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GeekVape Peerless RDTA

Discussion in 'Genesis' started by v1ks_, Sep 4, 2017.

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  1. v1ks_

    v1ks_ Has a pretty generic custom title Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Aug 18, 2015
    Hey there, ECF!

    Been away from the forums for quite a while, mostly due to some serious, not made up reasons and totally not because I'm a lazy slacker. Anyway, I recently did a review of GeekVape Peerless RDTA for Reddit and was asked to post it here as well. So here it is... any and all questions welcome.


    Here's a review of the brand new Peerless RDTA by Geekvape! The sample was kindly provided by Heaven Gifts, who has the RDTA available for pre-order here.
    All of the opinions in the review are those of my own. I am in no way affiliated with Heaven Gifts or Geekvape.

    The Packaging & Contents
    I received my Peerless RDTA in a sample packaging, which is different from the retail one. However, the contents are the same. In the package you get:
    1 x GeekVape Peerless RDTA
    1 x Replacement Glass Tube
    1 x 510 Drip Tip Adapter
    2 x Coils
    Spare Parts

    Some images here:
    Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet
    Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet
    Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet

    In the spares bag you get your usual stuff. Some o-rings, some post screws, screwdriver and a couple fill port grommets. While there are no details about the included coils on the packaging or Geekvape's website, they seem to be the Geekvape Alpha Braid N80 coils. After installing them in the tank, they came out to .16 ohms (.32ohm per coil). A minor issue is the included screwdriver. It's the standard one that comes with all Geekvape products, having two hex and one phillips head. Problem is that the smaller hex head isn't used anywhere on the tank, however you do need a flat head screwdriver to unscrew the center-pin, in order to take the tank apart. A minor issue, of course, but wanted to point that out nevertheless.

    The RDTA itself
    I've had this RDTA for five days now, using both the included Alpha Braid coils in a single and dual coil setup on an RX200S in power mode, as well as dual SS316L build on a Lavabox M DNA75 in TC mode. All the juice was DIY, using a 80VG/20PG 6mg base. Overall, I am very happy with the tank. Am I blown away by it? Well, no... in this day and age it's, imho, pretty much impossible for someone to create something absolutely revolutionary. I do like it better than the Avocado 24 this RDTA is supposed to replace. That's down to mainly two reasons - I do find that Peerless provides more flavour that the Avocado and, again, in my opinion, it does look better. From the limited time and tests done, I must say that the most enjoyable vape was using my own, plain round wire SS316L coils coming in at .33ohms in TC mode on a DNA75 device. For me that was the perfect balance of clouds and flavour. The Alpha Braid wires aren't bad. They need a whole lot more power though and I really only noticed increased amount of clouds, flavour not so much...
    Onto the drip-tips then! By default, the Peerless RDTA comes with a wide bore, 810 delrin drip-tip. Included in the packaging is an adapter for standard 510 drip-tips. I'm happy to say that the adapter actually works. There is an o-ring in the cap of the tank that hold the wide bore 810 and the adapter in place. As the result, they are held in place really well. Sadly, I can't say the same about the included delrin 510. For me it just didn't fit. As you'll see in the pictures, there is a gap between the 510 and the adapter base. Using a stainless drip-tip from another tank provided better results, as that one sat nice and flush.

    Some images:
    Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet
    Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet
    Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet
    Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet

    The build-deck, wicking and filling
    Geekvape themselves taunt the build-deck on this RDTA as the "improved Peerless build-deck". Sadly, I do not own the Peerless RDA, so it's hard for me to compare the two, using only pictures. It seems that the coil hole placement has changed slightly, as well the negative post doesn't move as much when center-pin is removed to disassemble the tank, making it somewhat harder to mess up you build by accident, while cleaning the tank. That being said, the deck itself is large and quite easy to work with. Smaller holes for smaller coils, larger and further placed holes for larger builds. The deck is OK, I can't really complain, but I still very much prefer velocity style decks like on the Avocado, where I can bolt down one coil at a time. The deck on Peerless RDTA isn't gold plated, like on it's RDA counterpart, but that's really something I couldn't care less about. :)
    Wicking is as straigth forward as it gets with RDTAs. Not much to say here. You put the wicks through your coils, drop them into the tank, about half way to the bottom and you done!
    Filling is also fairly straight forward. You slide open the door under which the fill-port is located and fill it up. The actual fill-port is roughly the same size as the one found on the Avocado. I mix my juice in unicorn bottles and those fit perfectly. Most droppers should also fit. Bottles with a wide tip, however, will not fit. Sadly, the air escape hole has gotten smaller than in was on the Avocado. Most of the time, filling the RDTA is easy and painless. Every now and then though, especially if your wicks are a little short, you will have to fiddle around to fill the tank to the top. Sometimes the wick gets in the way of the air hole and the air can't escape from the tank. When that happens you're pushing juice out through the wick holes or the air hole itself. Same thing can happen if you leave your wicks too long. Air gets trapped and can't escape, because there's already juice where air should escape.
    On a more positive note, I haven't gotten a single leak during these five days, even with the mod in my bag, not standing upright.
    Lastly we get to the tank capacity, which, according to Geekvape, is 4ml. In a way, they are right. Using a syringe, you can indeed fill whole 4ml in the tank IF and ONLY IF there are no wicks in the tank. As soon as you wick the tank, you won't be filling 4ml, even if you count in the juice that gets absorbed by the wicks. Using the same method as above, I managed to squeeze in 3ml...

    Some more images:
    Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet
    Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet
    Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet
    Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet

    The Conclusion
    The Peerless RDTA, while not revolutionary, is a worthy successor to the well regarded Avocado RDTA. It does deliver a bit more flavor and a potential of huge clouds running the Alpha Braid coils, a larger and more innovative build deck also, arguably, it's a better looker. This also is just my opinion, but I prefer the single center-pin design of Peerless over the two screw system used in Avocado which was somewhat prone to water sticking in the longer center pin (which could lead to an atomizer short). Overall, I can recommend this RDTA to anyone who would like to upgrade their Avocado or bag their very first RDTA.

    Finally, I would like to thank Heaven Gifts once more, for making this review possible.

    Lastly, do excuse my grammar and spelling mistakes, should you come across them. Not a native English speaker. :)

    Vape on,
  2. QcVaper

    QcVaper Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    Jun 17, 2017
    So i'm late to the party but great review and pretty informative tbh, as of writting this i may get one in a bit and if i do i pray to god it's any better than the limitless, now that thing is crap imo been using one for over 1 week and still can't wick correctly (i know how to before someone asks) my only issue being i'm hesitant between this peerless and the serpent smm, meh worst case I'll end up with all of em hehe.
  3. Don29palms

    Don29palms Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    Sep 12, 2014
    joshua tree, ca
    I'm not trying to be mean but if you have a hard time wicking the Limitless then any RDTA will be a waste of money. It's really hard to wick the Limitless wrong. If I can help please let me know.
  4. QcVaper

    QcVaper Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    Jun 17, 2017
    Funny enough that's about the same thing the vape shop clerk told me lolz
    Ended up not getting the peerless after his suggestions i went with a serpent smm, i should've waited instead of posting that comment XD ahah
  5. 3vilpsychos

    3vilpsychos Full Member

    Oct 19, 2017
    Great review brother. One thing I noticed is with most of not all RDTAs, you do NOT want to have your wick actually inside the tank. This works against you. Trim it just like any rda, and use a screw driver to get your trails just in slightly then go around in all the wicking holes and create an air hole in each Wich. That is the best way to set up any rdtas. Tails inside the tank is a no no.

    Thanks for your review buddy. I really want this RDTA. I don't squonk, this is the next best thing. They need to make a big ... rdta. 10ml, 28mm

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  6. vapdivrr

    vapdivrr Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Jul 8, 2012
    This doesn't seem to be a genny

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  7. Torturedzen

    Torturedzen Full Member

    May 12, 2014
    Antioch, Il.
    All RDTA's are based, to some extent, on the old Genny's. Most notable difference being an RDTA uses cotton-type wicking as opposed to steel mesh.
  8. vapdivrr

    vapdivrr Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Jul 8, 2012
    Haven't been around this sub forum for a while, so I figured all threads were genesis. But like you said, genesis may no longer mean mesh only.

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