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Freemax Advocates Vaping in an Environmental-Friendly Way

Discussion in 'Freemax' started by Freemax_Jerry, Mar 27, 2021.

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  1. Freemax_Jerry

    Freemax_Jerry Brand Manager ECF Veteran

    The Earth is the only home that we humans can live on. Unfortunately, humans have not been taking care of the Earth over the years, which results in severe and unrecoverable damage to our only planet. Therefore, more and more people start to pay close attention to this situation, the awareness of protecting the environment is widely and quickly developed worldwide in recent years. Specifically, in order to protect the environment, it is critical for us to reduce the growing wastes of electronic devices.

    As an alternative to traditional cigarettes, the vape device can greatly improve ocean pollution by reducing the usage of cigarette butts, which are one of the world's greatest sources of ocean pollution. But it comes with new issues such as increasing discarded coils, pods, parts, batteries and etc. However, very few vape companies will pay attention to what kind of consequence the over-consumption and inappropriate waste treatment methods of vape devices may bring to our environment.

    Freemax takes the lead in the vape community to focus on how to vape companies should do to protect the environment. Inspired by the spirit of protecting the environment, Freemax having been designing and developing environmentally-friendly vape devices over the years. Meanwhile, Freemax will consistently devote itself to raise public awareness of protecting the environment as a part of the whole vape community.


    With the initial concept of protecting the environment, now Freemax is about to release Freemax Onnix 20W Kit, a pod for all your vaping needs in the pod category. The name of Onnix 20W comes from “Our Only Planet Matters”. With OX Mesh Coil and OX DVC Coil, the Onnix Kit not only supports both RDL & MTL vaping modes, and the OX series coils are designed to be replaceable with a much longer lifespan. Moreover, Freemax is committed to consistently providing more OX series coil options with the latest technology. With an Onnix kit in hand, the user can always enjoy the upgrade of future technology at minimum cost and greatly reduce the frequencies of battery replacement, which is an effective way to protect the environment.

    To encourage the right treatment methods of used vape devices, Freemax will hold various campaigns with the theme "We Vape, We Save!" at the launch of the Onnix 20W Kit. 1000 sets of Onnix 20w kit green limited edition are prepared as rewards for online rewards for spreading the concept of "We Vape, We Save!". And in vapor stores, 500,000 pieces of OX Coils are prepared for any vapers taking 5 pcs of used pods, pod coils, or disposables of all brands for the exchange of one piece of new Freemax OX Coil, first come, first served. For more info on the "We Vape, We Save!" campaign, you can always visit Freemax's official website at www.


    It is our aim to raise awareness of all vapers to pay attention to environmental protection by these campaigns. As a part of the vaping community, it is our duty to treat used vape devices in a proper way and get involved in environmental protection actions in our daily lives to reduce e-waste effectively. Freemax strongly believes that the "WE VAPE, WE SAVE!" campaign will play a leading role in advocating vaping in an environmentally-friendly way.

    Our only planet matters and relies on everyone contributing their part to protect it. It is everyone's responsibility and as a part of the vaping community, Freemax is more than willing to do its part. Importantly, do remember that there is no "planet B" in the whole universe. Join Freemax now, and let's vaping in an environmental-friendly way.

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