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Aroma Ejuice Rocks!

Discussion in 'General E-Liquid Reviews' started by Cnew, Apr 26, 2013.

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  1. Cnew

    Cnew Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Jun 30, 2012
    This was originally posted in the Aroma Ejuice forum, but I wanted to share it with those of you who might not look there regularly.

    Edit: If you want to read more about whole tobacco alkaloids(WTAs), please search through the forum threads and you will see lots of info from both advocates and detractors. You will need to sift through the opinions and determine for yourself if it is worth trying out or if it is not for you.

    There is also some helpful information on the Aroma Ejuice website that addresses many frequently asked questions pertaining to WTAs. Also it is important to note that, due to the nature of the extraction process, generally understood to be more labor intensive than non-WTA juice creation, e liquids with WTA are priced comparatively higher, reflecting the greater labor and supply costs.

    My two-cents

    Here is my take on the e liquids I’ve tried over the past few months from Aroma.
    Overall, I really love their e liquids.
    I usually vape on a VMOD 2.0 at 3.7 with an AMG Hybrid atty, but have tried all of these on eGo twists, Lambo and VV box mods from 3.0 to 6.0V in atties, cartos and Vivi Novas (1.8 to 2.8 ohms). These are an overview of the flavors across the board.

    Most of these are tobacco flavors, but I am not a tobacco aficionado by any stretch. I cannot identify by name any particular tobacco leaf types (i.e. Burley, Virginia, Flue-Cured, etc.) so just refer to them as 'tobacco'. My apologies for not being more articulate for those of you with more discerning palates. :blush:

    WTA in general:

    I find that the WTA infused e liquids give me a sense of internal peace and calm that I do not get from other e liquids, including the non-WTA Aroma ones. Based on this sensation, I prefer WTA e liquids, but carefully consider how often I purchase them due to their cost.
    I know others who prefer not to become ‘addicted’ to anything, whether nicotine, caffeine or whole tobacco alkaloids. To each, his own.

    Camel (with and without WTA) 12 mg

    I ordered this when it was still called Camel. I have not ordered the Sahara yet, so do not know if they just changed the name or the recipe and the name.
    Excellent vape, terrific non-sweet traditional tobacco flavor with tremendous throat hit on every mod at every voltage. I ordered 10 ml, then reordered a 30 ml with WTA (don’t ask, I don’t know what possessed Jerry to allow me a 30 ml with WTA, but am forever grateful.)
    I like this one as an ADV, but know there are those who may not prefer the ‘earthy’ flavor of Camel in general. I highly recommend it.

    Dark Honey Tobacco w/ WTA 12mg
    Incredible, rich, honey-drenched but not overly sweet tobacco flavor. I LOVE this one. Great ADV as well. (No, I am not a flavor monogamist, I’m afraid…but I am a faithful wife:))
    Mild throat hit and very flavorful at every wattage. Will reorder this over and over again.

    Beatlejuice w/ WTA 12 mg
    I was not bowled over by this flavor, but did not ‘dislike’ it. It was slightly sweet and had a distinctive tobacco flavor, but just did not WOW me like the Dark Honey Tobacco.

    GI Joe w/ WTA 12 mg
    This is not a sweet tobacco, but has a good post-vape impact on me. Not sure how to explain this, other than that I cannot place the flavor but it is described as similar to 'Winston' which I have never tried. GI Joe blends well with other flavors and I tend to mix it with my other flavors.
    Good throat hit

    Vanilla Splash w/ WTA 12 mg
    Really like this, as I enjoy sweet vapes. I do not like fruits, bakery or other kinds of sweet e liquids, but do enjoy vanillas. Out of two dozen different vanillas and vanilla tobaccos from several different vendors, including many ‘premium’ and ‘custom made’ juice ‘crafters,’ Vanilla Splash STANDS HEADS AND SHOULDERS ABOVE THE REST in my opinion.
    I add this to EVERYTHING. Every premixed and DIY and everything I can it is THAT GOOD. Oops, maybe I shouldn’t post that. No, no, DON’T ORDER THIS. (Leaves more for me! Tee hee!) Honestly, this is a great flavor. Mild throat hit, but most vanillas are. It may be more impactful at higher nic, but I love it as an ADV and mixer, so I prefer to keep it low.

    P-38 Menthol w/ WTA 12 mg
    An excellent menthol, as many others have observed before me. Not a menthol tobacco to my taste, but definitely refreshing, slightly sweet and has a great throat hit. A blend of peppermint with a tish of spearmint or wintergreen, IMO. Love this. It’s the only menthol I like with Mountain Oak Vapor’s White Leaf with Menthol coming in a distant second.

    DJarim Black Clove w/ WTA 12 mg
    The best Kretek I’ve ever tried. Have not tried Tasty Vapor’s Kretek yet, but of the many others I have (half a dozen) this is the best. Great throat hit, rich, spicy, slightly sweet, delicious!

    Turkish Tobacco w/ WTA 12 mg
    Like many Turkish tobaccos, this is a gentle tobacco. Not overwhelming in either flavor or throat hit, but good for an after dinner relaxing moment on the patio in the evening or just before bed.

    Tobacco Road w/ WTA 12 mg
    I am not a big fan of grassy tobaccos, and this is grassy to me. It is 'bright' and fresh tasting and is a close runner up in flavor to Want2Vapes' Blondie IMO. They taste very similar to me. Good flavor, but not one I seek out regularly. I enjoyed it, but did not love it enough to reorder it.

    Menthol w/out WTA 12 mg
    This is not as good as P-38 for me, but it is a good menthol tobacco. Good throat hit, but I don't find it as strong as P-38's.

    Due to the number of home runs out of all these different tobacco flavors, I think kudos go to Jerry and his lab for the high quality of their products. I must also send a shout out to the incredible customer service they consistently provide, from personally answering pre-order questions to amazingly fast delivery.

    Thank you Aroma Ejuice!
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