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IJOY Capo BF Squonk 100w

Discussion in 'Standard E-Cigarette Reviews' started by Vapin'Bolt, Jul 18, 2018.

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  1. Vapin'Bolt

    Vapin'Bolt Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Jun 22, 2018
    United Kingdom
    El Pequeño Capo
    IJOY are here with a squonking device to good to miss, its attire attracts all with the way this looks, it feels good to grasp and most of all its mighty 100w is going to be enough to power the RDAs we are all wanting. Let's take a look at this little pearler and hope the looks are not deceiving...

    resize_DSC_1119.JPG resize_DSC_1120.JPG

    Out the Box
    Here we have the compact IJOY Capo now in the new version of a squonker. Its design is quite simply perfect for any size hand making it easy to transport and hold.


    The Mod comes in of 6 different colour options Black, Gunmetal, Stainless Steel, Yellow (Gold), Rainbow and Green. The kit retails at $49 USD and £39 GBP. Which is a little steep compared to what is on the market out there? However, for an extra $30 you can get the kit, is it worth it I'm not too sure there are better RDAs out there which are at the same competitive price.

    The battery requirements are a single 21700 or 20700, which come as standard if purchasing in China or through wholesale distribution Also it will accept high drain 18650, with the supplied adaptor. using the 18650 which I chose to do so it did seem tricky to get a perfect contact.

    The mod can reach up to 100w but has only the standard PW mode, however, this is mostly the peoples go-to choice when it comes to squonking however, I’m being advised by many people that they do like t take on TC in some cases. This is purply dependant on the RDA they are using. Again, lacking the ability to function like others on the market but good for people who want basic. A standard IJOY battery adaptor is included this is the rubbery finish ones sometimes are fiddly getting the batteries in and out of those.

    The kit includes a USB charger which is standard throughout the vaping world where it says charging through the capo is desirable and can be done. I haven't managed to find any areas where it advises on the usual charge batteries separate.

    Standard the mod comes with the CS1 bottle which is the standard squint bottle and the new IJOY CS2 which is their design and its great works well and consistent. The bottles are both 9ml which is what is required however, it doesn't make them last any longer than others while using on the RDA.

    Always at the bottom of the box is the user manuals along with a warranty card.

    resize_DSC_1122.JPG resize_DSC_1123.JPG

    The Build
    I'm going to start with the actual build quality, it's pretty impressive and is actually really well made. The quality is good and feels good to hold. There are niggly bits which stand out to me and that is the back capo stick piece it finishes it off but it doesn't do the mod any justice it looks on the cheap side in my honest opinion. The magnetic squonk cap which is easily removed and holds in place well too with the strong magnets makes this perfect and stops and possibility from losing the bottle. The mod is measuring in at 78.2x52.3x30mm a nice size and very compact.

    We come to the bottle now there are two sorts as mentioned previously both 9ml and to a high food grade silicone bottles which makes it perfect for squonking. The IJOY specific bottles are well built (CS2) and work a treat I haven't had any issues with leakages yet. Fingers crossed this does still apply while using it on the trial run.

    The 510 connector which is stainless steel surrounding along with a gold-plated hollow pin so the BF can easily pass through. Next to the connector is the battery cap which is slightly hard to undo at first but over time it did loosen and become more of ease to unscrew and tighten. Be careful not to overtighten as this can lead to problems being unable to get undone I do think that using a bit of knurling just to get a better grip would make this a lot easier to undo. at the top of the cap, it states the negative contact. I did find when using 18650s it was very loose. I tried numerous 18650s but only the Efest had a true connection to the base and the top cap with no flaws on contact. As previously mentioned the mod does require either 1no 21700, 20700 or 18650. However, when using the adaptor, it did leave about 2mm all the way around too much in my opinion, good for airflow but come on a bigger adaptor more bespoke to the device. I would recommend using 21700 or 20700. I always use 18650s just to get a feel for them too.

