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Discussion in 'General E-Liquid Reviews' started by addicted4life, May 3, 2010.

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  1. addicted4life

    addicted4life Full Member

    Mar 30, 2010
    Somewhere E-Liquid Review:

    All juices were tasted by using a brand new, empty 510 Cartomizer from I used a Big Chuck with a freshly charged 18650 battery at 3.7 volts and original 510 threading. Through this review, I tried to eliminate all extraneous factors and keep this review as scientific as possible, even though all reviews are completely subjective. The E-Liquid I was writing about was actually being vaped, while I wrote each review. Each E-Liquid used completely filled the Cartomizer and was vaped until all E-Liquid was gone out of the Cartomizer. Some E-Liquid, which I enjoyed, were vaped more than others.

    Flavor I rated on a scale from 1-5 (5 - Being the most accurately represented by the title to 1 - Being not tasting like the title)

    The Throat Hit I rated on a scale from 1-5 (1 – Extremely Light, 2 – Light, 3 – Medium, 4 – Strong, 5 – Extremely Strong).

    All flavors were from and had a nicotine level of 24mg/ml (except Kick Azz Caramel).

    I received no type of compensation from any company for these reviews. I only put these reviews out as my opinion and my opinion only. Hope you enjoy!

    Red Bull:

    Flavor - 5 of 5: The flavor is exactly the same taste of Red Bull, going straight down to the carbonation feel you would get with a red bull.
    Throat Hit - 3 of 5: I prefer a strong throat hit to get me satisfied and not needing an analog. Unfortunately for me, this just didn’t seem to do it. One long, strong drag produces very little throat hit at all.
    Vapor - 5 of 5: The Red Bull produces a pretty good vapor. Small drags produce similar cigarette sized vapor clouds, while long drags produce similar cigar sized vapor clouds.
    Miscellaneous: The two things this juice doesn’t give you are caffeine and wings. I would definitely add this to my daily vapor list if the throat hit was harsher.

    Cuban Cigar:

    Flavor - 5 of 5: Oh my god. I absolutely love this. I’ve never smoked a Cuban Cigar before, however, now I can see the appeal. It’s a very smooth taste!
    Throat Hit - 4 of 5: The throat hit is pretty solid. Not too rough, but you can definitely feel it.
    Vapor - 5 of 5: Full clouds of vapor with a good drag.
    Miscellaneous: My god! This is definitely a daily vape! I’m not a big fan of Cigars, but when I did smoke them, I loved to inhale them due to the powerful throat hit. My only problem was that after 4-5 cigars, my throat would feel sore or raw; there’s no more problem with the Cuban Cigar e-juice!

    Grandpa’s Mix:

    Flavor – 5 of 5: This flavor seems like a mix of a light tobacco with a hint of fruit. I can understand how people can say it’s a “pine-like” taste, but my taste-buds seem to like it.
    Throat Hit – 3 of 5: The throat hit isn’t too light, but isn’t too strong either. You could smoke this all day and your throat would feel just fine.
    Vapor – 4 of 5: There isn’t THAT much vapor produced, but it’s sufficient enough to get the job done.
    Miscellaneous: I really like this flavor. It’s been added to my daily vape; the only problem I have is that since I like a heavy throat-hit, I seem to be vaping it more, a LOT more. I would have to measure it at 7.5ml a day with Grandpa’s Mix. It also seems to be a pretty good vape at 6v as well as 3.7v.

    Fresh Apple:

    Flavor – 3 of 5: I have a feeling what this vapor was supposed to taste like was a “Granny Smith Apple,” unfortunately for me, it wasn’t. It had a very slight hint of apple taste. It almost felt like the flavor even hit as an aftertaste…
    Throat Hit – 2 of 5: There was very little throat hit at all, enough so you could feel it, but it was extremely light.
    Vapor – 2 of 5: Vapor? What vapor? Yes, there is vapor, but you need to take a long hard drag to get enough vapor to compare to a small drag on other E-Liquids.
    Miscellaneous: I was really let down by the flavor, or lack thereof. I really do enjoy the flavor of apples, but this was a complete letdown.

