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Black Friday Event, Win 30$ Gift Cards

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Aug 11, 2016
Hello ECF

Gearbest is Giving Away 30$ Gift Cards to celebrate our Black Friday Activity, I guess you must plan a lot in the shopping list,hahaha, Maybe your wallet want to cry, and we prepare plenty of good deals for you guys so we can help you save money...

Remember to check our ECF Supllier Forum for daily updates....

For the Giveaway entry its easy...

#How to join?

Reply below your thoughts on:

1. What do you think of these two Brand Vandy vape and Geekvape?
2. Tagging a minimum of 2 ECF friends to enter.
3. Each friend can participate once.

$30 Gift Card in your GB account 3 winners choose from 25% 55% 75% of the total number of posts.

#DurationThe activity time is Nov 22-Dec 4(inclusive) UCT +8 Beijing time,with the winners announced on Dec 8。 The prizes will be dispatched within 7 working days;
You have to submit your personal data to aplly for the prizes;
Gearbest decison on winners is final.

Good Luck to all participants,
Best regards
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Jul 9, 2010
Beautiful Baldwinsville (CNY)
1. I really like geekvape's avocado 24 and ammit 25 tanks, and they have excellent customer service.

Vandyvape has had some excellent products (my present daily driver setup is the pulse bf mod with a pulse 24 rda), though I hated their Perseus. They definitely need to improve their customer service.

2. @FranC, @LynnNC, @Kaezziel
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