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Can anyone recommend a cream or whipped cream flavor juice that they love?

Discussion in 'General E-Liquid Discussion' started by adriane7, Aug 13, 2014.

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  1. adriane7

    adriane7 Full Member

    Jun 4, 2014
    Phoenix, AZ
    Looking for a nice creamy flavor or a whipped cream type. thanks!
  2. SmokingMonkey

    SmokingMonkey Senior Member

    Jul 23, 2014
    United States
    Wish I could help man! That sounds tasty haha
  3. Nana Gail

    Nana Gail Super Member

    Aug 9, 2014
    niceville Florida USA
    The only creamy flavor that I really like alot comes from Vaperite it's called Creamy Custard and I and my daughter love it. I would buy a small one and try it. I found that mixing it with fruit or pastry flavors is scrumtious :)
  4. jayme396

    jayme396 Unresolved Status

    Aug 10, 2014
    Sweet Cream from TPA is very good!
  5. pokemom

    pokemom Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Free State Vapors make a flavor called Stay Puffed which is a whipped cream/marshmallow mix. It is awesome!!!! I'm not sure if it is an ADV alone, but it is a fantastic add on to fruit flavors to change them up.

    Also Cosmic Fogs Milk and Honey to me is awesome. Creamy, sugary and produces awesome vapor (even on the "mere" mini pt2 and vision spinner that I use).
  6. lasttango

    lasttango What would Freud say? Verified Member ECF Veteran

    sweet surrender from Ahlusion...
  7. Mrdaputer

    Mrdaputer Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    Apr 28, 2014
    Good idea I like to make up a basic flavor like sweet cream or a custard. I then take my big tank and add a drop or 2 of fruit flavor. So every tank is different but still have the sweet cream or custard as the main flavor.
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