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House keeping - E-smart batteries NEW 808 - Carto Punch + more

Discussion in 'Australia/New Zealand Suppliers' started by SDMagoo, Oct 17, 2013.

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  1. SDMagoo

    SDMagoo Registered Supplier ECF Veteran

    May 6, 2011
    New Zealand
    Hi everyone,
    A bit of housekeeping first up.

    An issue we need to "address" if we may.

    Email enquires, particularly from our store: Address Typos


    When using this form, please ensure you enter the correct email address to reply to - we spend quite some time responding to each and every one - then to have it bounced back and undeliverable........meaning I now have to spend even more time and put on my detectives hat to see if we have your address on file.

    Or it remains undeliverable and from your perspective, we have now let you down - no response.

    Spam and Junk folders

    Still on addresses in a way, spam and junk mail may not like us, the "naked" in our email address may trigger a response, so if you are expecting an email, order confirmation etc, check your junk and spam folders first.

    Cheers and vape on!


    E-smart Battery - 320mAh - 510 type

    These Kanger E-smart manual batteries are the benchmark for smaller form factor batteries, at just 75mm long and only 11.4mm in diameter these are smaller than standard eGo style batteries.

    Finally available outside of the E-smart kits we have
    510 type
    Small manual battery!

    510 and 808 - There are 2 main* connection types with e-Cig devices.

    510 is what most of our products are, including 510-eGo found on eGo type devices etc

    We also stock a few 808 components, mainly to service those with this type of hardware, batteries etc.

    The E-smart batteries below are 808 type - notice the thread is raised, the E-smart batteries above are 510 - standard.

    *there are actually many more but these 2 are the most common - 510 or 510-eGo is the standard for Naked Vapour and all kits.


    E-smart Battery - 320mAh - 808 type

    320mAh Manual Battery
    By Kanger



    The eGo-C 1300mAh battery is a voltage regulated 3.7 volt eGo styled battery.

    STOCK UPDATE: Black and Rainbow finish now available - all other colours out of stock at present.

    NEW - 1300mAh

    Shorter than 1100mAh!


    For those waiting for our 1100mAh eGo-C batteries - these are still being held by NZ customs..........sorry, beyond our control at present.


    iClear 16 - Dual Coil Head - 5 PACK

    5 Pack

    Advanced MOD users........


    SMOK Cartomizer Hole PunchNaked Vapour - SMOK Cartomizer Hole Punch

    NEW to our store



    Nitecore Intellichargers - Versions i2 and i4

    These Nitecore Intellichargers are universal, automatic smart-chargers compatible with almost all common types of rechargeable batteries, one charger to charge them all!!

    Nitecore Intellicharger

    NEW - Multi Charger
    Li-ion, Ni-MH, Ni-Cd
    2 & 4 channel options


    Until next week, cheers from Rob and Lia.

    Naked Vapour is New Zealand's e-Cigarette specialist.


    For more help, support, news, reviews and opinions, please visit and register for FREE with our forum at

    Copyright © 2013, Naked Vapour Ltd, All rights reserved.
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