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Labubs Looks Over: The Satburn Mech Mod by ULTON -An Extremely Versatile 18350/ 18500/14500/18650 Hy

Discussion in 'E-Cigarette APV Reviews' started by Labubs, Nov 26, 2019.

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  1. Labubs

    Labubs Full Member

    Jan 26, 2015
    Northeast PA
    The Satburn Mech Mod
    Introduction and Overview
    Double Review Day! In this review, I'm looking at something a little different. Another ULTON product, but this time a mech mod (technically, two mechs, with one having extreme battery versatility). The Satburns are hybrid designs, which means you NEED to check the 510 pins on any atomizer before use! This kit comes with a bunch of extras, 3 main 18*** tubes with 3 interchangeable top caps (16mm, 17mm, and 22mm) and a very tiny 14500 mech. Seriously, look at that little guy! It was enough to make me bust out the classic tiny dripper from yesteryear for a TRUE stealth vape!
    Album link, though I'll be linking relevant images throughout the review-
    Product Page - ULTON Satburn Satmod Style 22mm /17mm Style Hybrid Mod 14500/18350/18500/18650 Kit - Silver
    (Disclaimers at bottom)
    Manufacturer Specifications
    • Height 78mm (for 18650 battery)
    • Weight 200g
    • 510 hybrid connection
    • Interchangeable caps (16mm, 17mm, 22mm) on Sat 22mm style mod
    • Low voltage drop
    • Compatiable with 18350/ 18500/ 18650 battery on Sat 22mm (Battery not included)
    • Compatiable with 14500 battery on Sat 14500(Battery not included)
    First Impressions
    Tiny. I was told this was going to be a small mech, but I truly didn't expect it to be this small. As shown above, the kit allows for use of 18350s, 18500s, and 18650s. It also comes with a second, truly tiny 14500 mech. There are 3 top caps that are interchangeable on the 18*** tubes, allowing 16mm, 17mm, and 22mm atomizers to sit flush. For demonstration purposes, here is a 16.5mm Aerotank on the 16mm top cap in 18500 mode. Please note that this is for demonstration ONLY and there was no battery inside at the time, as the Aerotank (and all tanks that take coil heads) are not suitable for hybrid style mods. For those of you with the 16/17mm MTL RDAs that have become popular lately, I highly recommend checking this kit out!
    Build Quality
    It's a mech, so it's quite simple. Aside from the 3 top caps, it's battery tubes and a button that fires your atomizers. Hybrid style, so use appropriate toppers with a protruding 510 pin. Build quality is good, though admittedly not the absolute perfection of ULTONs atomizers. Threading is a bit squeaky, though battery rattle is almost non-existent. You really want to triple check your wraps with this one, as being such a small mech, the battery really sits in the tube quite snugly. The buttons fire nicely, no 'crunchiness'. It's a simple but effective button design, and utilizes a spring in the housing. Stainless Steel construction, though the metal is quite thin in the tube area (I'm guessing to save space, and it's really not a con, just something I thought I should mention).
    Functionality and Performance
    I really found myself enjoying the stealthiness of this mech. The 14500 and 18350 variations are especially small, the 14500 is about the same width as a Sharpie, and much shorter. Voltage drop is pretty low, I found it to hit much harder than my brass-buttoned SMPL, which is the most similar mech I own to compare it to. Button throw is nice, not too stiff, not too loose, and there was no 'crunchiness' at all for me. All around performs as expected for a hybrid mech, and the different options in tubes and top caps is definitely nice to have, I now will be looking into more 16 or 17mm RDAs as it's a great little stealth mech. The 14500 especially is like the 'one-hitter' of mechs hah.
    In Conclusion
    A nice stealth hybrid mech with options for all batteries sized 18650 and smaller. Simple and effective, it does what you want it to, and does it well. It can't be stated enough on how small this thing is, it's almost impossible to convey through pictures...a great choice for mech users who want something nice and concealable that can take a wide array of batteries. It may be a bit niche nowadays with the shift to 2*700, but there's a nice nostalgia about this mod, and it's great for out and about use!
    • Lots of options for batteries
    • Small form factor
    • Low Voltage Drop
    • Top Caps for 22mm, 16mm, and 17mm
    • With the large shift to 2*700 lately, this may be a bit niche to some
    • Thinner metal on the tubing
    • Threads are a bit squeaky
    Overall: 7/10
    This mech does what it's supposed to, and does it well, though the variations are largely aimed at people who already have 18350/18500/14500 cells on hand. Threading could be slightly better. The 18650 variant works excellently and has replaced my SMPL as my stealth hybrid, and I am definitely going to be getting some modern 16/17mm RDAs to enjoy the 14500 variant that much more. I would certainly reccomend this kit to anyone who is looking for a stealthy mech, and doubly so if you have a variety of battery sizes!
    (Disclaimer: This product was sent to me by 2Fdeal for the purposes of this review, though that has zero influence on the review itself. This is the version I was sent. I spend at least a week, usually two using all products for review to really get a feel for how they perform.)
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