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ECF Supplier Modders or Accessories advertising thread rules

Discussion in 'Modder/Accessories Supplier Forum' started by Misty, Oct 1, 2015.

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  1. Misty

    Misty Forum Admin
    Supplier/Commercial Manager
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    Nov 16, 2008


    1.ECF Suppliers designated as per acceptance letter as Modders (selling only your own manufactured/handcrafted PV or hardware directly to customers) or Accessories Suppliers (selling only ecigarette related products) are permitted an advertising thread in this forum to advertise sales specials, products, or simply to get feedback from our members.

    2. You can run your 2 allowable advertising threads either here in this subforum OR in the main Supplier Forum.

    3. All contest giveaway threads are to be held in the ECF Contest Supplier forum

    4.You are permitted a maximum of 2 threads/company open in total either in this subforum and/or the main Supplier Forum and/or Contest forum.
    Pls close your thread/s before opening any new ones.
    Top of thread - Thread tools -->edit thread--> uncheck the box "Open"

    ECF Supplier Rules

    You are still subject to general Supplier rules.
    For a complete list of rules, pls review the following link:

    ECF Suppliers Terms of Service
    You are still subject to Supplier ToS .
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