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Hotcig RDS Dual System 80W.

Discussion in 'Standard E-Cigarette Reviews' started by Frenkyou, Dec 7, 2020.

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  1. Frenkyou

    Frenkyou Super Member ECF Veteran

    Apr 26, 2019
    Hotcig RDS Dual System 80W.

    Short introduction.

    At the end of November, Hotcig announced on its Facebook page a new all-in-one + Dual System device, its name is RDS Pod Mod 80W.

    The so-called "universal" device can work not only with a 4.5ml cartridge equipped with adjustable AFC, but also with your favorite atomizer, thanks to a 25mm 510 adapter included in the package.

    This multifunctional mod uses Hotcig's proprietary HM chipset which is particularly rich in modes (VW. VV, Bypass, Temp, TCR) and takes advantage of a dual color graphic interface with diversified Mod & Pod functions, control is via a single circular button .

    Of style, ergonomics and technique for this new mod there is plenty ...

    Enjoy the reading

    Hotcig RDS Dual System 80W 1.jpg

    The cardboard packaging has white / black colors and shows on the front the writing "RDS Dual System", in the center, a double image of the Hotcig RDS Dual System 80W in the Pod version and in the Mod version.
    Alongside there are six icons depicting the main technical data of this device.

    Hotcig RDS Dual System 80W 2.jpg

    The device name and the manufacturer's name (HotCig) are shown on the back, the contents (Packing List), the warnings for minors, the product color (Amber) and the scratch & check are listed. There are also various social icons where Shenzhen Hot Technology CO. LTD carries out the promotional activity of the brand.

    Hotcig RDS Dual System 80W 3.jpg

    Once you have removed the outer sleeve of the box, you are faced with a beautiful presentation of the Kit. Everything is placed with care and rationality on a refined display of foam and gray cardboard.

    Package Includes:
    1 x Hotcig RDS Device
    1 x Hotcig RM Pod
    1 x Mesh Coil RM1 0.3Ω range 30-40W
    1 x Mesh Coil RM3 of 1.2Ω range 10-15W
    1 x Drip Tip DL
    1 x Drip Tip MTL
    1 x 510 Adapter
    1 x Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
    1 x Type-C charging cable
    1 x User Manual
    1 x Warranty Card

    Hotcig RDS Dual System 80W 4.jpg

    Technical data Hotcig RDS Dual System 80W:
    Dimensions: 120x41x25mm
    Weight: 70Gr
    Material: Stainless steel + PCTG
    Chipset: HM
    Firing speed: 0.004s
    Battery: 18650 battery (not included)
    Output power: 5-80W
    Max current: 35A
    Vaping Modes: Pod, Mod, VW. VV, Bypass, Temp, TCR.
    Display: 0.96 "color TFT
    Pod Capacity: 4.2ml (Coil DL) 4.5ml (Coil MTL)
    Compatible resistors: RBA, RMX 0.15Ω, RM1 0.3Ω, RM2 0.6Ω (DL), RM3 1.2Ω (MTL)
    Charging: Type-C 5V-1A

    Hotcig RDS Dual System 80W 5.jpg

    Available colours:
    Amber, Gray, Purple, Clear
    All the color combinations (Mod + Pod + DripTip) I find them all very attractive, I don't know which one to choose.

    Hotcig RDS Dual System 80W 6.jpg

    Style and Ergonomics:
    I received the color version "Amber", the steel frame is covered with a transparent PCTG case of great effect. This very light coating is extended to the cartridge and to one of its two Drip-Tips. The mod in the hand is like a feather, ergonomic and pleasantly smooth to the touch.
    The steel cylinder contains the 18650 cell, in perfect Hi-End style the cylinder remains naked in the rear area.

    Hotcig RDS Dual System 80W 7.jpg

    The slim form factor of the Hotcig RDS Dual System 80W with its particular transparent coating, allows the gaze to penetrate inside and this is exciting! The cables, the circuit, the internal part of the pod and the hidden part of the steel tube can be seen.

    On the outside on the side panels the lines are soft and gently connected, the technical and graphic elements detectable on the outside are; the Type-C charging socket, the vertical writing on the uncovered part of the tube "dual System" and the two air intakes at the top to feed the coils in the pod system.

