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How to turn a CE2 into an atomizer.

Discussion in 'Experiments With Equipment' started by Algernon, Jul 18, 2011.

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  1. Algernon

    Algernon Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Oct 15, 2010
    Rocky Mount, VA, USA
    I've posted about this before but I've been doing a few experiments on my own regarding this subject. First off, a few things have been changed in regards to my feelings about this. Lets get started.

    First of all, remove the outer metal tube and cut the wicks at the ceramic cup. This is the first essential step to turn it into an atomizer. Do not throw away the wick trimmings after cutting them as they are essential to the creation of the final product.

    1. The differences between coil location, depth of the collection cup underneath and the blank space around it.

    Juice can easily miss the coil in a CE2 if being dripped because the coil is not set directly on the air tube, but rather above it and centered around a lot of empty space. My solution to this so far as been to take the trimmings from the wicks, cut off a bit and stuff them around the sides of the coil so that they can wick to it when dripped onto. This requires more drips per vaping session but allows for more rounds to be made with the CE2 before you need to drip again.

    2. The empty space around the outside of the ceramic cup.

    Drip tips work because the juice on the sides of the drip tip funnel the juice to central point, the inner plastic or metal of a drip tip is narrower than the metal edges of an atomizer or cartomizer. so this is mainly a concern for those of you who only use a drip tip as a mouthpiece and drip directly onto the coil with the drip tip off.


    -The CE2's(of course)
    -Aluminum or Tin Foil, neither are toxic when exposed to heat, in this case I'm using aluminum.
    -Superglue, I use gorilla glue due to its heat resistance
    -something to get the silicone rings out, I'll be using a flat electronics screwdriver(pictured later).
    -A pair of pliers, here I have a multitool who's main purpose is pliers.
    -A dead battery and/or socket for pulling the tube off. Here I have a dead XL battery

    Step 1: Get those O-rings Out.
    Go ahead and take your tool of choice and remove the o-rings from the inside. The first two are easy, the third is a bit more of a ...... Anyone who's been into a CE2 should have experience with this. If you haven't, it still isn't that hard.

    Step 2: Get to pulling that tube off
    Attach the CE2 to your socket of choice and connect the pliers to the base. Begin wiggling, wiggle as much as possible, back and forth until you see it begin to come off, then give it a firm pull and the tube should slide right off.

    Step 3: Snip Snip
    Use your scissors and cut the wicks off at the base of the ceramic cup.

    Step 4: Stuffing time.
    Take some of the wick that you cut and insert it on both of the blank sides of the ceramic cup(where the coil isn't). Stuff it down using the same tool you used to remove the o-rings, or a toothpick or whatever. Make sure it's snug. When cleaning you don't want any falling out. Don't put too much in or it will wick too much and clog up the airway, only enough to ensure drips taken are used effectively.

    Step 5: Lets foil it.
    Take a strip of aluminum foil, thickness and width doesn't matter, and glue it to the side of the cup where there is no wick and wait about 30 seconds. Then, wrap the foil around the cup.

    This is the tricky part.
    If you wrap it too many times, the tube will not fit back over the CE2, if you don't wrap it enough, it won't be snug. Find a decent balance of wraps and gently put the tube back over it. When placing the tube back down, twist it in the direction the foil is facing until you reach the base where you will promptly push it back on, same as it was.


    There we go.


    Final step: Vape that suckah!!
    Put a few drops in, wait for it to soak, put two more in and vape away! It should perform like any atomizer from here on out, dry burnable, easily cleanable and cheap as piss.
  2. sfkid

    sfkid Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Mar 21, 2011
    San Francisco
    Do you have any pics you can post? I would love to see how it looks or pics of steps. I am a visual learner ;)
  3. emus

    emus Vaping Master ECF Veteran

    Jun 9, 2009
    Sounds good.
    Yeah pic would be nice.

    I've already abandoned atty for flavor testing in favor of dripping on CE2-X.

    Much cheaper and much easier to clean the wick slag w/ needle.

    Nice to have a visual of wick/coil slag.
  4. Algernon

    Algernon Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Oct 15, 2010
    Rocky Mount, VA, USA
    I'll do another one from start to finish tomorrow and post it up in sequence for you guys. No prob.
  5. Algernon

    Algernon Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Oct 15, 2010
    Rocky Mount, VA, USA
    Thread updated with new information! Mod away, gents.
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