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Favorite E-liquid Vendors?

Discussion in 'VaporNine' started by V9LovesYOU, Apr 11, 2013.

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  1. V9LovesYOU

    V9LovesYOU Moved On ECF Veteran

    May 17, 2009
    Jacksonville, FL
    The one thing I have learned from my 3 plus years of vaping is that you can never trust another person's opinion, when it comes what e-liquid you think you are going to like or dislike.

    I never really thought I was influenced by reviews, but I still read them, just to see what people were saying about a particular e-liquid. Then one day I purchased a bottle of juice and realized that I chose that particular one because all of the reviews for it said that it sucked (All of the reviews were right on. It definitely sucked). After that, I no longer allow myself to read e-liquid reviews. But, after some careful consideration, I feel I am ready to begin reading some opinions again.

    It seems to me, a lot of companies, even ones with great reviews, usually only have a few liquids that I will want to order again. We wanted to attempt to change that with the New Leaf line of liquids, so we spent months going through 600 liquids from various manufacturers and choosing only the ones that we thought were the best. We graded them based on a red, yellow, green system. Red-no way, yellow-maybe, and green-yes. Of those 600, we only "greened" 48 of them. We're pretty happy with the ones we have sitting on our shelves and we're still adding more. They just have to be "wall worthy."

    What e-liquid vendors are you ECFers loving the most these days? And what particular liquids are you enjoying from these vendors? Has anyone been lucky enough to find a vendor that satisfies all of their e-liquid needs?

    Thanks For The Feedback,

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