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KR808D-1 Sealed Automatic Battery Starter Kit

Discussion in 'EV Cigarettes' started by Celestino, Oct 5, 2012.

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  1. Celestino

    Celestino Forum Supplier ECF Veteran

    May 4, 2010
    Jacksonville, FL USA
    We are proud to now offer Genuine Kanger Sealed Automatic KR808D-1 Starter Kits and Batteries!


    The KR808D-1 Electronic Cigarette is regarded as the best and easiest to use 2-piece Mini Electric Cigarette models currently available.

    The 2-piece design of the KR808D-1 consists of a Battery and a Cartomizer which is the heating element (Atomizer) and Cartridge (E-Liquid Storage) in one piece!

    KR808D-1 Horizontal Coil Cartomizers (HC Cartomizers) can produce clouds of vapor with a very easy draw.

    KR808D-1 Cartomizers are inexpensive and disposable pieces however, they can also be refilled and typically last 4-7 days/refills.

    The 280 mAh Sealed Automatic Battery with 10 second cut-off time can provide 3+hours of use depending on how often it's used and the length of draw.

    KR808D-1 Sealed Automatic Batteries are activated by drawing or pulling vapor from an E-Liquid filled KR808D-1 Cartomizer, vGo Cartomizer, or other 808D-1 threaded Cartomizer that is attached to the Automatic Battery.

    Our KR808D-1 Automatic Batteries have sealed threads which helps prevent damage to your battery from E-Liquid leakage (see photo below).


    The KR808D-1 is a very simple yet powerful Mini Electronic Cigarette that is great for beginners and used by many who prefer it's size and ease of use.

    KR808D-1 Sealed Automatic Battery Starter Kit Contents

    • 2x KR808D-1 Sealed Automatic Battery (10 second Cut-Off) | 3.7V - 4.2V
    • 6x KR808D-1 Horizontal Coil Cartomizers (Empty/No E-Liquid) | 2.4 ohm - 2.6 ohm
    • 1x USB AC Adapter
    • 1x USB Charger
    • 2x FREE 10mL Dekang E-Liquids * Bonus Offer*

    Product Specifications

    • Battery Capacity: 280 mAh (4+ hours of vape time)
    • Battery Voltage: 3.3V - 4.2V
    • Battery Colors Available: Black | White | Stainless Steel
    • Battery Style: Sealed Automatic | Draw/Pull to Activate
    • Battery Thread: 808D-1 | vGo
    • Cartomizer Capacity: 0.8 mL
    • Cartomizer Resistance: 2.4 ohm - 2.6 ohm

    We offer fast, same day shipping on all orders placed before 2 P.M. E.S.T. and FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $100!

    See more now at!

  2. tmhawk

    tmhawk Full Member

    Dec 30, 2012
    I wanted to wait awhile before I posted a review on the KR808D-1 just to make sure it stood the test of time. I've been using Bloog and Volt and was a little leary about trusting another company with having the same kind of quality, but since I needed some VG eliquid anyway (not available on the others), I decided to get the mini kit and check it out. The price is outstanding and so is the battery. Like Bloog and Volt, it is sealed adn you have the options of length and color. I prefer the stainless because I think it looks slimmer than the colors. The EV is not the shiny silver like the others, it's more like brushed aluminum so it doesn't show smudges. There's no logo printed on it and there is no noticeable power or duration difference. The power stays good until just before it dies out; it's like you'll wonder if you have enough liquid and then the next puff it starts to blink. I know Volt & Bloog say theirs stay strong until you recharge, but theirs is exactly the same. There is an advantage to EV: on the 'screw on' end, there is a little extra piece- a strip that keeps the connection just a bit higher. I have noticed that when my equipment starts to age, the batteries on my Volts are not connecting with my nanos. They still do on the EV's, however. Cool. I'll be ordering more from EV. The prices are great and the customer service is outstanding. Don't hesitate to buy this battery just because the price is low. It's a win-win.
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