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Keep cool with Vapor Nine! Summer GIVEAWAY/Contest!

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May 17, 2009
Jacksonville, FL

    It's so hot! What do you like to when the summer heat starts cooking your brain? Here at Vapor Nine we like to give away things when it gets too hot! (Lucky you!)

    The usual rules:
    (our lawyers make us put these in)

    1. Post a picture/animated .gif/whatever of how you like to stay cool during the summer!

    2. You must number your post

    Here's an example post for you:
    I like to beat the summer heat by playing in the sprinkler!

    You may enter the contest up to nine times. You don't have to be present in our live chat to win but we will be giving random prizes in the chat when we announce the winners so you should definitley come check it out!
    Winners will be announced on our livechat show Friday around 3pm (est), so make sure to tune in! :)


    Grand Prize:
    500 Vapor Bucks! (Like winning $50 of store credit to get anything you'd like!)

    2nd Prize:
    300 Vapor Bucks!

    3rd Prize
    200 Vapor Bucks!

    Mystery Prize:
    All entrants will be eligable to win a super-secret mystery prize from Ben or Nick, so make your entry stand out!

    See you all at 3 on Friday!

    If you don't know how to post .gifs check this out.
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