prizes. So they went ober and climbed aboard [​IMG] the SeaDragon rides. It was enough to make the whole group sea sicks ! So dey gathered together and decided to win some prizes at da game booths next. After shakin Turts up wiff the swaying ub da SeaDragon rides he went straight fer the Hammer Game [​IMG] He let out some sea gases frum his bottom and thought the sound ub da hammer would desguise it. But afta we all coughed and gagged he knew it didn't werk [​IMG] Buts he hit a home runs wiff his hammer pounding and got a prize like no other ! He wons some Bootifuls Exotic Precious Gem Stone Quality Plastic Key Chains in da shapes ub Dolphins ! Turts was bery Happys with his win. Next Aggie foumd da Kissing Booth. WIN PRIZES fer DA BESTEST KISS HERE ! [​IMG] Aggie went ober dere and layed a good one on da guy. She was da bestest smoocher all day and won a supa Nana ! Next [​IMG] Yimmey foumd a Candy Booth which she won a stuffy fer guessing how mamy Candies was in da jar. She a good guesser ! Den Keelala went to da Catch-a-Fishy booth and scooped up a GoldFishy out ub da water and wons 3 Elephants toys ![​IMG] She wanted to eat da fish but we told her NO !!!!!!! Next [​IMG] da Sharp Shoota CJ went up and popped da corks off so quick she wons a whole barnyards ub aminals to take home ! SunRays went in da next booth to CJ and Spun TO WIN !![​IMG] He spun so FAST dat da wheels almost came off ! He choosed da Duck Balloom cuz it was yellow like him. Psyche went ober to spy wiff her eye at da Alien Booth [​IMG] dey was so freaked out she only had one eyeballs dat dey just gabed her da prize and told her not to come any closer ! Matts© was throwin darts at da ballooms and popped alots ub dem ! [​IMG] He got the biggest prize dey had dere. His bery own JackHamma with a Chairmans Meow GolfBalls stuck on its ! He was thrilled to deaths ! Maxi tried to wins a Beer but the cowgirly at dat game said no ways Hozeayes ! [​IMG] And gibbed him a Blue Ball Python Snakes instead. Stoneys figgard he would go back to da 60's and play wiff Tripping up all da little Troll Peoples.[​IMG] He had a great time pushing da little Trolls Ober and Trippin dem up. He wons a Minioms fer his Prize dere. And Threns...welp, being a mom ub small children she wasn't abouts to play any games. She went right into da game climbed ober and took her prize ! [​IMG] And Tinkerbells was pretty smarts at da game she chose. She went rights fer da Toilet Paper Drops ! She knew she could just fly rite ober dat and makes a Hole in Ones ! [​IMG] Tinkers won a pinyatta fer her expertise in toilet pappa disposables. So now it was getting lates and we all had to gets Keelala home before she turmed into a punkin. The group gathered up all dere prizes and hopped back on dere bikes. "Let's Blow Dis PopCorm Stand Peoples !!", Aggie said [​IMG] and dey all drobe off Happy as Cam Bees wiff dere prizes ans Smiles

    The End
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  12. AG51
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    Sep 9, 2015
  13. AG51
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  14. AG51

    AG51 ECF Guru ECF Veteran

    Jan 23, 2011
    Dat Way →
    page 3 ...
    Wiff da beans Aggies ate fer breakfast startin ta werk it was berry hards fer peoples ta hold dere breathe and twist aroumds. Fore long dat was da end ub da game and eberyones fell in a big piles
    [​IMG] just a coughin and a gaggin aways. Whem dey came back ta normals oxygens Moonies pulled out anutha game. Eberyones gots exciteds when dey seen its.
