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  • Apr 26, 2019
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      Hi, today let's take a look at joyetech Evio Pod. In this Test I will examine each of the characteristics that distinguish this item. I hope that by the end of this reading you may have understood this product, and therefore decide whether to invest in it or not. As always, my opinions are free and based on my personal experience.
      • Enjoy the reading.

      joyetech Evio Pod; Before starting let's see together some special features indicated by the manufacturer:
      • 1. New updated version of the Joyetech EVIO series
      • 2. vaping MTL / RDL You can toggle between H and L levels by rotating the pod 180 °.
      • 3. 0.8Ω pod with Mesh Coil heats up faster, supporting great flavor.
      • 4. Slide the spout to reveal the fill hole.
      • 5. With a 960mAh battery featuring Type-C fast charging technology, it only takes 1 hour to fully charge.

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      ► Joyetech Evio Pod; Packaging:
      The cardboard package has a black background with red textures, perhaps to indicate the device it contains. On the front we find the brand and the identification of the product, both of these items are made with white fonts. In the center is the image of this item. On the side you can see the main features in the form of icons. On the back of the package you can see; The content, specifications, barcode, color of the sample (Red). scratch & Check. trademarks and logos required by law.

      Joyetech Evio Pod 3.jpg

      The sides of the package contain; the logo, the brand, the words "Forward Thinking" and numerous social icons to indicate the places where Joyetech promotes its products.

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      ► Joyetech Evio Pod; Packing List:
      • 1x EVIO Pod Battery
      • 1x EVIO Pod 0.8Ω cartridge
      • 1x USB-C cable for charging
      • 1x Warranty Card
      • 1x User Manual

      Joyetech Evio Pod 5.jpg

      ► Joyetech Evio Pod; Specifications:
      • Dimensions: 15x27x106mm
      • Battery capacity: 960mAh
      • Cartridge capacity: 3ml
      • Maximum power: 17W
      • Charging Port: USB-C
      • Charging current: 5V / 1A

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      ► Joyetech Evio Pod; Available colours:
      • Gray
      • Black
      • Blue
      • Red

      Joyetech Evio Pod 7.JPG

      ► Joyetech Evio Pod; First Impressions:
      Shortly thereafter, here is my second review of a Joyetech product. This time I'm talking about an even more basic device than EVIO C2 of which you can read my review... here

      Joyetech Evio Pod 8.jpg

      The new Evio Pod can only be activated with the "automatic puff" and there is no power button, furthermore Evio is equipped with a disposable cartridge with integrated coil, a type particularly suitable for beginners or the elderly who need to reduce maintenance in favor of greater ease of use of their device. So the question arises spontaneously; Is this device so basic that it is considered useless in such a prolific pod mod market? Reply; No, because there are some pretty interesting aspects in Evio Pod that we will see later in the review, so I just ask you a little patience. Now I'll just let you imagine how comfortable the Evio Pod is to use and slip into your pocket after use.

      Joyetech Evio Pod 9.jpg

      ► Joyetech Evio Pod; Battery & Led;
      The Joyetech Evio Pod kit with a maximum power of 17W and has an integrated 960mAh cell, I would say a good size, for those who want long autonomy for their device. The 1A type C fast charging port is located on the bottom, and an LED indicator is installed in the lower part of the panel that helps you monitor the operating status of the Mod and the remaining battery level, while vaping and during the recharge.
      * Each color corresponds to a battery level percentage, as follows:
      • Green 100-60%
      • Blue 60-20%
      • Red 20-0%

      Joyetech Evio Pod 10.jpg

      Evio Pod can be fully charged in just over an hour, via a notebook, wall adapters or with any suitable charging device such as a 5V / 1A power bank.


      ► Joyetech Evio Pod; Design:
      The Joyetech EVIO Pod range consists of 4 basic colors, during this test the Red specimen was sent to me. What I can tell you now is that the Evio Pod has a sturdy aluminum body with a classic shape, beveled at the sides, and quite light, weighing only 45g. The body of the Mod is not embroidered with any invasive writing but is finely decorated with a rather artistic texture that should represent an ancient wall of stones (in my imagination).


