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BOO! Hello all

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Oct 5, 2011
London UK
    I bought my first e-cig in early July 2008. It was a super-mini (RN4081), wasn't much to choose from back then - & no e-liquid available in the UK, so had to buy prefilled carts:shock: I actually bought it from Pillbox (aka Mr Wicked) when he first started up selling e-cigs on eBay - how times have changed :D

    I now mainly use a GGTS - just a tad larger than the super-mini I originally bought ;) I used to be a very heavy smoker, so have saved a fortune, hence why I don't mind paying a reasonable price for ready mixed juice :)

    I am sure the GGTS is 10x's better then the original you had bought! lol I still find it truly amazing to hear that smokers have stopped and gone vaping because I know how they must feel from the achievement of ditching cigarettes! I can't help but look at other smokers and feel sorry for them ... they are either too stubborn or just plain ignorant! I managed to get 3 people at work on vaping and they absolutely love it and since the smoking ban at work they thank me even more! .... "little trips to the toilets or where ever is quiet lol..... I have been smoking since I was 17 which was about 10 a day? not many at all but it sure does effect your health even from 10! couldn't imagine 30+ but now I am 22 and smoke free for over a year I am really happy! hehe

    Nova Sphere

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    Mar 17, 2011
    S29 40' 272" E031 07'030"
      Hey Nova, thanks! 30+ are the flavor concentrates I have! I have only been doing it for about 6 Months but I have found out the flavors get a lot better in taste over time! got a few in my cupboard to gain that extra taste hehe! Also the big difference is what piece of kit you use for example Carts or atomisers and so on! they all have different ways for making the juice taste I have found... you probably know this already hehe!

      Not really, and I'm still kinda finding my feet with this....but If you write the book, I'll buy it ;-)
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