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Geekvape lucid kit review

Discussion in 'E-Cigarette APV Reviews' started by Shone, Jan 12, 2019.

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  1. Shone

    Shone Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Apr 22, 2017
    Geekvape lucid kit comes in few colors:

    - Orange
    - Red
    - Blue
    - Gunmetal
    - Black



    Lucid MOD

    Size: 75mm x 52.9mm
    MAX power output: 80W
    Output mode: VW/TC-Ni/TC-Ti/TC-SS
    Resistance range: 0.05-3.0ohm
    Material: magnesium alloy material
    Battery: 1x 18650 cells (not included)
    Temperature Range: 100-315/200-600

    Lumi Tank

    Size: 24 x 44.3mm (4ml)/24 x 34.8 (2ml)
    Capacity: 4ml/2ml
    Coil Type: Built-in Non-replaceable Supercoil 0.3ohm (30-45W)
    Thread: 510 thread

    In the box:

    - Lucid MOD
    - Lumi tank (4ml built-in 0.3ohm supermesh coil)
    - USB cable
    - Spare parts
    - User manual


    Lucid kit by Geekvape contains lumi sub-ohm tank and lucid mod. You can buy this kit in few different colors, I have the orange one, personally I like how this kit looks and I like the design, especially I like design of the mod. This is a very compact kit, height of the kit is 109mm and you can carry this kit with you without problems, personally I like how compact this kit is.


    Lumi tank:

    Lumi atomizer is disposable atomizer, so, once when you are done with the coil you can toss the tank because you can't change the coils here. Cost of the atomizer is around $6 if you want to buy it separately, which is pretty much okay for disposable atomizer. Atomizer is made out of plastic mostly and weight of the atomizer is only 16g. You can see some details on the atomizer, you can see on the coil engraved "Geekvape" and you can see engraved informations about the coil from the other side. On the base of the tank you can see engraved "Lumi".


    On this atomizer we have a plastic drip tip and you can't use any other drip tip here, drip tip is pretty much okay. Under the drip tip you can see filling slot, so this tank has top fill system. There is silicone plug on the filling slot that you need to take off in order to fill the tank. In the package you will receive one more silicone plug in case that you lose this one.
    On the bottom of the tank you can see the airflow control ring and you can can take it off, there is one o ring that holds the ariflow control ring. The airflow control ring works fine and you can pretty much easy adjust the airflow, also there is no stopper here which may be a con to someone. You can see 3 airflow slots on each side and what you adjust on one side it will be the same on the another side.


    So this atomizer comes with pre installed coil and you can't change the coils here, in the atomizer is installed mesh coil. Resistance of the coil is 0.3ohm and recommended power is between 30-45w, also they said the best performance with this coil is 35-40w.
    So first of all, before you use the atomizer you need to prime the coil so you can prevent any dry hits, you need to prime it with few drops of e liquid through the drip tip, after that you can fill the tank and you can vape.
    I like to vape at 35w with this coil, I can say for 35w vapor production is very good, considering that this is mesh coil I can say that flavor is solid, basically mesh coils works very good in sub-ohm tanks and also considering that this is disposable tank flavor is solid.
    Considering that this is disposable atomizer and you will toss it after your coil is dead I can say that it works very well, performance is good, especially for disposable atomizer and I think it would be nice that in the package they included two tanks.

    Lucid mod:

    This mod is very compact, size of the mod: 75mm x 52.9mm. Mod is powered by one 18650 battery and max output power is 80w. Mod is made out of magnesium alloy and plastic. Build quality is good, if feels good in the hand and also there is no any rattling when you shake the mod, which is good. You can see some details on the mod, from the back of the mod you can see engraved "Lucid", from the bottom of the mod you can see engraved also "Lucid" and "Designed by Geekvape". Form the bottom we have here also vent holes.


    510 connection and battery cover

    From the top of the mod you can see the battery cover that you need to unscrew in order to put the battery inside, threads are very good and you can fit your battery without any problems. When you take off the battery cap you can see battery orientation engraved and also you can see that battery slot is insulated inside in case that your battery is scratched, anyway you should never use scratched battery in the mod. When you place the battery inside and when you shake the mod there is no rattling.
    Threads on the connection are good and here we have gold plated spring loaded 510 pin. On this mod you can use atomizers up to 25mm in diameter which is basically good, at least good for me, because I usually don't use atomizers with more than 25mm in diameter.


    On the one side of the mod you can see the usb port and you can charge your battery here, but if you ask me I would always suggest to charge your batteries in the external charger. Also you can use the usb port to upgrade software.

    Fire button, plus and minus buttons, screen

    From the front of the mod you can see the fire button, fire button is not very big but it protrudes, also the fire button is very clicky and so far I didn't have any problems with the fire button. The fire button is placed at very nice position especially because of the design of the mod, index finger just naturally lands on the fire button when you take the mod, so it is pretty much comfortable for using.
    Plus and minus buttons are placed on the front as well and both are very clicky and both works good.
    The sceen is in the middle, screen is 0.69inch and brightness of the screen is good and you can see everything very clear on the screen, in the settings you can also adjust the screen brightness.


    How this mod works and my thoughts

    This mod has as chip and it supports few working modes, also the fire button reacts very fast.
    To turn on the mod you need to click 5 times on the fire button, to turn it off you need to do the same. When you turn on the mod in the power mode on the screen you can see:

    - Battery indicator
    - Coil resistance
    - Puff counter
    - Power
    - Pre heat

    To change the power you need to use plus and minus buttons, mod works from 5-80w, also when power is at 5w with minus button it will go to 80w and when the power is at 80w when you press the plus button it will go to 5w. By pressing the plus or minus button you will adjust power in 0.1w increments and if you hold any of the buttons mod will be able to adjust the power very fast.

    When you want to go in settings or when you want to change the working mode you need to click 3 times on the fire button every time in order to change the working mode or to find settings. Here you can choose between:

    - Power
    - VPC
    - Tc Ss
    - Tc Ni
    - Tc Ti
    - TCR
    - Bypass
    - Setting

    When you enter settings you can see:

    - Tc watt
    - Smart on/off
    - Screen time
    - Brightness
    - Hands mode
    - Puff counter
    - Default
    - Exit

    If you want to adjust the pre heat you need to hold together plus and minus buttons and you can choose between soft, normal and hard. Also you can lock the mod by pressing the fire button and plus button, if you lock the mod you can't adjust the power but you can vape.

    Mod works very good, I use this mod maybe one week and so far I didn't have any problems, the fire button works good as well and no miss fires whatsoever. It is comfortable for using, feels nice in the hand and mod is pretty much small which will be the plus for most people. Color quality so far looks good, but it is early to talk about color. There is no any cons that I can pick about, especially if you want to buy smaller mod that you will not use at high powers and mod that you want to carry with you easily, only con here is that this mod is not compatible with 20700 battery and that's it, but also with 20700 battery mod would be bigger, so, if you want to buy smaller mod I would suggest this one for sure.


    - You can't use 20700 battery


    - Compact device
    - Good build quality but still it is not heavy
    - Buttons works good
    - It has a lot of options
    - Atomizers up to 25mm
    - Comfortable for using
    - Mod works good

    Sourcemore: - E-cigarette, Electronic Cigarette Online
    You can buy it here: Geekvape lucid kit
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