    Cherry Cola:

    Flavor – 5 of 5: For someone who really doesn’t care for Cherry Soda at all, I was really impressed. You don’t get the extreme carbonated feel like you do with the Red Bull, but there is a hint of it. Bottom line: It tastes exactly like Cherry Soda, with less carbonation. For me, I like the less carbonation, so it’s really up to you.
    Throat Hit – 2 of 5: There was very little throat hit at all, enough so you could feel it, but it was extremely light.
    Vapor – 3 of 5: Not too much vapor, or as much as I would’ve liked, but it’s sufficient for a decent vape.
    Miscellaneous: I think if the flavor was a tad bit more pronounced and a better throat hit, I could say it would definitely be an all-day E-Juice I’d use.

    Very Berry:

    Flavor – 5 of 5: Wow… Simply Wow. I can’t pinpoint the exact fruits it tastes like, but it’s good. It reminds me of a fruit punch type flavor. It’s impressive to say the least.
    Throat Hit – 5 of 5: There’s a solid throat hit. Not something that would hurt your throat or make you cough, but a nice solid, smooth throat hit.
    Vapor – 5 of 5: Incredible amounts of Vapor. Easy drags produce good vapor amounts and strong drags produce large quantities of vapor.
    Miscellaneous: As someone who never thought they’d like vaping fruity stuff and only want to stick to tobacco, I’m extremely impressed. This is definitely an all day vape! My only issue with this vape is the throat hit definitely lightens up over time when the Cartomizer starts getting low.

    Fried Apple:

    Flavor – 5 of 5: It’s definitely spot on. There’s no doubt about it that it’s warm fried apple or even apple pie.
    Throat Hit – 5 of 5: It’s a good throat hit as well. Once again, it’s not too strong where you’ll cough or it’ll hurt eventually, but it’s strong enough to know you’re not just drawing in Oxygen.
    Vapor – 5 of 5: I’ve got to say, this has a pretty good vapor amount to it.
    Miscellaneous: I’m not that big of a fan of fried apples, but this was pretty good. I could definitely see this as being an all-day vape for some people, but it’s not just for me. Since I vape chronically, this flavor would probably make me feel sick after a while.

    Maple Cream:

    Flavor – 5 of 5: It reminds me of the Maple Cream inside of those little Russel Stover’s chocolates. In comparison to those, I’d have to say that the Maple Cream, is indeed, Maple Cream.
    Throat Hit – 3 of 5: The throat hit is rather weak. It would’ve been nice to have a full Maple Cream throat hit for that everlasting taste.
    Vapor – 4 of 5: The Maple Cream produces a good sized vapor, not as much as I’d like to have seen compared to others, but it was sufficient.
    Miscellaneous: I hate Maple Cream in general. At least, from what I know about it from the Russel Stover’s candies :); however, the flavor review is NOT my flavor of choice, but rather whether or not the description fits the vape.


    Flavor – 5 of 5: Wow, this does taste exactly like hot Cinnamon Buns with Icing. It’s actually a pretty nice vape!
    Throat Hit – 4 of 5: The throat hit is pretty nice. Something of where it could be an all-day vape and you’d be satisfied without needing an analog.
    Vapor – 5 of 5: It’s always satisfying getting huge mountains of vapor coming out along with a good taste!
    Miscellaneous: This is an incredible taste! I haven’t had an “exotic” flavor that tastes so much like what it’s supposed to. This will most likely be integrated in my morning vape! NOTE: I did try this vapor on a DSE901 and got the reported “perfume” taste that most others tasted. For this review, I did not factor that into the flavor since I’m trying to create consistency over variables.


    Flavor – 2 of 5: So there’s a HINT of Pistachio flavor. Just to double check, I popped a few actual Pistachio nuts to compare the taste. I love Pistachios, but this E-Juice only seemed to have a hint of flavor in it.
    Throat Hit – 5 of 5: The throat was extremely strong, but it just felt more like a burning taste going down my throat. I don’t know if this stuff was mixed wrong or what, but I actually tried it in two different, brand new cartomizers just to make sure I hadn’t gotten a bad cartomizer. Still the same throat hit.
    Vapor – 2 of 5: Really not a good amount of vapor at all.
    Miscellaneous: This was not a good flavor at all. I was really disappointed considering I like Pistachio nuts. I was hesitant about this review, just due to the fact that I didn’t know what to expect by vaping a “nut” flavor. Hopefully this was just a bad batch?