    Hotcig RDS Dual System 80W 8.jpg

    Hotcig RDS Dual System 80W 9.jpg

    In the sinuous front the distinctive elements are two; the circular adjustment button and the 0.96 "display.
    The adjustment button is beautifully chromed, it performs all the functions of the mod by itself. Its design resembles a cap of a beer bottle, the side profile with gear design is particularly prehensile. The key is sturdy and well planted in the mod, in the center it is slightly concave to offer a better feeling to the fingers.

    The rear area highlights the external part of the stainless steel tube well connected to the PCTG coating.
    The handle is pleasant, both for those who prefer to vape using the index finger (like me) with the button facing forward, or with the thumb to have the adjustment button facing yourself, this last position also allows you to hold constantly monitored the Display at each Puff.

    Hotcig RDS Dual System 80W 10.jpg
  2. Frenkyou

    Frenkyou Super Member ECF Veteran

    Apr 26, 2019
    The Pod compartment contains 3 pins for electrical conduction, the pins are gold plated and spring loaded.
    The "track" in the form of a metal ring, is used to hold the pod or the 510 adapter by means of the magnets placed on the bottom.

    The battery compartment access cap has two vent slots with a central crosspiece, this crosspiece together with the two large slots allows you to grasp the cap well in the unscrewing / screwing operations, the negative pole is clearly indicated on it ( -).
    The positive (+) pole is marked inside, on the bottom of the compartment / batteries.

    Also on the support base of the mod, we find laser engraved; the disposal logo, trademark and "RDS Designed By Hotcig" wording.
    One of the two French screws is covered with a white rubber cap with (Hot) writing, this small detail denotes attention to the finishes.

    Hotcig RDS Dual System 80W 11.jpg

    Pod cartridge:
    Built in PCTG, the circular cartridge perfectly matches the design of the Mod.
    I find it excellent by Hotcig to make the drip-tip interchangeable, in the package there are two, one for the DL vape and the other to be used with MTL. Both Drip-Tips are equipped with double sealing o'ring.

    On the bottom of the cartridge there are six small circular magnets, the insertion into the Mod is solid and guaranteed both by the magnets and by the interlocking positioning after a short rotation of the cartridge.

    The coils are inserted with the "press and pull" method and the refill is of the lateral type.
    The refill hole is of adequate size, it allows fast filling operations without requiring the use of strange bottles.

    Hotcig RDS Dual System 80W 12.jpg

    Hotcig RDS Dual System 80W 13.jpg

    Coil Hotcig:
    Included in the package are two Mesh-Coils, one for the 1.2Ω MTL vape with a 10-15W range and one for use in 0.3Ω DL / Flavor with a 30-40W range.
    Two more mesh-coils and a regenerable RBA base for DIY are available for purchase separately.

    Hotcig RDS Dual System 80W 14.jpg

    Hotcig's air control system is developed in three phases:
    1st Phase, the external slots measuring 6x2mm are fully adjustable by rotation, equipped with an end stop, just like a real atomizer.
    2nd Phase, each Hotcig coil uses calibrated holes for the passage of air.
    3rd Phase, the Drip-Tip depending on the one chosen, will optimize the MTL shot or the DL shot

    Hotcig RDS Dual System 80W 15.jpg

    Mod 510 Adapter:
    It has a diameter of 25mm, the top base is constructed of steel, the thread has good smoothness, and the gold-plated pin is spring loaded.
    The body is covered in PCTG like the rest of the mod, on the bottom there is an outer ring of great magnetic force, the insertion into the pod is solid, guaranteed both by the magnet and by the interlocking positioning after a short rotation.

    Hotcig RDS Dual System 80W 16.jpg

    The 510 coupling system of the Hotcig RDS Dual System 80W allows you to use any Tank without "Voltage Drop" problems occurring in fact the connection is particularly stable, I did not detect any voltage drop, the resistance reading during the vape is always correct.
    Here are some examples of MTL / RDA / RTA atomizers installed.

    Hotcig RDS Dual System 80W 17.jpg

    How the Hotcig RDS Dual System 80W works:

    After inserting the battery, the screen will display "HOTCIG" and "HM CHIP", the main screen appears after 1.5 seconds.

    - Power on Power off: Press the function key 5 times within 2 seconds, the screen will display "Hotcig" and "HM Chip" and enter the main interface after 1.5 seconds, press the function key 5 times within 2 seconds, and the screen will display "Power Off", after 1 second it will turn off.

