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Joye LR 306 User Guide

Discussion in 'VaporFlow' started by MrNYFC, Dec 23, 2010.

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  1. MrNYFC

    MrNYFC Unregistered Supplier ECF Veteran

    Oct 7, 2009
    New York
    Joye LR 306 User Guide

    The Joye LR 306 Atomizer is very similar to other LR 306 atomizers on the market. However, we will assemble this user guide for those users of the Joye LR 306 as some important notes must be made.

    • You must use a battery rated at no less than 450mAh and no higher than 3.7v when using LR atomizers.

    • Joye LR 306 atomizers do come with some primer fluid. Before use, simply remove the black cartridge, turn upside down into a napkin, and blow out an excess through the bottom into the napkin.

    • When “priming” the Joye LR 306, or getting ready to use it for the first time, drop 4-5 drops of e-liquid directly onto the atomizer coil. Let the atomizer absorb some of this liquid. Try taking a a drag or two, then drop another 2 drops or so. Do this for about one hour until the atomizer is fully broken in. Do not fire this atomizer before it is primed!

    • Do not “dry burn” LR atomizers to clean them. If cleaning is prescribed, try blowing out any excess liquid that may be stuck inside of the atomizer. If that does not remedy the issue, you can try soaking in some grain alcohol for 30-60 mins. Afterward, blow the excess out and repeat the priming period. Advanced users may choose to remove the burnt wick.

    • Joye LR 306 must be kept moist at all times. The moment a “burnt” or “bad” taste is detected, drip at least 1 to 2 more drops to re-moisten it.

    • The 306 atomizer shares the same threading as a 510. Use your Joye LR 306 with any mod or Riva-type device that calls for a 510, without any further modifications.

    • These atomizers do not require a terribly long break in time. After you have primed the atomizer, just remember to keep it moist and enjoy.


    • Translucent Acrylic drip tips fit these atomizers very nicely. We recommend lubricating the walls of the atomizer (silver part) with a drop of e-liquid, then affixing the drip tip to the atomizer by pressing the drip tip all the way down to the base of the atomizer.

    --> Many find these LR 306 atomizers to be superior to the LR 510! You be the judge!
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