      ► Joyetech Evio Pod; MTL / RDL:
      High on one of the narrow panels you can see a letter "L" positioned just above a small airflow hole. On the opposite side you can see the letter "H" and no airflow. This simple system is called SYNC CONTROL, in practice it is possible to alternate the H (RDL) and L (MTL) levels simply by rotating the cartridge 180 °.


      The compartment / pod does not use any magnet to hold the cartridge, the interlocking system is particularly tenacious and proves to be an economical but at the same time adequate and functional solution. On the bottom of the compartment / pod there are the contact pins and the detection sensor for the automatic "blow" ... But the floor of the compartment also shows two incisions carved into the plastic, on one side there is a long channel dug in correspondence of the letter "L" and the airflow hole, remember? While in correspondence of the letter "H" there is a small hollow. You can also see how the bottom of the cartridge is a mirror image of what I have shown you in the compartment / pod so far. Then you can look at the bottom of the cartridge and compare it with the compartment to choose an MTL or RDL vape. But you can also refer to the water drop mark that is on one side of the cartridge. When this mark is turned to the H side, you get the greatest airflow. When this mark is turned to the L side, you get a small MTL airflow.


      ► Joyetech EVIO Pod; Disposable cartridge:
      The evio Pod cartridge is made of PCTG of a light color which is widely transparent for optimal control of the internal liquid. Filling is another innovation of this kit and it makes use of a pretty good and fast sliding cap system! The first time I slid the cap, I was faced with a silicone rubber that was impossible to lift with your fingernails! So not having the instruction manual I was wondering how it was possible to fill this tank !!! In the end, almost with desperation, I took a bottle of e-liquid and through its needle I pressed on the rubber! With amazement and by magic the needle entered like butter through the seal allowing me to load all 3ml of e-liquid! I was quite puzzled by this garnish; I thought that drilling a hole might be the ultimate final solution provided by the manufacturer. However, this being a pre-series sample, perhaps we will see something different in the final version. I don't know... but my system has worked great for now.


      ► Joyetech EVIO Pod; Vaping test & final conclusions:
      For my vape test with EVIO Pod I used both of the two cartridges available in the kit, one cartridge with "Crispy" aroma and the other with "Too puft" aroma. Both compositions are with a 50/50 VG-PG base and with a 3mg / ml boost. So after filling the e-liquid cartridges I waited about 10 minutes before starting to vape to allow the cotton to absorb the e-liquid well.

      • RDL Vape:
      The disposable cartridge with 0.8Ω Mesh coil provides a good flavor right out of the box and without weird or spoiled flavors. With the RDL position selected, the production of steam in relation to the power delivered (17W) is more than satisfactory and even when vaping compulsively, the heat that develops is never too hot. This 0.8Ω Mesh Coil is a good compromise for this type of Vape that I would personally identify more as "loose Mtl" rather than as RDL, the performances I consider well balanced in the production of flavor / vapor and hit.

      • MTL Vape:
      After turning the cartridge 180 ° in the pod, I get ready to try what should be the MTL vaping mode. I confirm that it is an MTL mode and also quite restricted! Excellent news for lovers of "suffocated" shooting. I usually appreciate the RDL vape more, however I must admit that this configuration satisfies me a lot! I find both e-liquids I am using during testing to be particularly faithful to the original flavor, plus the vapor is hot enough for me, and the narrow pull allows me to clearly feel the full strength of the nic for an increased hit in gluttony and for greater satisfaction in the most stressful moments of the day.

      In conclusion, for me EVIO Pod is a well-built starter Kit, pleasant to the touch, structurally solid, certainly affordable in the purchase price. During the test I did not find any malfunctions. The formation of condensation is completely absent. So for me in its category it is a winner and I recommend it.

      I would like to thank Joyetech for providing me with the kit. I hope this contribution of mine has been useful for anyone wishing to purchase Joyetech EVIO Pod.

      Thanks for reading.

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