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Mar 24, 2018
Hey all! First off I’m still new to vaping myself and only been doing it a couple of months now but I’m already trying to convert others and need guidance. I’m active duty and currently deployed so getting stuff around here is obviously impossible and I was wondering if anyone can point in the direction of places with some real good military discounts and APO shipping? I have a couple of guys with me that want to quit smoking and dipping like I did and want to give a go at vaping instead. My plan right now is to purchase all that I can myself and just give it to the guys interested and teach them what I can to get them off the cigarettes and dip. I have no plan to charge anyone as I know some are going through their own issues and definitely don’t have the money it takes to get started, hence why I’m looking for the biggest discount. Thanks in advance for anything you can suggest!
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Aug 19, 2015
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Hello and welcome to ECF.

Thank you for your service..

About Us - Vape A Vet provides free ecigarette products to active and former military.

Two choices that I know of for shipping to APO addresses is Eightvape as well as VaporDNA. I've done business with both of them before and been happy. Mount Baker Vapor is one more I've done business with, and they offer free shipping to all APO addresses, their ejuice is good, and with free shipping you may save some money all things considered..

RockBottomVapes, offer 10% off for military, but I've never done business with them.

Hopefully this is a help to you.
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