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Innokin Lea Kross

Discussion in 'Commercial Ecigarette Reviews and Videos' started by Jackal3, Sep 26, 2011.

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  1. Jackal3

    Jackal3 Unregistered Supplier ECF Veteran

    Jun 22, 2010
    Cleveland OH USA
    My review of the INNOKIN “LEA KROSS”
    Well it’s about time a new PV enters the picture, introducing the Innokin Kross Dual Coil Cartomizer. The following is my review.


    Factory Specs:
    Battery Measurements: 94mm x 13.5mm (not including the cap/cover)
    Battery capacity: 650 mAh
    Charge time: 3-4h
    Input voltage: 4.5V~6.5V
    Working voltage: 3.7V
    Cartomizer : Dual Coil 55mm long
    Lea colors available: Dim Gray, Matte Black, Pearl White and Barbara Red

    Basic Starter kit includes:
    1 battery 650mAh
    5 extra long dual coil cartomizers
    1 cartomizer protective cover with pen style clip
    X1, X2 and X3 adapters
    1 retractable USB mini cable for charging
    1 wall charger
    1 user manual

    First Impressions:
    It comes packaged in a very nice low profile box with magnetic lid. The box holds the Lea Kross battery, a separate box with 5 extra long cartomizers, the 3 adapters and another box with the retractable USB cable and wall charger, and of course the manual. The Lea battery comes in a nice, velvet like packaging and is securely held to it via a ribbon. The Lea seems a bit shorter than the Leo, and definitely slimmer in design. The Barbara Red is a nice color that appeals to me, as well as the flat silver edn cap and cartomizer cap that compliment the battery. The small push button on the battery is round and takes 3 taps to turn the Lea Kross on. This has become standard with the Lea and its siblings. I can live with that feature alone. The Lea Kross is light weight and easy to hold. I’m hoping the vape is as sexy as the appearance

    The battery as mentioned is 650mAh. Upon steady almost constant use it gave me about seven hours of vaping before needing charged. It is rather light in weight for it being 650 mAh. The Lea Kross is PT capable, having the same mini USB charging cable as the Lea and Leo under the bottom cap. The button is very small, but sticks out pretty well so it’s not difficult to activate. A small light ring around the button glows different colors according to how much charge is left in the battery. Green for good charge, yellow for medium, and red for low/no charge. No problems with it sticking or anything and works smoothly with every push. The cartomizer cover/cap screws onto the battery and is extra long, to cover your cartomizers. This is another new feature, as the original Lea cap/cover snaps onto the atomizer only.

    The dual coil cartomizer is a standard 510 carto but very long, about 55mm . I’m told that the standard 510 fitting will fit any available 510 carto out there. I tried a Boge LR 510 on it and it does work great. This is key to making the Lea a very adaptable unit. Since I don’t have a plethora of cartomizers to try, I’ll have to stick with the given ones for now. One notable thing is the color of the dual coil cartos that came with the kit… the paper wrapper around the cartos look like cigarette filters. If I were Innokin, I’d chage that to plain black, or something to match the Kross. This cigarette looking carto on here just doesn’t “go”.

    X1, X2 and X3 adapters:
    The Lea Kross comes with the listed three adapters. Each one is designed to fit myriad cartomizer sizes. The X1 fits NJOY NPRO, RN4081, Greensmoke etc. The X2 fits Vapor4Life, Non-branded KR808D-1 kits/cartridges, Smoke 51 DUO, etc. The X3 fits the European Cigar_Clean, etc. More popular brands that fit the Lea Kross are VaporKing, White Cloud, SmokeTip, Red Dragon, Bloog, e-cigs, Vapure, E-9, and Esmoke Sensation, as well as South Beach Smokes, LeCigs, V2 Cigs and others.

    The charger is a mini USB to standard USB cable. It has a nice long cord 15” length. The charger cable’s mini USB plugs right into the bottom of the Leo battery. The port is hidden by the end chrome cap which unscrews to reveal the port.

    I charged the battery up to full before using the first time. I screwed the pre-filled dual coil cartomizer onto the Lea Kross battery and began vaping. The draw on the Lea Kross is very easy. The cartomizer about knocked me off my feet with the TH. I’ve tried other dual coil cartos before and the effects were nothing to write home about, but this one just about knocked the wind out of me. Aside from the fact that I’m not a huge tobacco flavor fan, this thing is SWEET! The vapor was very much like actual smoke. It was airy yet with lots of volume. The taste was good, not killer, but I’m not a fan of this flavor. In short, nice! I can’t wait to empty this carto and fill it with my own cappuccino flavor.
    The TH is there, really there. I’m getting a LOT more TH than I’m used to getting. Refilling cartomizer should be a snap, as it has the rubber soft top and fills like every other cartomizer. The battery lasted me about 7 hours, so a second one would be needed to get me through a day.

    The INNOKIN Lea Kross is definitely something to add to your collection. I’m enjoying the vape as something I can get into when I’m not dripping or using my Boge Leo. The thick, sweet vapor is a nice contrast to my Leo’s massive volume of vapor. Price wise the Lea Kross is relative to the Lea. The solid performing 650mAh 3.7v battery, combined with the multitude of cartomizer options will definitely give you the nicotine you need, as well as get you looks from vapers and non-vapers alike. Good power and eye catching, versatile and cutting edge. The Lea Kross is a really great cartomizer unit. The Lea’s size and ‘pen look alike’ styling, as well as the On/Off feature really make this the perfect “at the office” PV. Think of it… now you don’t have to carry a handful of tiny e-cig batteries to use your favorite cartomizers. Simply use the appropriate X adapter and you have a 650mAh battery with 3 button push on/off and mini-USB charging. In the time it took me to write this I’ve been vaping on the Lea Kross Dual Carto and already have a major nicotine head rush. If my words slur after this it’s because I’ve OD’d on vapor with this thing.

    Kit Contents: 10/10 Seems to be everything you need to get you started on a great PV
    Battery Life: 7/10 There are higher mAh batteries out there, and a 2 battery set is needed.
    Looks: 10/10 Just like the Lea, the Lea Kross has the advantage of multiple carto uses and a cap that fits.
    Quality: 10/10 Well crafted, durable and the one of the best PVs in its class.
    Flavor: 8.5/10 As good as flavor gets from your cartomizers.
    Vapor: 9/10 Nice plumes of vapor.
    TH: 10/10 Much more than I’m used to.

    The Innokin Kross is a serious butt kicker. The vapor production in the Innokin dual coil cartomizer gives off a huge amount of vapor and throat hit. I am VERY impressed with this unit. It comes highly recommended by me for those who like a TH and vapor, without loss of flavor (I can even taste my light flavored favorite like shaddock, a lime/pear taste). I can't wait to get these in my store.
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