Help Finding 21700 Mods with USB C

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  • Dec 8, 2009
      I'm in the market for a new mod. I want the following:
      • 21700 capable
      • Dual Battery
      • USB C
      • Chipset not dna
      I don't want single battery but here are two I found during my search. Might be helpful to others:
      Steam Crave Hadron Lite - single battery
      Geepvape Max100 - single battery

      So far I've only found two candidates that fit my wants:
      VapeFly Kriemhild 200W
      VandyVape Gaur-21

      That's a short list! :( Are there others?

      Do you have any experience with a dual battery, 21700, USB C mod? I've love to hear it.


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    • Apr 17, 2021
      Upper Midwest
        I own the 2 that you listed and they're both great. The Dovpo Odin 200W is another great choice. There's also the Geek Vape Blade which is dual 21700, but I don't own this. I'd consider it if I could find it at a cheap price for a 4-year old mod.

        Edit: The Blade is not USB Type-C.

        This is also a list of 21700 mods that I've purchased and performance tested. Dual mods are at the bottom.
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      • Nov 29, 2010
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          The general vape market started getting away from dual 21700 mods before USB-C mods were even mainstream. I have no idea why as they seemed to have been very popular. Both of the mods you listed that meet your needs are over 2+ years old already & I don't think there are any dual 21700 mods that are newer than that. You'll have to get whatever you find quickly because they won't be around for long.
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        • Jul 27, 2014
          Schiller PK IL USA
            I can vouch for the Kriemhild, It works great and the tank performs great also, FLAVOR FLAVOR FLAVOR!

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