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Doing it yourself --------

Discussion in 'Eastmall-ecigarette' started by Di, Mar 3, 2011.

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  1. Di

    Di ECF Guru ECF Veteran

    Oct 30, 2008
    Creating your own e-juices

    Creating your own e-juices can both save you money and allow you to get the flavor, vapor volume and strength you desire. In other words, it is much more versatile. Here's what you need to know.
    Basic E-Juices
    Basic e-juices are available from a number of stores on-line. As these contain nicotine, they cannot be bougt elsewhere or made at home. Typically, strengths range from around 10mg/ml to 30mg/ml. This is often shortened to '10mg', for example, but means 10mg/ml. A ballpark figure for an e-juice small size (20ml - enough for only about 4 days) is / $4

    It is more economical to buy larger quantities (and higher strength nicotine too - see below, 'cutting').
    On the other hand, it is not wise to buy a large quantity of a flavored juice unless you are sure you have tried exactly that same brand before. You can add your non-tobacco flavors (see below).
    Vapers often after the first few weeks or so start to 'cut' their juice. So somebody who likes to vape 15mg juice will start to buy 30mg juice then 'dilute' or 'cut' this in a 1-1 ratio with vegetable glycerine (VG). The primary advantage is that it saves money. A bonus is that VG adds some welcome thickness to the juice and produces more visible vapor too.
    Make sure your Glycerine is Vegetable Glycerin(e); food or pharmacy grade (pharmacy grade is denoted USP in the US and BP in the UK). It is also sometimes called Glycerol (a more scientific name). VG is commonly found in supermarkets (cake baking section) and pharmacies.
    A small percentage of people have an allergy or intolerance to PG (Propylene Glycol, the most common base in commercial e-juices). This is generally mild with symptoms including itchiness. However, for most of us it makes sense to use a PG based nicotine juice to cut with VG.
    Both PG and VG are sugar-alcohols and have a sweet taste, but rate as low on the glycemic index.
    A Typical Recipe
    To make about 9-10 ml (for a 10ml bottle - these can be bought online or at certain speciality shops):

    • 4ml Nicotine juice (flavored or unflavored).
    • 4ml Vegetable Glycerin (this is about 80 drops).
    • About 10-15 drops of LorAnn’s flavoring (or other concentrated flavoring).
    Stir the ingredients so that they are well blended. Do not shake unless there is only a small amount of air in the container.
    You may want to start off with 5-10 drops (not dropperfuls!) of flavoring first - you can always add more later. If the flavor is too strong, add more nicotine juice and VG in a 1-1 ratio.
    Optionally, 4 drops of distilled water or Vodka / EverClear (a high alcohol content spirit) can be added - useful if the juice seems too thick (viscous).
    The ideal thickness is a little thicker than water. If too thick, the juice will be slow to wick through the metal meshing - a problem if you take frequent puffs. If too thin, there is a greater chance of juice leakage, either from the cart or into or towards the battery (overfilling or over-dripping can also cause leaking). Too much water will also diminish the visible vapor.
    Some weaker flavors may require more drops. Experiment with small quantities before mixing a large batch.
    Flavors can be mixed, in various proportions, providing an almost limitless range of possibilities. For example, strawberry and peach, or coffee and vanilla.
    Don't forget to label your bottles; if you don't, you will regret being lazy later on! Note the flavor, base (PG or VG) and nicotine strength.
    Also make a note of your recipe; how many drops of flavoring were used in the end, for what overall volume. A recipe can be scaled up - to make twice as much, use twice as much of each part.
    Some people report that the addition / use of a small amount of alcohol (ethanol) in the mix provides a greater 'throat-hit'.
    Droppers and Syringes
    For measuring drops, a dropper is best. Eye-droppers are fine. These can be bought from a pharmacist quite cheaply.
    For measuring in the 0.5ml - 10ml range, a flat ended (non-sharp) syringe is best. These can often also be bought from a pharmacist. Because VG is viscous, you will find it easier to remove the 'needle' from the syringe, if you can, to draw-in VG. A syringe is also ideal for filling carts as one can fill the cart from the bottom by inserting the 'needle' to the side of the filler.
    Note than 1 cc (cubic centimeter) = 1 ml (milli-litre).
    0% Nicotine Juices
    Some vapers graduate their nicotine intake down to zero (no nicotine at all). In this case, there is very little reason to buy any part of your juice from an e-cig store. A 0% nicotine juice will be mostly VG (it could be PG but VG is far easier to get hold of).
    If PG, add a little flavoring, to your personal taste (about 15% of the total as an average; or 4 times more PG than flavoring).
    If VG, the same applies, though if the resulting juice is too thick add just a few drops of water / Vodka / EverClear.
    LorAnn’s flavorings which are used to make candy. They are sugarless and very powerful. You will get very small bottles, but since you are using only drops, they can last a long time. You can order LorAnn’s online (for example,, but they can be found in some large supermarkets or speciality shops, such as cake-making, in the US.
    Common home-baking flavorings are not very strong and the range is very small but can be used at a pinch; vanilla and strawberry are ok.
    Whether you use LorAnn’s or a different brand, you must ensure that it has a water or alcohol base and is not oil based. Confusingly, sometimes the word 'oil' is used to mean simply 'extract' or essence'. It is the base that you need to take note of.
    An interesting listing of suitable and unsuitable LorAnn flavorings can be viewed here:
    Take great care to store your juices not only in a manner to promote a long shelf life (in a dark, cool place and air-tight) but also unavailable to children. In a locked place is ideal. If you have children, or children might visit, also mark the bottles as poison and seperately make sure your children know not to go near all such items, using other examples to not draw any interest towards your juices.
    Also, take great care not to spill your nicotine containing juices and rinse off well and quickly if you get any on your skin.
    Popular Flavors
    These include vanilla, coffee, strawberry, peach and various approximations to tobacco blends.
  2. Di

