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Mt baker, great stuff

Discussion in 'Reviews of Suppliers - Positive' started by Decimate, Feb 9, 2014.

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  1. Decimate

    Decimate Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Nov 4, 2013
    At this point I've tried a LOT of e-liquid. I had heard about mt baker and tried them before but never thought to order from them up until about a month ago. I had had hawk sauce before in my zamplebox on thought it was excellent. So I made my first order through them, got 3 different kinds but they weren't my cup of tea. Even after steeping I just did not care for them and went back to one of my usual vendors. It seems that particular vendor I went to does not have very good quality control, because I got some juices (same mix, same nic level etc) that did not taste like the ones I liked. So I was like you know what.. I'll just give mt baker another shot. Wow I love ALL of these juices. Maybe I just made a bad choice on flavors the first time, but these blew me away. This order contained a 50ml of hawk sauce, a 15ml of sour yum, a 15ml of green apple and a 15ml of rainbow sherbet.. and a 30ml of blueberry for my sister who just started vaping. They are all spot on. I am vaping some of the sour yum in my kayfun right now and the taste is awesome. I don't understand how they managed to capture sourness in an e-liquid, but they did. Tastes just like a sour watermelon candy. The green apple tastes just like apple. Hawk sauce is an obvious good flavor, can't pinpoint exactly what it is but it tastes like a smooth berry to me. The rainbow sherbet is pretty spot-on as well. My sister really likes the blueberry, it's kept her off the cigs for a while now. We just made an order this last friday, getting some more Hawk Sauce and I tried the "custom flavor" out, hopefully that is very good.

    Their online customer service is also very good, if you have a question a little box with a messenger system pops up and someone is with you almost instantly.

    Overall great company imo. I've seen people talk bad about their e-liquids saying their cheap and stuff.. But I honestly prefer their juices over the whole 5 pawns line that I just recently tried. Props to them for great prices and good e-liquid.
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