    [​IMG] Laughter filled da room wiff anxious players. " Yes, I gots dis spinner machime with the game. We'll put our blindfolds on and walk thru its togetha dat way we can play at da same time !" , Moonie said. The first to get ready was Moonie, Matts©, Maxi ,& Turts. They gathered their blindfolds and monkey tails. Together they walked into da spinna machime. The Mighty Spinna rumbled and vibrated da whole boat as da boys gots turmed aroumds and aroumds in dere. At one point da floor ub da boat shooks so bads dat Aggies birfday hat fell rites offa her head ! Yep, it was a powa house ub a spinna it was. It stopped shakin and da door creaked open to da dizzyfied monkey tail pinners delights. The boys stumbled and tripped dere ways outs ub its. Aggie bent ober to picks up her birfday hat from da floor. Just then da monkey tail pinners contestamts turned da corner and wiff dere tails in hand went ober to puts dere tails on da monkey. Now bein as dizzy as dey was dey thoughts dey was alreadys at da monkey poster butts in actualitys dey was at Aggies bent ober hat pickin upper butt !! Den da tail challengers commensted poking their monkey tails on what was posta be da monkey target poster. Butts by mistakes dey begans pokin da real Aggies wiff dere monkey tail pins
    [​IMG] "OUCH !! ", Aggie yelled, " Dats my buttucks you is pokin dere wiff dem sharp instramints ! " " Hush ups Aggies. We playin a game heres.", said Maxi. Now eberybodys was laughin watchin da first group gets in troubles. Dey was so dizzys frum dat spinna dey didn't knows which ways to go ! The 4 of them pinned dere tails on Aggies patooties before she could eben stand up. Whem she gots her birfday party hat backs on Aggies was still screamin it hurts so bads
    [​IMG] Habin her reactin rectal recidal a goings on wiff ebery moob Aggies was in horribles pain almost likes hemmoriditisbipoktis
    [​IMG] " We so sorrys Aggies ! Honest we are !", the guys shouted. Den all ub a sudden dere was a LOUD speaka blarrin louder then Aggie was screaming ebens.
    [​IMG] Aggies pin cushion butt started to quibber
    [​IMG] " OMGAWDS ! What am I gonna do ??" ,Aggies said. Nobodys knew what to amswer her. So Aggie Monkeyed Up, collected her Moxies and walked to da railing of the boat. Eberyones followed her wearing dere party hats worried dat da birfday girl was gonna gets hauled off to da clinka ! As Aggie gots into view she forgots all bouts her tails.
    [​IMG] dere in fronts of da party goers was a boat equipped with a anklet and Crystal perched atop ub its.
    [​IMG] Crystal had recebbed Moonies invitation of course but couldn't dribes her own boat to da party. So she comtacted da Special Forces Birthday Greeting Transporter to Captin her a charter ride. It was a bootifuls site
    [​IMG] wiff a flag flyin dat saids Happy Birfdays to Aggies. Being dats it was Officials biddness Crystals charter boat could not stay long. It had to gets back to da ports in NY. So eberyones wabed good byes to Crystal as it sailed back North. Da girls helped Aggies disect da pinned tails offa her butts to her reliefs
    [​IMG] and by now it was getting close to 2 pm. So eberybodys went in and sat arounds da table when all ub a sudden da lights went out
    [​IMG] Moonies was no wheres to be felts in da darks. Den we all heard footsteps comin from da kitchen. And just like dats, da lights came back on and da birfday singing started !!
    [​IMG] Dere in front ub Aggie was a huge Pizza Birffday Cake . " OMGAWDS !!
    [​IMG] dis is the bestest birfday cakes eber !!", shouted Aggie. Moonies set da cake down and gibbed all some ub its. Laughter and Joy filled da room. Aggies kept eating da cake
    when eberyone else went into da lounge to vape until it was all gone. Whem she was done she could barelys moob.
    [​IMG] Aggie went into da lounge to habes a vape. When she sat down da Water Moon kimda tilted to one side she ate so much.
    [​IMG] Eberyones started to gets skeered da boat was gomma sink where eber Aggie went. They decided they'd go home before it gots dark out. As they motored aways Aggie & Moonie wabed bye to dere friemds
    [​IMG] Aggie helped Moonie clean up da party mess. She gibbed him a big hugs
    [​IMG] and Thanked him for da day.
    The End [​IMG]
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  15. Yeah_its_me

    Yeah_its_me ECF Guru ECF Veteran

    Nov 17, 2011
    Page 2 ...

    Turts climbed on board his Turtski boat
    [​IMG] and zipped offa da reef headin towards da big red X on da Moonies Map probided by airrmails deliberys.