    Kick Azz Caramel (36mg/ml):

    Flavor – 4 of 5: There’s a pretty good amount of flavoring to this vape. You can tell there’s a good amount of Caramel in it, I’d just prefer a tad bit more; then again, I like a lot of Caramel with anything I have that uses it.
    Throat Hit – 5 of 5: I was impressed with the throat hit. It was strong, but yet no burning feel at all. It’s probably one of the best throat hits I’ve had (Yes, I know how bad that sounds).
    Vapor – 5 of 5: This produced a good amount of flavor from even smaller drags. It was nice and thick, which reflects well in the throat hit.
    Miscellaneous: If it weren’t 36mg, I probably would add this to a daily vape. You know, something after dinner as a sweet treat. 36mg is a little strong for me and I like to max out at 24mg. Some say 36mg should be cut anyways.


    Flavor – 1 of 5: OK, I’m not going to lie. The only other RY4 E-Juice I’ve had was from heavens-gifts and it was god awful. It was extremely heavy, but at least it tasted like SOMETHING. I can barely get any flavor out of this at all, with the exception of very mild tobacco.
    Throat Hit – 5 of 5: The throat hit is good, too bad the flavor isn’t strong enough to do anything.
    Vapor – 5 of 5: Good amounts of vapor as well!
    Miscellaneous: I think this would be a decent vape for most people if it actually had a more powerful tobacco flavor. Not something as strong as the RY4 from heavens-gifts, but definitely something stronger than what I received.


    Please leave me any feedback, positive or negative, and let me know if you'd like any other reviews done.
  2. kemuri

    kemuri Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Nov 26, 2009
    out of town
    I did get the pistachio in 0mg. Did think it was in the pistachio realm, though not overpoweringly so which is how I wanted it actually. It is possible we got different batches but not sure, taste being so totally subjective.

    The reason for getting the 0mg is because I intend to start a bit of mixing on my own since it will not be a bad skill to develop, considering the somewhat cloudy future at times. Will try adding the 0mg to other baccy flavors to see how it goes. Also, MV tends to carry 24mg pistachio and I find I'm starting to ease off on it these days, possibly even wanting 11mg sometimes. Since MV has the higher mg pistachio, it's possible to blend.

    Hope Hoog decides to carry some doublers and at least some major flavors for the DIY crowd.

    Thanks for the review, addicted4life. I might try the cigar on my next liquid order from MV.
  3. misterD

    misterD Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    thanks for the review! i got his rY4 but maybe becos it was from a different batch i found it to be spot on.
    but no! im not getting anymore juice! maybe 2 10mls (vanutla and Kick Azz Caramel) bottles than im done!!
  4. CaptJay

    CaptJay Vaping Master ECF Veteran

    Jan 3, 2010
    A Brit, abroad, (USA)
    The Lime freeze by madvapes is nice Mister D - not to tempt you or anything - its exactly like alime freeze pop. Refreshing.
  5. misterD

    misterD Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    i have the lime freeze!:p
    try mixing it with cola.
    lime freeze + cola
    cinnibiscus + RY4
    you guys can thank me later!!!
  6. $hua

    $hua Super Member ECF Veteran

    Im thinking about mixing a bit of the madvapes Vanutla with the RY4 i got from there....


    On the Very Berry..... i agree with you on almost all points, with the exception of being "an all day" vape.... for me, there is a perfume-ish after taste that kinda ruins the initial burst of berry.

    Gonna get a bottle of the kick azz caramel on my next order.. and im eyeing that cherry cola too! Kinda curious about their redbull also.... they really need more 36mg flavors IMO
  7. misterD

    misterD Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    how is the vanutla? why dont you ask Mark and see if he can mix it up at 36 for you?
  8. $hua

    $hua Super Member ECF Veteran

    The Vanutla is crazy flavorful... i need to vape more of it to give a better analysis of its taste.

    Mark is who i corresponded with in email to resolve my batt problem.

    I will say this, when i placed my first order with them, i ordered some 24mg Fresh Apple, and inquired about the same flavor in a 36mg... On my invoice there was a hand written line that read "Kicked it up to 36." and i respectfully disagree with the OP's break down of it.

    So that was a very pleasant surprise, now i did just order another bottle with the same request and in addition to that i inquired about the availability of a larger size bottle of the fresh apple. So we will see how it comes out.
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