Animatter Deuterium


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Sep 19, 2022
    The manufacturer, the German company Culami, has been representing quality, variety and reliability since 2011. The graphic of the 120ml bottle takes you to space, which I hope will also be felt in the taste. The base is 70PG-30VG, and after a good week of aging, the liquid got a nice brownish color. According to the manufacturer's description, we will taste an apple pie. You can already smell it, it really will be. A gigantic strudel meets crunchy apples and spicy cinnamon. The flavors speak for themselves, creating a premium effect. None of the flavors are intrusive, there are no aftertastes, which is what I expected from this aroma. It reminds me of the slightly woody smell and taste of the apple pie from my grandmother's kitchen. It will definitely be in my Top 10, although I feel like I won't be alone . It does not pollute the roll any more than any dessert flavor of this type. I strongly recommend every Vaper to try it at least once!


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