Mount baker vapor- Extreme Ice

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Nov 14, 2012
Moosic, Pennsylvania, USA
    Size: 30ml
    Strength:24mg nic
    Blend:100% VG
    Flavor(s):Spearmint/menthol (now steeped 5 days)
    Flavor shots: +2 (+ .25 cents per shot)
    Vapor: 8/10
    Throat hit: 9/10

    To begin, I used a Vtube mini at 4.3 V's with a nova 2.5 @ 2.8 atty head.
    So, when I first got this juice and popped it into my fresh new tank, I was blown away. The inhale was ice cold, and the exhale was just as cold. Being a former camel menthol smoker, I LOVE this juice. Perfect if you have a cold. But, the mint tasted a tad off the day I got it. Took the top off, let it steep in my drawer a couple days, a VIOLA! It got better like a fine wine does with age. Crisp, cool, and refreshing. I don't know how it is without the extra flavoring shots, but if you love a really cold menthol and spearmint, this is your jam right here. Next time I'll try ordering it without the extra shots. Either way, it's a great vape. Use to be my everyday vape, now I mix it with a cinnamon roll from mt. baker as well for a warm yet smooth Holiday vape.
    -Vape on!
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