    Di ECF Guru ECF Veteran

    Oct 30, 2008

    Di's RY4

    1 mls Caramel
    1 mls Marshmallow
    2 mls Madagascar Vanilla
    2mls Tobacco 26mg
    2 drops peanut butter
    *9 mls 60mg nicmixer
    *5mls 0 nic mixer
    makes 20mls @ 28mg
    *(14mls 36mg mixer) can substitute

    Di's GG Passion --

    2mls Bickfords Coffee
    2mls Bickfords Hazelnut
    2 mls English Toffee
    6mls Pg/vg
    6mls nicmixer@36mg
    = 18mls @13mg strength

    If you get this one just right,
    it could last a lifetime---
    you will never want another one ---

    Di’s Afternoon Delite

    5 mls Bickfords Coffee
    5 mls Bickfords Hazelnut
    5 mls cigar
    15 mls 36mg nicmixer
    makes 30mls @ 18mg

    As the name suggests –
    A quick and deliteful fix
    Good for all day vape
    Or just a nice quick afternoon delite.

    Stormy Coffee Hit

    5mls Bickfords coffee
    6mls Pg/vg
    6mls nicmixer@36mg
    = 17mls @13mg strength

    Di's Toffee Coffee

    2 1/2 mls Keoke coffee
    2 1/2 mls English Toffee
    6mls Pg/vg
    6mls nicmixer@36mg
    = 17mls @13mg strength

    Not perfected yet... but pretty close to riskee yuice and RY4
    5% caramel Lorann
    5% marshmallow Lorann
    10% 11MG Vanilla
    10% 36MG TW tobacco
    1 drop peanut butter Lorann

    RYTheory(not completled)
    10ml mixer 36mg
    5ml Vanilla
    5ml English Toffee
    4ml Almond
    4ml Amaretto
    8ml Vg

    RY4 fixer, in case you got RY4 and feel it taste like burning rubber.
    15 ml of RY4 18mg
    5 ml Glycerin
    1/2 bottle of Lorann's English Toffee
    15 drops of Almond extract

    This seems to nutralize the rubber taste and is very good.

    Di’s Cherry Lovers

    2 1/2 mls Cherry
    2 1/2 mls ButterScotch
    3 mls PG/VG mix
    8 mls nicmixer@36mg
    = 16 mls @ 18mg strength

    This is like a love affair –
    Sweet and gentle at first,
    With a sting at the end------

    Buttered Keoke Rum Drops
    All flavors listed are LorAnn - As drop size will vary dependant on the dispenser used, My "drop" is a single drop, measured from LorAnn 1-2 dram glass dropper which delivers about 27 drops per ml. A full dropper holds about 8 drops.

    2 ml. Coffee 18mg. ( I used LiteCig Brand)
    15drops 60% VG
    4 drops Praline
    10 drops Butter Rum
    10 drops Keoke Coffee (Kaluha/Brandy/Cream based flavor)

    Taste like Coffee flavored toffee candies with a Brandy/Kaluha after taste.

    Thin Mints girls scout cookies.

    5 ml 36 mg riskee juice
    10 ml VG or PG
    2 ml lorannes mint chocolate chip.