    resize_DSC_1124.JPG resize_DSC_1131.JPG

    The screen is slightly angled to the mod along with the + & - buttons to cycle through the 100w. I did find using this mod at 80w was perfect but a note on this it didn't give a true reading and at times you could see the ohms change from 0.21 to 0.20 not much difference but this should have stayed at the ohm it first recognised. The screen is nice and very bright no problem here in high light conditions which makes it perfect again for the summer days. I enjoyed using this mod while out and about and it didn't feel too bulky or a hassle to carry. Such a shame you can't cycle through different modes, be aware that this mod is purely PW mode only!! TC would have worked a treat and I'm sure in saying this would give better and more enjoyable vaping.

    The buttons are very clicky and feel sturdy, where we move on to the fire button. It is great and nice and dinky but still a decent size. The response isn't the best and can be lead to slow firing but is this a problem, not really as it warms the e-liquid up nicely prior vaping.

    The squonk area is the next part I'm going to be looking at. Its brilliant and squonks lovely. I used the Dead Rabbit RDA and it fills the wells up nicely and draws the liquid back into the bottle what is not used, so a good part there. I must say this is what the device has going for itself the squoking. I haven't tried the dark bottle because the CS2 was great and why revert to a much simpler bottle? The mod can take 25mm tanks no problem and I did try a few there wasn't any overhang good one there. There's nothing worse than overhang and seeing catching your finger on the burling if any.

    I now mention as it does say fast-charging USB port does it work yes it does, but will it give optimum power supply, not really I always say charge via a charging cradle it works much better and will keep your batteries lasting a lot longer.

    2-week review
    I have been using this device for around a week and at the moment I don't feel I can possibly get any more out of it...

    Let's start with the overall power output, it is poor and very inconsistent. I used the Dead Rabbit RDA and there are no issues at all while using on other mods. It performs to an exceptionally high standard, so I'm going to put it down to the capo.

    The design is great there have been no leakages to date which is a good start and I must say it’s perfect in the hand with no implications.


    The battery life was poor on the 18650s, it never read correctly. I tried a little trick, on the most recent days of using this device. So, I charged a set of two batteries to optimum power and only last 4 hours. This is a 3500mah. I was firing at 80-90w but still 4 hours. During the end of the battery life it was on one bar, it would not fire at 80w. So, I reverted to decreasing the wattage to 60w nothing performing like a measly 20w would just smoulder the e-liquid. I then tried another battery fully charged, lasted max 3 hours at 80w give and take a few chain vapes here and there. The same happened again, one bar no power at all. I decided to give up, I took the batteries out and placed them in a new mod, both, funnily enough, half powered...very strange and working fine in another mod at 65w. They lasted a further 4 hours which is about right on 50-80w, vaping 70/30 e-liquid. it doesn’t make sense, however, its regulated it should perform.

    So, on that note, I have decided to not go to the full month review due to the overall performance of the mod.

    I would give this mod 4/5 stars for looks and feel and 1/5 stars for performance. Such a shame...nice try!



    · Fits great in the hand
    · Basic and easy to use
    · Easy to fill and squonk
    · Great build quality

    · Poor performance
    · Battery life
    · Wattage all over
    · False readings

    So, would I buy this mod? Nope, I'm afraid I would not. Its good to say it's worth having as a backup but nothing more. Do I need it as a backup not really? The way it is built I cannot fault one bit it really does outshine its overall quality and workmanship.

    If you are looking for a small squonk but not after the high performance but ideal in overall quality, then go for it I should see it being a problem. I am just used to the way the chip works and expect it to work miracles.

    Thanks, IJOY but no thanks I’ll keep searching...


    Equipment/Products Used
    Mod – IJOY Capo Squonker 100w - Black & Gold
    Tank - Dead Rabbit by Hellvape & Vaping Heathen - Matte Black
    E-liquid – Nasty Juice - A$AP Grape - 70/30 - 3mg
    Coils – Dual Coil Fused Flat Clapton- O.21ohm
    Batteries – Efest 3500mAH 18650s
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