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Hangsen E-liquid Review

Discussion in 'General E-Liquid Reviews' started by Derasha, Mar 18, 2013.

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  1. Derasha

    Derasha Full Member

    Jan 10, 2013
    New Jersey
    Hangsen e-liquidFirst let me say, here in the states everyone says not to purchase over seas e-liquid. It it said that e-liquids from overseas are not good and they have a bad taste. Well I have been vaping for a while now and have reviewed may e-liquids. I am here to say I have tried and tested Hangsen e-liquid and I am more then impressed. The quality and "American taste" is unsurpassed. You can taste the quality. I highly recommend Hangsen e-liquid to any American customer or anywhere for that matter. Terrific quality and I am looking forward to trying more flavors you have to offer. Thank you and you are doing a terrific job! Keep up the good work!

    Ry4- Terrific classic taste! Fantastic all day vape. The sweetness and the true taste of tobbacco make you keep coming back for more! Really really good!

    Ry5- As much as I enjoy an Ry4 liquid, sometimes I just don't want the strong sweetness. Well this Ry5 brings the great taste of an Ry4 and eliminated the strong sweetness with a very slight sweetness. It's a great all day vape and would even be enjoyed by customers who only vape tobbacco flavor e-liquids. Fantastic!

    Ry6- If you closed your eyes, you would swear that this was a real cigarette! If every analog smoker tried this e-liquid just one time, they would never smoke another analog again!I don't know how you managed to do this, but you have made the most realistic e-liquid to a real tobbacco ciggerette that I ever vaped, and I have vaped many tobacco e-liquids! Absolutely the BEST real ciggerette taste! Amazing! Highly recommended!

    Butterscotch- My favorite ice cream topping! So I had to try butterscotch! Well this e-liquid is simply yummy. It really tastes like the creamy, brown sugar mixture perfectly blended into a rich butterscotch. Fantastic dessert vape.

    Coffee- I am a heavy coffee drinker and I have been searching for a great coffee e-liquid. This coffee flavor is really good. I trully enjoyed the rich coffee taste! One of the best that I have tried!
  2. 2nd chance

    2nd chance Moved On

    Jan 21, 2013
    United States
    I'm a fan of Hangsen juices as well.:)
  3. Bangtango

    Bangtango Full Member

    May 27, 2012
    Great review Derasha! Could you recommend a vendor for Hangsen? Never tried them, only Dekang and their DK-Tab is pretty good.
  4. Derasha

    Derasha Full Member

    Jan 10, 2013
    New Jersey
  5. YoTone

    YoTone Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Jan 30, 2013
    Sounds good, but in the case of liquids, id rather buy american.
  6. Derasha

    Derasha Full Member

    Jan 10, 2013
    New Jersey
    Totally understandable. :)
  7. Shinobi

    Shinobi Full Member

    Mar 21, 2013
    Hangsen are half the price of other liquids here in the uk. £6 for 30ml very cheap. What do they lack in comparison to the twice the price liquids?
  8. Shinobi

    Shinobi Full Member

    Mar 21, 2013
    They taste good thats for sure, just cant find any flavour at the moment that gives the hit of my old Marlboro Lights
  9. Maka

    Maka Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Sep 19, 2012
    High on Vaping
    All I vape is Hangsen juice, I find it great in 50/50 pg/vg mix.
    The cheapest place I have found is from here:
    Genuine Hangsen E-liquid - Zainy - Electronic Cigarettes

    Yes it has a 10 bottle minimum limit of the same flavour, but work out the prices, well worth it if you like only one or two flavours.
    BE aware though, after ordering it takes about a week before it's shipped, the reason is it is ordered direct from the Hangsen factory on an order by order basis
    And yes it is genuine, I have ordered many times from there.
  10. rotku

    rotku Super Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    Sep 4, 2012
    columbus, oh
  11. Sar

    Sar Super Member ECF Veteran

    Mar 27, 2009
    New York, NY
  12. smiddog

    smiddog Full Member Verified Member

    Apr 3, 2013
    Fruit Flavored

    $1.99 per 10ml, can't beat it! and the liquid is really good! I've just ordered 80ml worth and it's a great / cheap way to be able to try many different flavors. So far the American Mix tobacco, and the Banana are excellent. I actually like those two mixed as well. Tons more to try still. Keep Calm and Vape On!
  13. X6X8

    X6X8 Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Aug 7, 2013
    Paris, Tx, USA
    You can find Ry6 listed under "Premium" Hangsen e-liquids at Caterpillar Vapes. For some reason it's not listed under the tobacco section..
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