    5 parts PG 36
    9 parts plain PG
    2 parts Glycerine

    mmmm...tastes just like a thin mint

    Yule Juice
    10 parts base
    3 parts LorAnn Bavarian Creme

    Tastes a bit like a creamy eggnog. Rich flavor, lots of smoke, light hit

    Peanut Butter Cups

    10 drops 36mg unflavoured
    4 drops PG
    2 drops VG
    3 drops Lorann chocolate
    3 drops Lorann peanut butter
    1 drop Lorann Bavarian crème

    Cinnomon Apple Surprise

    2ml Unflavored (TW 36mg)
    1ml Menthol (TW 36mg)
    1 1/2ml glycerine
    6 drops lorann cinnamon
    6 drops lorann apple

    Sweet and spicy like Chritmassy.

    latte flavor that I had to share!

    2 drops of JC Hawiian Kona Coffee
    2 drops of JC vanilla ice-cream
    1 drop of Loranns Bavarian cream

    chocolate/hazelnut recipe

    1.5ml PG
    10 drops hazelnut/chocolate (I've been using Loann) Is bad? Is OK?
    10 drops (Holy Smokes) 6mg. coffee juice
    17 drops (Holy Smokes) 11mg. chocolate juice
    10 drops (Wet Your Stick) 26mg. vanilla juice

    ET Delight

    10% Lorann English Toffee
    20% VG
    40% PG
    30% RY4

    for a 7ml batch, that's:

    0.7ml Lorann English Toffee
    1.4ml VG
    2.8ml PG
    2.1ml RY4

    Juicy Fruit

    for 5 ml -
    20 drops Kiwi flavored 36 mg liquid
    5 drops Mango flavored 36 mg liquid (to which menthol crystals had been added)
    15 drops VG
    30 drops PG solution (70% PG, 30% distilled water)
    4 drops pineapple flavoring
    2 drops orange flavoring

    Tastes just like the gum.

    Caramel Cheesecake
    OMG this is sooooo yummy!

    30% 36mg e-liquid
    20% PG
    10% Lorann Caramel
    20% Lorann Cheesecake
    20% Everclear

    Makes 11mg strength juice. Adjust the liquid:pG ratio for higher or lower strength.

    Cuba Libre

    1ML Cola 24MG
    1ML Rum 18MG
    0.5ML Key Lime 18MG (somewhat hard to find, myfreedomsmokes has it)
    2 to 3 drops of 100proof ethanol (rum, vodka, ect.)

    Vape till your hearts content.

    nice French Absinthe.

    For the base liquid:
    15ml Clove liquid
    7ml French Pipe
    7ml Hilton (any smooth NON sweet tobacco would work)

    To this I added:
    10 drops Lorann Licorice
    2 drops Lorann Wintergreen
    1 drop Lorann Keoke Coffee (trust me)
    1 drop Orange Cream flavor

    Added a little VG to cut down nic content and increase vapor production.

    Napoleon Dollop!
    67 drops 48 mg nic juice
    60 drops PG
    33 drops VG
    27 drops Loran brandy
    13 drops Loran bavarian creme

    makes 6 ml (200 drops) of 16 mg vape

    Like a snifter of brandy with a bavarian creme head.

    Toasted Butter Almond Scotch Chocolate

    3 drops Capella Double Chocolate
    12 Drops Capella Toasted Almond
    8 Drops LorAnn Butterscotch
    36 drops 40mg Nic-Juice
    6 drops VG

    Makes about 3ml of 24mg
    This is fairly sweet and quite strong,

    Chobacco (Light Tobacco flavor with a smooth mix of chocolate and a hint of vanilla and mint)

    3.75ml 24mg Tobacco (Dekang)
    1.25ml Glycerin
    1ml Peppermint Extract
    5 drops 24mg Chocolate (Dekang)
    3 drops vanilla Extract

    Tastes like a base cigar flavor with stronger chocolate flavor;

    vanilla and mint help to smooth it out.

    Strawberry Bon-Bon

    35% Glycerine
    35% Totally Wicked 36mg Chocolate (or unflavored)
    10% Lorann's Strawberry
    10% Lorann's Bavarian Creme
    10% Lorann's Chocolate
    a touch of Lorann's Mint Chocolate Chip

    Chocolate-covered Strawberries

    40% Glycerine
    40% Totally Wicked 36mg Chocolate (unflavored will work as well, I was almost out)
    10% Lorann's Chocolate
    10% Lorann's Strawberry

    Yumm! I love this stuff


    Bavarian Creme Donut

    40% Glycerine
    40% Totally Wicked 36mg Chocolate (unflavored will work)
    10% Lorann's Chocolate
    10% Lorann's Bavarian Creme


    Strawberries & Cream

    40% Glycerine
    40% Totally Wicked 36mg Unflavored
    10% Lorann's Strawberry
    10% Lorann's Bavarian Creme
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