    - Suspend: if no operation is performed, the device turns off the screen after 30s of inactivity to enter the suspended state. Press the function button again to wake up the device.

    - Unlock/lock:
    Press the function key twice within 1 second and the screen displays "Key Lock", turning the knob does not change the interface parameters and the main interface lock symbol is locked.

    - Unlock: In the lock state, press the function key twice within 1 second, the screen displays "Key Unlock" and automatically returns to the main interface. The padlock symbol in the interface is unlocked. At this point, by turning the knob it is possible to modify the interface parameters.

    - Pod / Mod System:
    The default setting of the device is set to the Mod system. After the Pod is connected to the device, it will automatically switch to the Pod system.
    The smart output algorithm of the HM chip recommends the best power for each resistor and limits the maximum output power to avoid damage to the atomizer core.

    - Oled Screen Info:
    In Pod power mode main interface, "Pod" system icon is active along with "Power" output mode (default), battery charge icon, resistance value, output voltage , the number of puffs and the duration of a single puff.
    Ohms: Displays the connected resistance value.
    Volt: Displays the current voltage value
    Puff: Records the number of times you inhale steam. Puff count is reset after battery replacement.
    Time: In the Pod system in addition to the count of the seconds of vape there is a 10 notches equalizer. In the Mod system in addition to the vape time count there is a central circular equalizer. The cut-off is set to 10s in both systems.

    - Pod system functions:
    Rotate the function key to adjust the power output, the adjustment range is 1 to 80W.
    The step value is 1W at a time; rotate clockwise to increase power and rotate counterclockwise to decrease power.

    Press the function key 3 times in 2s to enter the setting interface and rotate the function key to select the following:

    - Select a Color: to enter the submenu, press the selection key, select the desired color, press the function key to make the change and exit, the color of the main interface is updated.

    Mod switch: Offers the possibility to select the Mod mode while keeping the Pod inserted.

    Hotcig RDS Dual System 80W 18.jpg

    One button, many adjustments:
    - Mod system functions:

    To use the MOD system, connect the atomizer via the 510 adapter.
    In the Mod system, the main interface shows the "Mod" icon, the output mode, the battery via an icon, the value of the connected resistor, the output voltage, the number of puffs and the duration of the single puff.

    Press the function key 3 times in 2s to enter the setting interface and rotate the function key to select the following:

    - Power: Rotate the function key to adjust the power output, the adjustment range is 1 to 80W.
    The step value is 1W at a time; rotate clockwise to increase power and rotate counterclockwise to decrease power.

    - Volt: In voltage mode, turn the function key and adjust the output voltage, the adjustment range: 0.5-8V.
    The step value is 0.1V at a time; turn clockwise to increase the tension, turn counterclockwise to decrease the tension.

    - Bypass: in Bypass mode, the output power is determined by the strength of the battery itself. Rotate the function key to move the selection to "Bypass", press the function key to confirm the effect and exit.

    - Temp: Sub-menu of temperature control mode includes Ni, Ti, SS, TCR, please select the corresponding function according to the material of the heating wire used.
    "TCR" provides five preset temperature values M1, M2, M3, M4 and M5.
    The Celsius / Fahrenheit conversion is done by turning the function key, the Celsius range is 100-315 ° C, the step is 1 ° C at a time, the Fahrenheit range is 200-600 ° F, the step value is 1 ° F at a time. (After adjusting to 315 ° C, it goes directly
    at 200 ° F. The sequence of the cycle is 100-315-200-600-100)

    - Colors: Select "Colors" to enter the submenu, select the corresponding color block, press the function key to effect and exit, the main interface color is updated.

    - Security features and some tips:

    When the atomizer is not connected, the screen displays "Check Atomaizer" - connect the atomizer or adjust the contact between the atomizer and the electrode.

    - Cut-Off Protection:
    After a continuous emission for more than 10 seconds, the screen displays "Time Out" and the dispensing stops automatically.

    - Short circuit:
    When the resistance is too low or the output is shorted, the screen signals the short and "Shorted" is displayed - check the resistance or clean the condensate on the connection bridge.

    - Low battery message:
    When the battery charge is too low, the output will stop automatically and the screen asks "Weak battery" - the device needs to be charged.