    Leavin da splittin maul behinds her Fran was motorin alongs in her Firewoods boat
    [​IMG] wiff it's woodstobe a puffin smokes as she went.
    As da sun rises in da sky Sunrays gots in his Helicopter boat and sets off fer da propa destinatiums to set downs
    Redhotts booped along in her Betty Boop boat
    [​IMG] waving to all she saw alongs da ways.
    Launching his Tiger boat
    [​IMG] Tiggs pounched thru da wabes powering his way to da partys. His emgine purred likes a kitten in da open waters.
    As da miles splashed by da sailors met up and grouped together. It was perfect naughticals time frames or cowinkie dinks which eber you prefers
    [​IMG] or sumptin likes dat. Anyways, da party guests trabeled together for da last leg ub dere journey to da big red X, da Water Moon
    [​IMG] As dey sailed dey saw dolphims jumping and butterflies
    [​IMG] When dey came to da bouy wiff da Holsteim cow on its dey knew dey was getting close
    [​IMG] Whem all ub a sudden on da horizon was da floating party barge. As per instructiums the group boated up to da Water Moon
    [​IMG] and drobe aroumds back ub his boat to park. After boarding da Water Moons eberyones settled in and began vaping and conversatiums. Moonie was happy eberyones made it. " Okays eberyones
    [​IMG] be quiets now I gotta call Aggies.", Moonie whispered. Ring ! Ring ! " Hellos, dis is Aggie speakin. Who is dis ? ", said Aggie
    [​IMG] " Hi Aggies. Dis is Moonies here. Wat a Doin ? ", asked Moonie
    [​IMG] " Oh nuttin babes. ", replied Aggie. Moonie asked, " Can ya come over to da Moon fer awhiles Aggies ? " " Okays, I'll be dere in 5 mimutes honeys. I'll ride obers in my nana boat. See ya in a few. " answered Aggies. She hung up da phone and set across the water
    [​IMG] to Moonies Place. Aggie arrived to the Water Moon in no time.
    [​IMG] They exchanged hello's and Aggie boarded da boat. Moonie said, " Come on up to da deck Aggie and we'll relax a bits after you long paddle out heres. " " Okays, dat soumds good to me. ", replied Aggie. The couple made dere way up to da top deck and Aggies was so surprised !
    [​IMG] She couldn't beliebes her eys. OMGAWDS eberyones was dere waiting
    [​IMG] " We habin a Aggies birthday partys for you." , said Moonie. And eberyone shouted, " HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGGIES ! " Oh it was a sight to beholds dere. Party hats and ballooms abounds dere was. Aggies friemds from Yimmey's Place was happys to see her. So dey lounged around and vaped and laughed. It was wonderfuls. Den Gramps speaks up, " Hey Moonie, you imbitatium stated Fun and Games. Where's da games ?" Ohhh",Moonies went on, " We can plays Twister ! I habes dat game
    [​IMG] " Ooooooo I wanna call da spinner !!", Wifeys shouted. So Moonies gots out da Twister game and da first peoples on da board was Aggie and Moonies
    [​IMG] Wifeys spun da spinna and was callin outs colors fasta den peoples could moobs laughin da whole time. Soon eberybodys was playin on da board
    to be continued....
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    Nov 17, 2011
    Okays den, lemme go fimds a book. Oh here's one called Aggie's Party , let's go in da libbing room and I'll read it to ya. [​IMG]
    Dom't minds da birds dere, dey is spending bacatiums here til afta Thamksgibbing due to da Bird Witness Protectium Program of Thamksgibbing Dinna Societys Corp. Dey won'ts botha yous. Okays, here we go....
    Omce upon a time or two it was Aggies birfday coming up. She wasn't planning anythings specials fer dats day ub becomin more olds. Unbeknownst to Aggies, dere was sumptin brewin on da breeze. And it wasn't an Aggie farts surprizinglys enuff. One ub Aggies friemds was comcocktin a celebratiums ub sorts fer da big day.
    [​IMG] " There. That should work.", said Moonie as he brushed the last bits ub paints on da canvas," All I have to do now is write a note and deliver these invitations.
