Anyone using the Realis?

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Dan Bean

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Jun 22, 2011
    sounds great Ray- will have to try that one. Btw if you like the other Liberro flavours, I am working on some DIY versions of the Liberro liquids - they use modified versions of Hangsen flavours I think (but old dekang recipes) - if you are intersted I could post these later- so far I am pretty close to synthesising these flavors.


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    Oct 25, 2011
    Notts UK
      No, for the first fill I drip into the cartos- but only about 5 or 6 drops max - then replace washer and cap and leave for a while upright. For subsequent fills follow the last method.

      sorry but just to inform you only putting 6 drops in on the first fill will decrease life rapidly, you can get any where near 18-20 drops in on first fill and thats being conservative,

      for the first fill in 5 minute stages add 8 or 9 drops then 6 or 7 drops then 4 or 5 drops, the filler should look wet but not pooling.

      as for refilling, the condom method is the only way because the outer cap will break/tear when you try to remove it, it is messy in comparison with most models on the market

      however you can do what i do:

      what i do is use the rubber bungs from dead carto's(washed of course). instead of putting the white outer caps on use 2 rubber bungs from old carto's. that way when they run dry you can drip a good 10-14 drops straight in the carto as the bungs are a piece of cake to remove.
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