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Closed/Sold Flavor Concentrates

Discussion in 'Member Classifieds and Swaps' started by Aheadatime, Jul 25, 2020.

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  1. Aheadatime

    Aheadatime Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Feb 20, 2013
    Most of my DIY flavor concentrate collection. 24 tobacco flavors and 35 non-tobacco flavors (fruits, bakery, etc). Roughly 570mL of flavoring total. Flavors and amounts;

    --- Tobacco Flavors ---

    Inawera - Dark Tobacco - 10mL
    Inawera - AM4A - 10mL
    Inawera - S'Camel - 10mL
    Inawera - Tobacco Absolute Garuda - 10mL
    Inawera - Tobacco Absolute Virginia - 10mL
    Inawera - Tobacco Absolute Oriental - 10mL
    Inawera - Gold Ducat - 8mL
    Inawera - Tuscan Garden - 10mL
    Hangsen - Arabic - 3mL
    Hangsen - Cigar - 6mL
    Hangsen - RY1 - 13mL
    Hangsen - RY4 - 8mL
    Hangsen - Highway - 10mL
    Hangsen - USA Mix - 8mL
    Hangsen - Indian - 10mL
    Hangsen - Tab Blended - 9mL
    Hangsen - Golden Vi - 10mL
    Hangsen - Elder Captain - 10mL
    Hangsen - Tobacco - 7mL
    Hangsen - Tobacco Blend - 8mL
    Hangsen - Pipe - 9mL
    Hangsen - Desert Ship 8mL
    Hangsen - Gold & Silver 8mL
    Flavor Apprentice - Black Honey Tobacco - 15mL

    --- Non-Tobacco Flavors ---

    Flavor West - Hazelnut - 22mL
    Flavor West - Butterscotch Ripple - 9mL
    Flavor West - Blue Raspberry - 10mL
    Flavor West - Sugar Cookie - 10mL
    Flavor West - Candy Cane - 28mL
    Flavor West - Butter Cream - 20mL
    Flavor West - Butterscotch - 10mL
    Flavor West - Salted Caramel - 9mL
    Flavor West - Caramel Candy - 10mL
    Flavor West - Graham Cracker - 28mL
    Capella - Gingerbread - 12mL
    Capella - Horchata - 7mL
    Capella - Cinnamon Danish Swirl - 6mL
    Capella - Chocolate Almond Coconut - 12mL
    Capella - Peanut Butter - 8mL
    Capella - Graham Cracker - 7mL
    Capella - Sweet Cream - 7mL
    Capella - Sugar Cookie - 4mL
    Flavor Apprentice - Horchata - 10mL
    Flavor Apprentice - Blueberry Candy - 10mL
    Flavor Apprentice - Blueberry Wild - 10mL
    Flavor Apprentice - Cherry Blossom - 10mL
    DIY Flavor Shack - Holy Vanilla - 10mL
    DIY Flavor Shack - Jolly Watermelon - 5mL
    Hangsen - Chocolate Caramel Peanut Butter - 5mL
    Hangsen - Red Cola - 5mL
    Flavour Art - Chocolate - 1mL
    Flavour Art - Hyponotic Myst - 9mL
    Inawera - Honey - 10mL
    Inawera - Grape - 9mL
    Inawera - Creme Brulee - 10mL
    Inawera - Raspberry - 10mL
    Inawera - Raspberry Shisha - 10mL
    Inawera - Vanilla for Pipe - 10mL
    Inawera - Nougat - 10mL

    I had dozens more than this, but went through them and after picking my personal favorites and tossing some of the flavors which started losing their smell and taste, this list is what's left. Very clear warning - some of these flavors are quite old. The oldest is from 2013, while newer ones are from 2018. All of them still have their smell and color, and in fact, some of the tobaccos (especially the absolutes) smell richer and fuller than ever. I don't know what makes some of them 'go bad' (lose smell and taste), while others seem to preserve just fine. They've all been stored at room temperature locked away in a drawer.

    All of these flavors purchased today would cost roughly 122$ without shipping if you chose the cheapest site per flavor company (yes I actually did that lol). I'm asking for $60, and I'll pay for shipping.

  2. Aheadatime

    Aheadatime Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Feb 20, 2013
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