Lexicon mod need firmware update

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Nov 21, 2018
Hello eleaf. I feel little dissapointed you advertise lexicon mod to be firmware upgradeable yet you only release one day1 firmware which only feature is to add custom logo on the tiny screen. It feel you only did this so you can advertise it to be upgradeable, yet no firmware to fix these:

-Cant reset the puff/time counter. Come on, not being able to reset the counters make them pretty much useless

-breathing effect setting doesnt work. This is a very bad bug that would be easy to fix but you dont. Problem is you choose your style of effect which work and is nice selling point of the lexicon. Im talking about the breathing effect function you cant turn off. Everytime you fire it make the light effect of your choosing. But after you release fire it gives multicolor breathing effect for several seconds. There is a setting if you want to turn it off but the setting doesnt work. Its really annoying and ruin the light effects becouse you need to turn all effects off to get rid of it. It has it own settings but that doesnt work. I only want lexicon to give effect while vaping, no need to keep flashing for several seconds after every vape. In a long run you just wanna turn all the lights off. Bugged breathing effect ruins the show.

These would be really easy to fix if the device is truly firmware upgradeable, but it feel you just dont care. Youre given this feedback from many other customers aswell but you do nothing. Someone could probably fix these within an hour and release the fix but no.

I need a new mod for my many attys, but service like this make it almoust imposible to choose eleaf when there are so many other options.
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