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First timer, any reccomendations as to what to buy?

Discussion in 'Rebuildable Atomizer Systems' started by Warren12348, Apr 23, 2019.

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  1. Warren12348

    Warren12348 New Member

    Apr 23, 2019
    Hey guys, first time vaper here. Tried my friends and loved it so I'm going to get one myself. I'm not sure what to get though as there are a lot of options. I have already figured out the basics of the components, how to build and stuff though. I'm looking for something with a decent amount of clouds that I can drip my juice into, pretty basic stuff, not something too expensive but also reliable. Any recommendations? Thanks in advance!
  2. Izan

    Izan Vaping Master ECF Veteran

    Jul 1, 2012
    Mallorca, Spain
    Hi and welcome,
    What did you try?
    Where did your friend buy his?
    What is your budget?
    How long did you smoke and how many per day?
    Where are you located?

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  3. gpjoe

    gpjoe Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Oct 30, 2013
    Up North
    Yeah, your question is really broad, and there is a lot of stuff available.

    For a beginner it may be best to get a regulated mod and a sub-ohm tank if you are looking for clouds. That would be the safest and most foolproof method. Building an RDA is a bit more challenging for a n00b, but if you know people that are experienced, they can get you started with dripping.
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  4. Warren12348

    Warren12348 New Member

    Apr 23, 2019
    Hi, my friend bought his from another friend, I'll have to ask him what he had. My budget is about 100-150usd? I'll probably smoke once in 2 days, maybe a little more often maybe a little less. About 15-30 minutes everytime I do smoke, and I'd rather not disclose my location
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  5. Horselady154

    Horselady154 Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Jan 15, 2013
    United States
    Nevermind... you just answered my question. lol
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  6. DeloresRose

    DeloresRose Vaping Master ECF Veteran

    Apr 25, 2014
    toledo ohio
    I agree, we’d need a little more info to make relevant suggestions.

    But personally, I wouldn’t want to start you off building drippers. It is cheaper in the long run, if you decide to stay with vaping, but you need a lot of stuff to get started. It’s not rocket science, but there are a lot of things to learn.

    Best to learn the basics first.
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  7. Horselady154

    Horselady154 Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Jan 15, 2013
    United States
    Warren, you don't smoke much now. Do you consider yourself addicted/dependent upon nicotine? What is it about vaping that you like? ie. Why do you want to do it? If it's just taste, then you might want to have 0 nicotine in your e-juice.
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  8. charlie1465

    charlie1465 Vaping Master ECF Veteran

    I'll come back and comment when you've answered a few questions...most new guys answer them?? We don't bite :)
  9. Warren12348

    Warren12348 New Member

    Apr 23, 2019
    Yeah I don't smoke much, I've done all 3 main types of smoking (vaping, weed and normal cigs) and the only one that I really liked was vaping. I'm not dependant on it at all but it's the vibe and the tricks that I love, also I have a dope speaker setup and it would go very well with a vape to just relax. Also yea, looking mainly at the 0 nic juices but some flavours that interest me aren't available with 0 nic, so I will be getting some with nicotine as well.
  10. somdcomputerguy

    somdcomputerguy vaper dedicato Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
  11. Pokeroo

    Pokeroo Full Member

    Nov 16, 2018
    Try the oumier wasp nano rda. Very beginner-friendly: simple, forgiving, easy to build and affordable. Once you figure out what you like, you can branch out to more exotic stuff. If you're looking for a starter mod, the eleaf istick series seems to be pretty popular.

  12. Letitia

    Letitia Citrus Junkie ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    Apr 2, 2017
    West Frankfort, IL
    Do you have a picture of your friends setup?
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