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HellVape Destiny RTA By Alex Vaper

Discussion in 'Tank Reviews' started by Frenkyou, Jan 20, 2020.

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  1. Frenkyou

    Frenkyou Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Apr 26, 2019
    DESTINY RTA 24mm
    Hi, with pleasure I would like to try to describe this new product sent to me by HellVape in exchange for the review.

    For the construction of the Destiny, HellVape made use of the collaboration of Alex Vaper's of the homonymous YouTube channel.

    Hellvape's Destiny Rta packaging arrives in this cardboard packaging, on the main side there is an open window on the product, the Destiny writing, the Alex signature and a very large writing (HELLVAPE +)

    The features, the contents of the package, the logos and the brands are instead shown on the back side.


    The two long sides on the sides carry the inscriptions 1922, Destiny rta, the stylized atom and a logo.


    The two short sides bear the writing "Evoke your vaping genius", bar code, color indications and scratch and check for the originality of the product.


    Package contents (TPD 2Ml version)

    1- Destiny RTA 24mm
    1- Adapter for Drip-Tip 510
    1- Preassembled Coil 0.37Ω
    1- Sachet containing pre-assembled cotton
    1- Sachet containing O'ring, screws and screwdriver
    1- Multilingual user manual (Italian included)


    * The contents of the Free 4Ml package also contain the 4ML Bubble glass
    The other sizes are the same as the free version, 24mm (D) for 38.9mm (H) without Drip-Tip


    The Destiny 24mm RTA can be combined with 3 different types of optional tanks (glass, Ultem, PCTG) * the 4 ml tank (free version) is currently only available in glass.


    There are currently five colors available.


    Components and exploded view



    The Drip Tip has two sealing rings, the top Cap also has a larger internal sealing ring to mate perfectly with the tip 810 or the adapter for tip 510 supplied in the kit.

  2. Frenkyou

    Frenkyou Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Apr 26, 2019
    To access the huge refill loops, you need to unscrew the top cap by 45 °, which is fixed to the atom with an improved, very effective and safe bayonet system.


    The central body is multifunctional, guarantees the refill, houses the glass, incorporates the bell and through the internal thread of the bell, it is screwed to the deck.


    The deck has an angled arrangement of the clamping screws / coil, this to facilitate the positioning of the coil itself and to allow a precise cut of the leg, so that they do not touch the inside of the bell and generate short circuits, also note the flow of air raised and inclined on the opposite turret to better invest the coil, the slots for the raised cotton housing and the o-ring for the glass at the base of the deck.


    Opposite side


    The coil is fixed, now the cutting of the leg will be facilitated for the reason explained above.


    Coil preparation operation


    Once settled, the coil is cotton-lined, I cut the cotton near the outer edge of the deck (seen from above)


    Once the cotton is thinner, I place it inside its eyelets without pressing it too much, with the measure seen before, the cotton mustache just touches or leans slightly at the bottom of the base.


    The bottom of the atom has a pin with a gold-plated shear screw (slightly protruding) which also shows: disposal logo, C E brand, signature of Alex Vapers and Hellvape +.


    This 24mm Destiny RTA Silver (with TPD glass) looks tailor-made for my Swag2 Silver, I like it a lot!


    Final consideration
    As is customary for HellVape, the construction quality is more than good and can be seen in many details, such as the triple Cap / Tip sealing ring, the sliding threads without jamming, the lack of any residue or burrs, the knurling / knurling in the elements that have to "turn" like the top cap for the refill, or the air adjustment ring, the couplings of the details are equally valid, the bayonet system of opening / closing the top cap has improved compared to the past and offers a worthy resistance to involuntary opening, the air ring turns easily thanks to the grip that knurling / knurling offer the fingers, I believe this ring will never rotate involuntarily.
    Coming to the deck, the coil inclined insertion system offers many advantages as already described in the review and the rest is also arranged in an intelligent and rational way.

    Regarding the operation of this atom, I must say that at the moment I only tried the 3mm 0.37Ω coil supplied (0.39Ω read by my Swag2), I find that at 40W its work is done in an optimal way, the first thing I notice it is silent operation, with the buttonhole wide open it increases but does not become annoying, moreover the atom at the most becomes lukewarm even insisting on vaping and this is good considering the extremely low Tip (my lips thank Hellvape), there are no condensation phenomena or leaks in the most absolute way, will I have hit the cotton on the first try? I must say that this positive feature I have already found in other HellVape products.

    The vaporization seems optimal to me on the first try, the production of steam is right for the type of atom from flavor not too open, I am using this atom with one of my self-produced liquids 70/30 or Red Mix a very sweet fruity on other devices, here it seems to me that the dessert is less present but all in all it gives me a "balanced" yield that I appreciate, the consumption of liquid with the 2ml tank was my main concern, but I must say that it seems to me that you drink very little, it will be that the declared 2ml are all if not more (I don't know), that the coil and the 40w that I use don't waste anything (I don't know) but I repeat the limited consumption is one of the most positive notes and it doesn't make me regret the 4ml glass too much (missing in the TPD version)
    Other regeneration tests with wires, different diameters at the moment I do not want to do it, I am very satisfied already so, good HellVape, your Destiny RTA will use it a lot!

    Of course if you are a fan of HellVape and you like the product, I recommend buying the 4ML Free version with bubble glass and the 2ml tank (glass, Ultem or PCTG), of the material you prefer.

    I thank HellVape for giving me the opportunity to test one of its products once again: DESTINY RTA-Hellvape - The DIY atomizer leading brand
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