    - Overheating protection
    During output, if the device temperature exceeds 75 ° C, the screen will indicate overheating and display "TOO HOT", suspend use and wait for the temperature to drop before use.

    - High / low resistance:
    When the connected atomizer has a resistance value of less than 0.08Ω (low resistance) or greater than 3.0Ω (high resistance), the screen displays "Ohm too low" "Ohm Too High". - The supported resistance range is 0.08-3.0Ω.

    - Reload:
    During charging, the icons flash in sequence and the screen will turn off when the cell is fully charged.

    Battery reverse connection protection:
    The battery will not work when the positive and negative poles of the battery are in the wrong way.

    - Memory function:
    This device has an automatic memory function. When the device is turned off and on again, the system automatically adopts the last used parameters.

    Hotcig RDS Dual System 80W 19.jpg

    Vaping test:

    0.3Ω RM1 Mesh Coil range 30-40W:
    With this resistance I naturally used the wide Drip-Tip (DL) and my "tropical" 70/30 taste with 2mg / ml booster.

    The HM Chipset recognizes and reads this resistance at 0.30Ω (perfect), the intelligent function proposes it at a Wattage of 35W (Best), the safety function does not allow to exceed 40W (Max Power), a really useful function to avoid to burn the coils prematurely.

    At 30W (minimum range) with open air-flow the activation is immediate, the steam is full-bodied and tends to grease, the puff is soft and silent, with 50% of the AFC open the hit is present, the flavor liquid satisfies me fully ... But we are only at 30W, what coil devil is this? Incredible! But the best is yet to come!

    At 40W (Max Power) this coil perfectly feeds the cotton and in the positive characteristics found before, it gives its best.
    At 35W with AFC wide open I found the right balance, if you thought you had found your perfect Flavor coil, this RM1 from Hotcig you absolutely must try.

    1.2Ω RM3 Mesh Coil 10-15W range:
    With this Mesh for MTL, I used the tight Drip-Tip (MTL) and as a liquid my beloved 50/50 hazelnut with 3mg / ml booster.

    Unlike the 0.3Ω Mesh-Coil, this resistance for MTL has two microscopic holes for the passage of air, the DripTip in the narrowest part (at the base) has a hole of only 2mm in diameter, with these premises we can expect a true Puff MTL, let's see together how this Mesh-Coil behaves.

    Thanks to the three stages of air control, (1) external AFC, (2) Air-hole of appropriate size and finally (3) double Drip-Tip, Hotcig has managed with the same cartridge to go from a perfect DL vaping ( 0.3Ω) to an enjoyable MTL vape (1.2Ω).

    The HM Chipset recognizes and reads this resistance at 1.2Ω, so it reads well in this case too.
    The Smart function automatically sets the power to 12W (Best range) and protects it by limiting it to 15W (Max Power).

    At 12W the activation is immediate, the Firing speed (0.004s) does its job well, it looks like an MTL coil with the Turbo! The steam has the right consistency, it is not too dry, but not too greasy and the heat is acceptable, an insistent rustle accompanies the suction, the coil pushes vigorously.

    The shot is restricted even with the AFC wide open, the two small Air-holes positioned on the coil do not require additional adjustments of the external ring to work well in MTL (unless you want it even tighter), the hit is good, as well as the fluffiness and flavor.
    I think this coil with this setting can satisfy anyone looking for a valid MTL system.

    I'm dying to try the coils that were not sent to me, I'm talking about the RMX 0.15Ω and the RM2 0.6Ω and seen how well the system works in Flavor and MTL, I think it will be super even in open DL and in restricted/DL .

    Final Conclusions:
    I am having a lot of fun with this Hotcig RDS, I find it fantastic, ergonomic, light and aesthetically appealing, the HM chipset works great and in "Mod" mode it enjoys a lot of additional functions.

    In "Pod" mode it is super compact and the 3-step setting system designed by Hotcig allows you to quickly switch from MTL to DL / Flavor with maximum performance.

    This device will soon arrive in many stores with a fairly popular price. I'm sure it will be a good investment and I recommend it with enthusiasm.
    I can't find fault, I should try to see how the PCTG material resists by throwing it on the ground, voluntarily I will never do it! I love the RDS.

    Thanks for reading.

    Thanks Hotcig for sending me this product for review:

    Hotcig RDS Dual System 80W 20.jpg
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