Decadent - Raspberry Ice


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Sep 19, 2022
    Setup: Single DL rta, 27W, 70VG – 30PG.
    Recommended mixing ratio: 10-20%
    Raspberries have always been one of my favorites, either in the dessert line or just by themselves. We can find many types on the Vape market, but there are few that fully reproduce the taste of the fruit, without side flavors. We will be dealing with a simple cool raspberry, since there is nothing else in it than fruit and menthol (theoretically). Lemon, lime, and mint usually go well with the taste of raspberries. In this case, we add mint, not too strongly, so that the taste of the fruit can still be felt even during a whole day of use. When inhaling, you can feel both flavors, the raspberry is not overripe, neither too sour nor too sweet. The cold whistling is also very well-received, as it is only slightly rounded above the raspberry. Just as if we take it out of the fridge after a whole day of cooling and it hasn't frozen yet, but the fruit is already quite cold. The flavors are strong and precisely blended. In addition to the 15% mixing and the one-week aging, I don't think you need more or less of it. There is nothing extra in it, but it is not necessary, they did what they wanted, which is what everyone will love the "iced raspberry". Its simplicity and well-harmonized flavors made vaping perfect thanks to this aroma. Keep your good habit going with Decadent Vapor! :))


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