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Decadent - Apple Strude


Full Member
Sep 19, 2022
    Recommended mixing ratio: 10-20%
    Setup: Single Dl RTA, 24W, 15% mixing, 70 VG-30PG base juice.
    According to the manufacturer's description, it's a buttery pie with tart apple top notes, sprinkled with sweet cinnamon sugar. The outlaw is all about how good that sounds! My tongue is hanging out, my saliva is dripping, this needs to be steamed immediately. It smells like apples that have just been taken out of the oven. When inhaled, the apple immediately takes first place, followed by the pie. Literally like pushing the apple forward. When blown out, that apple is already weakened, but the cinnamon sugar appears hand in hand with the pie. It's already a spectacular taste orgy as the flavors bring each other up. You can even feel the edge of the slightly baked pie in which the apple was baked. It simply brings out the feeling of when the pie has cooled down and you take a bite out of it. Not too sweet, not too cinnamony, everything that should be there is there. No flavor dominates the other, you can feel all the ingredients in it. I've steamed two or three types of apple pie, but this beats them all. I could write long stories about it, but I won't, as this should be steamed and enjoyed. If you like apple pie and have the opportunity to buy it, as it is not available in our little country, then do not hesitate, you will not be disappointed by this delicious dessert flavor.


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