    [​IMG] Stuffing the envelopes with his precious cargo made Moonie chuckle. " Aggies hates surprises, butts dis one will be fun.", Moonie thought out loud," I gotta deliber dese quickly." Moonie went out to the garage with his sack ub mails and threw it into the plane. As he started da emgines da plane roared to life. Putt Putt Putt out to da airstrip da little red plane went. Moonie had checked his fuels and it was all okays. He had a long flight ahead of him. Afta alls he hads to cobber da whole countrysides. From coast to coast Moonie flew despensing his imbitatium envelopes over all da peoples houses.
    [​IMG] Whem da last one was delibered Moonies flew back home to gets ready for the festibitys. When da envelopes reached da groumds at eberyones yards dey all rans out and opened them. The party guests rushed to gets dere boats readys. Cuz as per da imbitatiums instructions, they would be celebratin out in da big oceams. Excitemints was oberflowing eberywheres as dey prepared to set sail. Maxi had to call da boat dock cuz his weiner was getting serbiced. Ring
    [​IMG] Ring !! " Hello. Boat Dock Serbice here. Can I helps you ?", da desk clerk said.
    [​IMG] " Yes, yes please. Dis is Maxi here. Will you fuel my weiner so I cans takes a trip today ?" The clerk replied,"Uhhhhh.... Well Maxi, no. You wiener was left outside last nites and well, ya know it rained. You gots you wiener all wets and now it's all droopy." " WHATS ??!!?? ", Maxi yelled.
    [​IMG] " Oh yeah Mr. Maxi. It's all soggys like a spongecakes all soaked up wiff strawberry juices bein helds by 2 fingas. Yep, just a hangin off da dock it was.
    [​IMG] " FIX IT ! I NEEDS it ! ", Maxi pleaded. " Sorrys buddy butts you weiner ain't goin nowheres til ya dry it off. Bye Bye nows. Thamks fer calling.", the clerk said rite before Maxi heard a click. Maxi was stressin werester den whem he werks a holiday at da dog climic by hisselfs he was. He was wonderin whats he was a gonna do cuz he hads to gets to Auggies birfday partys. Under da pressure ub it alls Maxi remembered the Peckler Rentals peoples.
    He quick as a bunny on steroids called dem up. " Hello, dis is Maxi here. Does you habes any Peckla Boats todays ? I habes a emergencys ! ", asked Maxi. " Why yes Mr. Maxi. We habes just one left. Woods you like to rides a Peckla todays ?", said da rental agent. " Oh YES PLEASE ! I'll be rights ober. Thamks You Thamks You !", answered Maxi. So he hung up da phone, grabbed his imbitatium map and slithered out da door FAST as he coulds. After signing da rental papers Maxi mounted his floatin Peckla and was on his way.
    One by Ones eberybodys was motoring down da waterways. Matts© tootled along in his boat him and his wifes made outs ub her shoe collectium closet wiff his comstruction powa tools
    Jmur voyages da waters aboard his guitar boat
    [​IMG] It floated like da fine tuned imstramints it was.
    Da soumds ub da Ag Report broadcast covered da banks ub da river as Doo drove his radio boat dowmstreams
    Gramps Captoned his cycle boat wiff it's ship BBQ attachmints wiff it's fires a blazin case he gots humgrys on da ways to da party
    The Bootifuls Appaloosa boat was boarded by CJ
    [​IMG] It was a magnificents steed for a cowgirlys glidin da wabes as smooth as a hot buddar knifes thru cottage cheese.
    An inner duck tube floatys was sported fashiums wears by Yimmeys as she sailed full steams ahead
    [​IMG] to gibbes her Aggies a Bug Hugs in her Mantis boat.
    RedSock was in controls of his Computer Motherboard boat he mades from his left ober parts frum puter jobs he did
    [​IMG] He kept an eye on da weather wiff his Doplar radars tower so he could steers aways from any possibles unfavorables surf comditiums ahead.
    Oliber power boated his way thru da canals ub Coloradoes in his little boat wiff his unders up da sail pole. Yep Pizza 'n Nanas unders flappin in da breeze helpin to guide him to da coast
    [​IMG] and stay on course.
    Wifeys was not far behind Oliber manobering her Duck boat
    [​IMG] ober da rapids likes it was migratin south fer da winta.
    To be continued...stoopid ecf will not post longer then 20 images.....
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