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May 30, 2011
Hello all. I was just wondering what do you guys prefer, the stock switch or the flat one for the ELA v2. I have the telescopic workhorse and I love it and I'm debating on getting the ELA v2 and am curious if I should get the flat switch also.
I like both, on the V2 they seem identical performance-wise. I like the looks and feel of the stock button better. I like the sturdy base of the flat switch better for setting it down.
To me the purchase of a flat button is a no brainer. Of course get it.


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Jan 21, 2010
Thanks for the replies. I just placed the order. I'm really excited. I'm also a little broke now lol. Didnt expect to pay $40 for a switch but I really couldnt decide which look i liked better. I've been looking at some of the pics everyone posted and all i can say is wow. Nice setups some people have.

The flat switch is awesome! I like it a lot better than the stock switch. Just my opinion. I actually have all the switches for the ELA v1 and v2.


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May 25, 2013
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I have very large hands and the stock switch on the ELA V1 was really uncomfortable for me. Being as small as the entire assembly is on the heavyweight ELA, the mod could barely tail stand and would fall over if I sneezed near it. Also, since the button hung below the horns, if I over tightened the extension tube, my ELA would fire if I set it down on the button, resulting in several melted insulators. I bought the flat button and have fallen back in love with my ELA V1.

The redesigned stock button on my ELA V2, on the other hand, fixes all of the things I had problems with on the original; David knocked it out of the park with this one! The large button perfectly accommodates my fingers, plus being large and flat/flush the mod is is very stable standing up and has no chance to auto fire. Also, being larger, the new button is much easier to lock. I really love the redesigned button.

When I ordered my ELA V2, I decided not to get the flat button since a lot of the ELAs charm comes from the the unique button and locking mechanism. I felt that if I were to put a flat button on it, I might as well get a Telescopic Workhorse and save me some money.


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Feb 3, 2015
I received my ELA V2 a week or two ago. All the reading of these Super T products and how they are so awesome. Well, to me its certainly lived up to the talk and more. I think the ELA V2 is a beaut and performs so well. The stock switch feels so good. I have a flat switch as well but i may never use it. It probably would feel just like the switch on the workhorse I have. I just wished I could find the accessories and extras for the ELA. I've been debating on getting the flower cap just for the hell of it.
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